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Villa del Palmar / Fraud and misrepresentations with timeshare purchase

1 Mexico Review updated:

On May 22 I arrived to Puerto Vallarta. At the airport, I was confronted by several individuals offering me special tours and promotions. I politely declined these offers; but a guy stopped me and invited me to a buffet breakfast the following morning. When I asked if this was a timeshare he replied no and stated that it was a marketing campaign to promote the Resort. The following day I was picked up at my hotel by a cab, and taken to Villa del Palmar where I met Claudia Velazquez, the salesperson. She showed me the Resort’s facilities and amenities, I asked repeatedly if this was a timeshare presentation and she continually ignored me. In order to make this story (or should I say, nightmare) short, SHE TOLD ME THE SAME LIES THAT MANY PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS HAVE BEEN TOLD. In particular, she stated THAT THEY COULD RENT OUT MY STUDIO OR EXCHANGE MY WEEK IF I DID NOT WANT TO COME TO MEXICO AND MAKE MONEY INSTEAD. During the signing processes, I was introduced to another lady who provided me with a contract and mountains of accompanying paperwork. I NEVER HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW ALL THE DOCUMENTATION ASSOCIATED WITH MY CONTRACT. THE AMOUNT OF READING MATERIAL MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO READ DURING THE SHORT TIME ALLOWED, 64 PAGES IN TOTAL. During the first six months after signing the contract, I WAS NEVER ABLE TO BOOK A ROOM DUE TO THE UNAVAILABILITY OF STUDIOS; HOWEVER UPGRADES WERE ALWAYS AVAILABLE AT A COST. WHEN I DID GO ONLINE, VILLA DEL PALMAR HAD MANY STUDIO ROOMS AVAILABLE FOR THE SAME DATES I WAS TRYING TO BOOK. I WAS NEVER TOLD THAT I WOULD HAVE TO PAY THE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES AND SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS.

I WAS CONSTANTLY BILLED INCORRECTLY EVERY MONTH. After repeated attempts to correct this error and being promised the matter would be resolved, it simply continued without any resolution whatsoever.


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  • Te
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have to agree with Dawniette...and another important tid bit of information, don't be an impulsive shopper... Because it sounds good doesn't mean it is...lesson learned.

  • De
      17th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear Member, thank you for sharing your views about your experiences. You may often find rooms available through numerous websites or advertised on different travel service sites because this is inventory controlled by the hotel. Basically, the Villa Group builds properties across Mexico and allots a certain percentage to the hotel and a certain percentage to UVC, the CLUB that offers you a membership. The CLUBs availability at the resort fluctuates based on the season and location so it is always best to set your reservations early. If you would like to speak to the Developer's Representative directly I can be reached at [protected] or you can contact me by phone at 626-389-0627.


    Developer's Representative
    Villa Group

  • Mj
      18th of Nov, 2010
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    Dear developer’s representative,

    When I tried to book my stay, YOUR internet site stated that you had no room available for the date that I needed, afterwards I called the resort and I provided to the clerk office my member # of course that he stated again that you were full in those dates. I got skeptical so I called again but as a normal guest and to my surprise the clerk assured me that you DID HAVE space available for the type of unit that I have in my contract. INCREDIBLE

    I just don’t understand how can your company function with all the complaints that you have on the internet? With so many unhappy members?

    I will tell you how, because your company just care of getting the money from honest and hard working tourists.

  • De
      19th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hi MJ Des, the reality is the only members who have issue with the Villa Group are the ones who make a complaint. There are thousands of members who have memberships with the Villa Group that would never think to go to the Internet because they are ecstatic with their memberships and visit us every year. I see examples of this in my office everyday. For those who do have complaints, we do the best we can to address each of these problems and make these members happy. Have you tried to contact UVC in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo? Try contact the following numbers and see if you have better luck. 619-342-0350. Also, if you like, you can contact me directly at 626-389-0627 and I will do what I can to put you in the right direction.

    Developer's Rep

  • Mj
      23rd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    It’s very well known that only a SMALL percentage of the disappointed clients of any company post their complaints on the internet; therefore, it is obvious that you have many more unhappy clients than the ones you would like to … think about it, in reality your company has TONS OF UNHAPPY MEMBERS which is completely contrary to your claims! Anyways, I’m going to call you or email you this week. I have nothing to lose since I’m already a victim of your sales staff.

  • We
      26th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Instead of posting complaints get a lawyer and a group of people to file a class action lawsuit in the States. This unethical, unlawful behavior from sales cannot and should not be tolerated by the company; and if they condone it they should suffer the legal consequences. Of course, with corruption in Mexico the way it is this is a difficult case but it can only gain weight legally when enough people complain and do something legally about it. Can treat these developer reps like they had a heart- bunch of liars.

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