Viatorviator vip: nyc night helicopter flight and statue of liberty cruise

E Nov 26, 2017

Booking in the name of : Murray
26th October 2017
Booking Reference: BR-[protected]

Number of Travelers: 4 (4 Adults)
Travel Date: Thursday October 26, 2017
Location: New York City, New York
Travel Option: Night Flight and Cruise

Price: GBP £900.28


We booked the above helicopter tour advertised as 'NYC Night Helicopter Flight' to enjoy during our recent holiday to New York. We specifically booked this tour because it said that it was a NIGHT helicopter flight. The pictures on the website also show the helicopter at night. However, when we arrived at the heliport, we were informed that the helicopter flight would not take place at night. The man at check in had a conversation with a lady called Bronwyn at Viator because this was apparently happening on a regular basis. This is unacceptable business practice and highly misleading. We were all extremely disappointed with this, as we had paid a premium to fly at night. We could have booked a daylight flight at a much cheaper price, approximately £300.00 in fact. This is a significant amount of money. I am contacting you as not only should you remove this incorrect description from your website but I would like a full refund of the difference between a standard day flight and the 'night' flight you were (not) offering.

Many thanks in advance

Eric Murray

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