Viagogo / tickets purchased from viagogo for philadelphia eagles vs jaguars - nfl sunday 28th october paid for in full in february this year not received w

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In February this year I paid over 406.95 euros for two tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles v Jaguars NFL match at Wembley via Viagogo
The money successfully left my account
I patiently waited for the tickets to arrive
On Monday 15th October with less than two weeks to go I was getting a little concerned so checked the website to be met by the following message: "Cancelled and refunded"
I double checked my bank account - no refund
I checked my emails (including spam folders) no email saying the tickets had been cancelled.
After spending a long time trying to negotiate the customer help pages I finally managed to send an email and eventually was contacted by phone by someone in customer services - who initially told me I had been informed of the cancellation and that the refund would be in my account - neither of which was correct. After some further discussion and 15min period where I was left waiting on the phone I was informed that they would sort the problem and source some alternative tickets
Despite me asking repeatedly they were unable to tell me when the tickets were "cancelled". However I did feel relatively reassured, although no apology was offered, that the issue would be resolved.
So imagine my surprise when two days later I rechecked the web site to see how things were progressing to be met by the following message "delivered" by UPS. There was no tracking number so I was unable to track the delivery to see if it had for example gone to the wrong address
After waiting for a further 24hrs - just in case the tickets were in transit I again contacted customer services. This time I was informed that tickets had been sourced but not dispatched - despite the web site notification.
So I waited until this morning over a week since my first phone contact and over 4 days since being told the tickets were sourced but not dispatched and made contact again.
Again after emails I was contacted by yet another member of the customer service who informed me that no tickets had been sourced, let alone dispatched. ie both previous conversations had been lies.
After much discussion he agreed to escalate the case to "management" and to source new tickets - which I had of course been lead to believe had been sourced a week earlier.
In order to feel as if the situation was being dealt with this time, having lost faith with their systems I asked for a conformation email by 6pm today to tell me whether tickets had been identified. This has not occurred.
My outstanding questions/issues are:
1. When was the original order cancelled
2. Why was I not informed
3. Why was I told alternative tickets would be sourced a week ago and then that they had been sourced but not dispatched and yet this has not happened- ie I have been lied to on two occasions
4. Why did the web site then say delivered when in fact no tickets had been identified let alone dispatched
5. Why despite requesting follow up emails confirming whether tickets were sourced I have had no further communication from the company
6. Lack of a full apology for the distress caused - this was meant to be a birthday present for my 14yr son
7. If tickets cannot be sourced when can I expect to be refunded in full

Thank you for your speedy response

Oct 24, 2018

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