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I bought tickets from your website in good faith and as advertised to see Genesis - 30th anniversary invisible touch tour, at a total cost of £265.55 on 30 September 2017.

When e-tickets arrived the it said 'congratulations you are going to see Genesis'. But when I opened the link I saw that the tickets were for a cover band called the carpet creepers not to see Genesis.

This is mis-selling and fraud. The tickets were are a price you would expect to pay to see Genesis (albeit with your very high fees' added on) and at no point in the advertising of buying process did you state that the tickets were to see a cover band, so it was reasonable of me to expect the tickets to be to see Genesis. Had I seen the actual costs of the tickets which was £18 each I would have been suspicious and would not have bought the tickets.

I have raised this several times with viagogo direct via email and their online customer services link and have been told that they sell tickets for specific events not to see specific artists. This is ridiculous. The event was mis-sold. I have also asked twice for the complaints procedure and this has been ignored.

My husband bought tickets for the same event via ticket master who also advertised the event as Genesis. We raised this with them and they admitted their mistake and issued a full refund.

I therefore require a full refund from viagogo as a matter of urgency.


Jun 27, 2017

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