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Vector Security / Fraud and cheating

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The security system stopped working, the alarm would sound off and no one would call to verify everything was okay. Vector continues to take money out of my account every month to monitor the alarm and was not doing so. Vector sent a tech out who fixed their equipment. Vector is now billing me for them fixing there equipment, while taking the monthly charge out of my account monthly... on time. I don't understand, there equipment does not work and I am charged to fiv it, I am changed and pay every month for services I was not receiving. First thing in the morning that mess is canceled.

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  • Li
      6th of Dec, 2008
    -5 Votes

    In Sep. 2004, I contacted Vector Security, Mike Bell, regarding an article in Washington Consumers Checkbook, Vol. 11, No. 2 (Summer/Fall 1999) which indicated that “Glass Breakage Listing Device" sensors were unreliable. That evaluation was based on a study by The Association of Central Monitoring Stations. Since our residential alarm system is based on the use of these sensors for protecting our home, we were very concerned.

    In response a service technician conducted a check of our in home system on 21 Sep 04. The technician's initial attempt to demonstrate the reliability of the sensors was a sham! He demonstrated questionable knowledge of the sensors as he tapped on the sensor and wall attempting to activate them. These sensors only activate to noise with the frequency of breaking glass, not physical vibrations.

    I had the technician contact his boss, Mike Bell, and demanded he have someone come out with the proper testing device that duplicates the frequency of breaking glass. After contacting Mr. Bell on his cell phone, the technician had to excuse him self to go outside to complete his conversation. After completing the conversation the technician advised me that he did have the proper testing device for a Glass Breakage Listing sensor. However, as he attempted to set up the test, it was evident he was uncertain of the procedure. Being familiar with the devices, I assisted him.

    The key fault with the test is that the sensors have to be placed in a “test mode" before testing them. If the sensor activates, then only the electrical circuits of the sensor's “test mode" have been verified as operational. This does not verify that the sensor will activate in its normal active “listing" mode. Our sample sensors did activate in the “test mode".

    It is obvious that The Association of Central Monitoring Stations would not test, evaluate and comment on the reliability of a sensor in its “test mode". Therefore, the issue of sensor reliability, “in a real world situation", remains unanswered! I pointed this out to Mr. Bell, and his supervisor Mr. Tom McLaughlin. Neither was able, or apparently willing to work a satisfactory solution to the problem.

    On 28 Sep 04, I contacted Ms. Connie Schultz, VP Vector Security in Virginia, 800-688-0150 x4037. I informed her of my negative experiences and provided her copies of the Washington Consumers Checkbook article. She advised that Vector Security was a member of The Association of Central Monitoring Stations and passed me off to Mr. Chris Adamcik, 800-0150 x4305.

    I contacted Mr. Adamcik, again provided him a copy of the article and the web sites for Consumers Checkbook and The Association of Central Monitoring Stations. I then conducted follow-ups checks with him and Schultz through the month of October 2004. Their reaction to date has been evasive/non responsive to the issue of sensor reliability.

    Based on my experiences with Vector Security over the last few months, as a customer I can only question their honesty and integrity in responding to a basic question, based on published information. Simply, will the sensors that we have paid for, work when we need them to? Only after getting a honest/believable response to this question, will we know our options.

  • So
      1st of Mar, 2009
    -5 Votes

    You're going to have to make sure that you have canceled your service by letter and whatever other means you must use, however long they 'make" you pay, because there is a little clause that your service is automatically renewed after three years if they don't hear from you.

    They installed an insatisfactory security system (it went off for no reason many times so that I was faced with paying the Raleigh police for each unwarranted call) three years ago. It never worked properly, even after a technician came over. I canceled then with the local dealer I had gotten the system from, with the understanding that I merely had to pay the remainder of the three year contract to be out of this contract. In the fall of 2008, I sent a letter advising them of my cancellation. There was no response. I paid the full amount of the three year contract. I was finally able to get through their system of identification via the phone in January 2009, I was told that my contract had been renewed automatically (small print) because I hadn't notified them at the end of December 2008 that I was canceling. My son called them, as the owner of the condo unit I occupy. They said they were canceling it.

    Today's mail brought a bill from Vector for March 2009.

  • Ve
      8th of Mar, 2009
    -4 Votes

    You will never get out of that contract, just like all of the other people that call in on a daily basis insisting to be let go. And you will never get the same associate twice as they hire over 100 people a year to replace the ones that quit. Do you ever listen to whats going on in the backround when and if you do get through to a live person. They scream and yell at their employees, degrade them and cut up while they are on the phones with people. Dosn't anyone read about them, they lie and cheat. They steal and they get away with it unless you have a good lawyer. They also have other companies lying. They monitor the alarms for Security First and Advent Security in PA and when they're asked outright they have to lie. They monitor 100's of alarms with only 3 and 4 people on staff, and go ahead... ask them why it took them so long to call you when the alarm goes off! 9 times out of 10 the person calling you is so new to the field they don't even know what to say and how to answer a simple question. You will never get the same answer twice. They make it up as they go along. And ask for a manager too. You will get a crazy woman to yell at you and say she is in charge. She will insult you and stop you from getting a word in edgewise but you will never get a call back from management! Face it, if you signed on with Vector Security you might as well put the money you owe them into a good attny now, thats the only was to deal with this company. And watch some of the others too, they may say they are not affiliated with Vector but as soon as you get one of their "newbies" to slip, you will find out differently.

  • Da
      22nd of Mar, 2009
    -5 Votes

    They're monitoring centers are so backed up with false alarms from faulty equippment and lack of dispatchers that should you have an actual emergency you don't stand a chance of getting help. Technicians installing equipment have no more experience than students and the people monitoring have even less. They're employee turnover rate is the highest in the industry. Its also true that they monitor for many small alarm companies that cannot afford to have a dispatch center. Vector Security demonstrates how to roll with the ecconomy... buy, buy, buy, acquire more, sell, sell, sell, farm out, but while you collect all the money... don't hire enough people to care for the people you say you protect! It should be illegal, they put people in danger for the almighty buck!

  • Su
      28th of Jun, 2009
    -3 Votes

    Agree, I heard they went in there and shut down one of their dispatch centers! Its about time! They didn't help or protect us when we had a burglary. The system wasnt even hooked up... it went off at the home but never sent a signal because the dope forgot to connect a wire! Shut em' all down!! And arrest em'!!

  • Ve
      22nd of Aug, 2009
    -4 Votes

    It's a fact. The Dispatch Center at 23 Casey Ave in Wilkes Barre Closed. A guy that was a manager there told me that they came in and shut them down. The incompetent, sick all the time, never in the building one had a baby and was asked to not come back. After that the training manager found a better job and he left. The others weren't worth a dime and they shuffled them all out!! You are right, they have the highest employee turnover in the industry and it caught up to them. I wonder what they will do with the other Centers. I guess you have to really have to be dangerous to lose big like this. Hey, in this economy you don't get far by cheating the customer.

  • De
      22nd of Mar, 2010
    -5 Votes

    I have a story about Vector that is different from any that I've read so far. We had our system installed by Triple A Security, then after a few years Vectot bought them out. Once Vector was the service provider problems arose, we discontinued servive in 2004 due to dissatisfaction, paid whatever outstanding money we owed them and thought that was it. I would like to add that when the system was first installed we actually purchased the equipment, so we OWN the system that remains in our home. This being said, after all these many years, (approximately 6 years), we began recieving phone calls from Vector. A person named Leeann was leaving messages telling us that we "needed to set up an appointment for service, because they're getting signal from our home", I called this Leeann, and attempted to explain that we no longer were involved with Vector, basically she ignored me and continued to say that we needed to have a technician come into our home to disconnect the transmitter to end this problem for Vector. Why would any normal person allow a 'technician ' from a company into their home if they have no service contract, nor are they under any obligation to this company in any way? Every day Vector continually harrasses us with phone calls, finally, I called and spoke with a supervisor by the name of Laura, after explaining this rediculous situation to her, she was totally unreasonable, and told me that I will be billed by Vector unless I allow a technician to enter my home to disconnect this transmitter. We have made numerous attempts to dissconnect this transmitter ourselves, only problem, the metal boxes are bolted shut!! This is not our problem, it is Vectors problem, if their system wasn't so antiquated they would be able to disconnect the signal from our home remotely. Imagine, they're expecting us to allow someone from their company, to do work on a house that we own, on equipment we own! What if their technician causes damage? Don't we have a right to say who comes into our home? If the transmitter was an issue we should have been informed at the time we discontinued service, however, there was no mention of this, and no communication with them for more than 6 years. My advice? Don't use this security service, they are so disorganized and will cause you grief for years to come. One last thing, I asked 'what if I had sold my home?' I was told 'that would be different'...different in what way? These employees make no sense, this company makes no sense.

  • Am
      24th of Aug, 2011
    -5 Votes

    TO dendeb - I have worked in the security industry for several years, in the service depart, and I hear your complaint. The issue was simply this. Your panel that transmits information (either via phone or radio) to the central monitoring center was never "deprogrammed" in order to cease transmissions. Therefore, every week or month (whichever the panel was programmed for), the panel would blindly send a transmission to the most recent monitoring center. Vector was most likely trying to set up an appointment to deprogram your panel so it would no longer do this. I actually had to explain this to several thousand customers when our company experienced the same thing. Now imagine this. Not to condone such inapproprate customer service, but the person/people trying to explain the situation had probably had the same conversation with several dozen people that week alone; it can be very frustrating when your clients have no idea how a system works (no offense of course).

    With that being said, I have no first hand experience with Vector, but have thought about applying there as I have recently moved back to Pittsburgh. Thank you for expressing your opinion towards Vector as I would much rather no associate myself with a low standard company.

    Good luck with your new security company. I hear SSA is great! (And they have their own monitoring center)

  • De
      20th of Dec, 2011
    -5 Votes

    I agree. I worked at the Pittsburgh dispatch center for over 5 years. I heard just about every complaint out there. I was a supervisor. Vector Security not only lies to their customers, but also to their employees. The managers of the call center had us supervisors lie to the dispatchers constantly. Vector has the worst customer service that I have ever seen or heard of. They do not care about customers or their own employees. I was terminated becuase I was unable to work as much overtime as much as the managers wanted me to(they have to work if no one else will) because of my son being born. They terminated me without reason 5 days before Christmas.

  • De
      20th of Dec, 2011
    -5 Votes

    Vector is also being investigated on charges of racism towards African American employees. I reported this about 2 weeks before I was terminated. Hmmmmm.

  • La
      9th of Jul, 2012
    -5 Votes

    I had a control panel get knocked out due to an electrical storm. They charged me $64 to send a tech out to tell me it was a broken. "I KNOW its broken. Thats why I CALLED YOU! I dont need someone to charge me $64 to tell me something I already know !" The sales dept offered to replace the panel for $100 if they could raise my monthly rate by 50%. I told them to forget it. I hired another alarm company and told Vector they were fired. They told me they require 30 days written notice to terminate my account and I still have 8 months on my contract. They ALSO said I will have to pay for the damaged panel ANYHOW as it is "leased" equipment." and must be returned in the same condition. So it will cost me a total of $640 to get away from Vector ($400 for the new panel plus 8 months x $30 monthly monitoring = $240). And after this experience with them, its worth every penny just to get rid of them! Do NOT sign up with Vector !

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