Vectone Mobile / very poor customer service

United Kingdom

I registered my new vectone mobile sim card on "country saver" last february 2012. I am supposed to contact my family and friends back home with a cheaper cost. I paid £15.00 for the month of february 21-march 21 2012. But unfortunately, I cannot even contact the number registered on my country saver philippines. I phoned customer service to cancel the suscription and refund me with my money. I spoke to almost 10 customer representative and promised me to get my refund after 48 hours. Some of them give me a different answer. Still didn't get my refund. After a month, they took another £15.00 from my account even if I already cancelled the subscription. I contacted their customer service again several times within the month and even wasted a lot of time speaking to them because even if you ask them to escalate the call, they can't accomodate. The same promises but never got my refund which is a total of £30.00 last march. Today, I checked my bank and again they took another £15.00 from my account. I don't know how long shall I wait for them to refund me with my money because it seems like they're gonna take £15.00 every month even if the subscription has already been cancelled. I am never happy with the customer service and I will never recommend this company.


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