Vanderbilt Mortgage / unethical behaviour/ and payments keep raising/ wrong credit reporting

Ennis, TexasEnnis, United States

We have a FHA loan with Vanderbilt Mortgage, they have done nothing but problems. First was the insurance was not being taken out of our payment, then our escrow account was in the deficit. Then after our payments went up because of their mistake. Then when we lost some of our income we had to file BK CH 13 and then again our payments went up, and then we stayed behind on our statement for months till I threw such a fit and they fixed it. Then again we were had past dues on our statement over 3, 000.00. I threw a fit and that was taken off, and put on the end of our BK. which I think was wrong and our attorneys did nothing. and then they were reporting to the Credit Bureaus that we had missed payments and we have not. It seems since we have been with this company we have had nothing but problems. Now we had to ask for a modification and they raised our BK payment up what is BK for who is it protecting not me or my family. It's BS it is giving these companies and attorneys the right to do what they want and there is nothing I can and no one will do anything to help. And now they are raising our payment up again go figure. HELP someone, please.

Sep 27, 2017

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