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1 Church Hill, TN, United States

I ordered the "Potty Patch" for my puppy online. As I was finishing up my order a window kept popping up offering me "free gas" & a "Wal-Mart" gift card. I denied this offer and tried to finish my order. This offer widow popped up at least 5-6 times and I kept refusing. Finally, I finished my order and the "offer" stopped popping up.
The following evening at around 8:30 pm someone called to verify my order for the "Potty Patch". I was not home and my husband took the call. They offered him an even better deal. You know how it goes, if you keep denying these offers they offer more to get you interested. my husband told them "no". Well, they went even further with the offer. They told him we would receive a $50.00 gas card in the mail along with a $50.00 Wal Mart gift card--no strings attatched. They said that we could use the cards and only after 14 days of receiving them we would be charged a small fee of $30.00 per month on MY debit card. They also told my husband that we could cancel the offer within the 14 day trial period. For one, no one, including my husband is allowed to authorize any purchases, etc... on my debit card. For two, I had told these people repeatedly that I did NOT want their offer. Who in their right mind would believe that you could receive something worth more than what they are supposedly going to charge you. Also, the Potty Patch cost me a little under $50.00, so why would they send me more than what I just paid out.
I received 2 different letters in the mail from ValuePlusOnline on Friday, Feruary 5, 2010 (mind you--not 2 gift cards as was told would receive). These letters stated that they had charged my debit card 2 $1.95 trial fees and that on [protected] thay will be charging me 2 more subscriber fees of $24.95 and every 30 days thereafter.
I am so sick of these scam artists taking advantage of people. My husband and I receive SSI (which barely covers our bills every month) and my debit card is for child support arrears for my daughter who is now 23. It took me over 15 years just to start receiving "anything" and the amount put on my debit card each month is less than $110.00 per month. This in no way covers what it costs to raise a child for 18 years.
I am so thankful to whoever started this website and will be sure to pass the information along to others. Hopefully this will help others who are in the same situation and cannot afford to be scammed.

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