ValorebooksWrong book! Worst customer service!!

"First of all, I have been using ValoreBooks since long time ago. However, I ordered an accounting textbook and they sent me a book "The art of Public Speaking". I sent a message to the original seller (Marketplace) through Valorebooks website and they didn't respond so I called Valorebooks and they said I should give them 2 business days to respond to me. 2 business days later, I called Valorebooks again and the customer representative told me "give them 2 more business days" and I told her I already sent a message two days ago. She kept saying "Give 2 more business days for them to respond. 2 business days later (4 calendar days including weekends) I still didn't get a response from Marketplace so I called Valorebooks again. The representative, like always, told me to wait 2 more business days and I waited 2 more business days and I called Valorebooks again, they, LIKE ALWAYS, told me to wait another 2 business days and I had had enough already with this **** and I started argue with the representative and representative finally connected me to valorebooks management so I can return this "Public Speaking" book that I never ordered. Although it seems like they are going to refund me, I had lost nearly 2 weeks and I couldn't study for the upcoming exam. The Problem with Valorebooks is that they don't properly train their customer representatives so all the customer representative people do is "PLEASE WAIT 2 BUSINESS DAYS" every single time. On top of that, ValoreBooks sends a "WRONG BOOK". I ordered an accounting (Auditing & Assurance) Textbook and I got a book "The art of Public Speaking", which is not even close to accounting. I'm not sure if they knowingly send wrong books but it would be in your best interest to keep away from this business. No matter what your situation/issue you might have with this company, the customer representative will always be likely to say "PLEASE WAIT 2 (MORE) BUSINESS DAYS". "

Jan 30, 2017

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