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Vacation Hub International [VHI] / vhi topaz membership

1 Sanctuary shopping centre, Somerset Wes, South Africa
Contact information:

Ive been awaiting a call for a delivery
Of a package otherwise I don't answer unknown numbers easily. When I answered lady informed me that I won vacation to Bali or Phuket 7 nights accomodation. I'm interested to go there but was still cautious and decided I will see how my day goes because I felt uncomfortable. Right before the presentation like I said I've been waiting for an delivery I answered my phone and told the Vhi rep who called me I decided not to attend. She rudely said that I was under law forced to go since they recorded our previous call and I am now legally binded to go.Her agents come from Cape to deliver my prize so I better go since im binded by law already to attend. I showed up at the presentation Protea Hotel Bloemfontein. 15 Jan 2019. The agent showed me numerous advantages of vhi on the contract. Like guaranteed double your refund if you find cheaper bookings with other agents. Money back after 10 years. Gave me three vouchers too. I said I want to pay cash one off. He said that would be R12800 for cash deal. He put contract in front of me. I decided yes. Me my son and daughter and 3 friends can go with these vouchers to Phuket. Accommodation R 12800 for 6 people. Quite a good deal. When I read voucher I saw afterwards person need to be 30 y old. My son not. Ok then again agent never said my son to young when I told him. The contract indicated then R449 admin . R5250 to start membership. I asked for contract that indicate the same as we discussed. John the agent said he would call.Lukas Muller the manager. Lukas said that they do offer my cash agreement but I have to pay a first installment first and abovementioned fees. After my first installment he would then email me and adapt the contract to my request of once off cash offer. John and Lukas agreed due to geldwassery I cant just pay cash once off. I believed them and signed a contract that wasn't what was orally agreed. When asked about the first line in contract about activation fees not refundable. He showed me that it means the R449 nor refundable. And reassured me that I have 5 days cooling off period on the contract. I didnt feel at ease but naievely thought if people look you in the eyes telling you the above it must be true even if the contract doesnt state the same. I signed and myself if all fails I would take the vouchers for an SA holiday in CT or Kruger or Sun City or Umhlanga as they.indicated in the presentation. When I was able to log in to see why what possible options I have Coming home I read that I need 48 h to activate my voucher. After day I managed to activate my voucher and decided to book for Phuket for myself. I waited anxiously for their response because I still believed that their plane tickets would be less like Lucas indicated about R 3000 more or less to Phuket. All my emails to travel voucher been your request is still in process. Time was running out. If I wanted to terminate contract I cant wait longer. I came to Somerset Wes for the weekend to cancell my membership at their office and to visit my family. I asked my son to deliver my cancellation per hand to the adress on the contract on 19 Jan. They told him at the address that is mentioned on the contract that they dont accept such termination letters and referred him to their finanacial lady at another address. The lady there then told my son to post the letter. She doesnt take post by hand. My son asked why wich she couldnt answer. She then reluctantly signed proof of receipt and reluctantly gave us the copy of the letter of termination and proof of the contract receipt and that she would call me back

Im on my way back to Bloem today. Ive done all I can get out of the situation the contract put me in.

Before I signed the agent said he is going to get epilepsy attack of the heat and he wrote the tel numer of Lucas Muller for me as well as if I have any problems to email to [protected] Lukas responded once to my whatsapp and said that he is busy now and would call me back later which never happened. I didnt email anything to.sales since I just decided to go to Somerset Wes in person and terminate my contract per hand which they were reluctant to sign and give me the prove. Its been a time and money costly experience for me so far. But this is where I am at this stage. If the complaints Board can give me any legal advice to what I stand to do further please inform me. I am also telling this on this website to inform other people about my experience thus far.

Thank you. From Susan Bloemfontein

Vacation Hub International [VHI]

Jan 20, 2019

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