Vacation Hub International [VHI] / contract entrapment with vhi - how to fight it

Somerset West, South Africa

Hi All,

I recently received a summons, odd period as people are usually on leave, just dropped in my mailbox without notification and it was 3 days late, within my 10 days to respond with my option to defend.
I opted to defend myself, and in triplicate form, dropped a copy of my summons and plea with their lawyers, they signed my copy and the copy I had to drop off at the Pretoria North Magistrate Court.
The plea was simple, the contract is cancelled as per the email sent after being conned into it in the first place.

VHI contravenes the CPA act in so many ways!

Below is a recent investigation into the "Holiday" market with reference to the sales tactics and infringement of user rights, following complaints of lies, illegal business practices:
You will find clear indications within the 145 page document on how to fight back, including new recommended laws that will take some time to come into effect.

Next, if you like me got stuck with an email cancellation, which they refuse to acknowledge, the following clearly outlines your rights as a consumer to cancel a contract via email.

The above Supreme Court of Appeal Judgement can be quoted and included with your defense as an annexure.

Don't back down from these people, fight back, at the end its costing them money too to attempt to defraud us of our hard earned money.

Kind Regards

Dec 14, 2018

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