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Since we paid R9199 -00 deposit on
20 July 2018 and thereafter a monthly instalment of R1688 -00 for the holiday /flight/promotion discounts, we have not been able to activate, in order to use the vouchers, the so called x2 "free" international holiday vouchers, as well as x 1 local voucher for a complimentary week end away.This was promised to us when we joined and was part of the sales pitch.Vhi: Rozelle, Sandra and lastly Marinda, all promised to sort out the problem, but it is 5 mnths later and we are not able to use the vouchers( only 1 of the international vouchers have been activated)The 2nd International holiday voucher is still not activated and the so called local " free" voucher
Is only for discounted week ends. It's clear that it is given to the consumer
to conclude the sale, but not available when you want to use it.
When you want to use the' free " local week- end voucher, the excuse is that there is only a discounted holiday for the month, but perhaps it would become available the next month, nearly half a year later and now we are told there might be a free local week end available next year??and Sandra told me that Vhi only charged us for the discounted International, local holiday and cruise packages. So according to her :
"They don't have to honor anything!"and she was adement that we cannot expect the " free" local voucher this time of the year, because it is peak season. We disagree with this statement, as it was not even available In August, September, October or November!
We cannot be denied this week end away this year, due to their procrastination and poor service!
Furthermore, each time an agent is asked to book the discounted holidays, they are unable to book what we viewed online, and it takes the agents days to come back with a reply, so as consumer you cannot book if you want to go away instantaneously.As client you are unable to view online and book straight away, and by the time the agent replies, the deal/ promotion you as client viewed is no longer available( we were even told that it was the previous years promotion) and not available ( although we viewed it online, as part of recent promotions)
On Monday 25November we attempted
to get these problems sorted within 24 hours, ( 5 mnths went by and we needed to get an outcome)We emailed Vhi, spoke to agent Rozelle and Sandra, Marinda( so called officers/ management)but only got empty promises...each day went by without an answer. On Thursday 29 November( after 4 days/ not 24hrs)Sandra said she is sorting it out and she just needs a ‘gap', she was clearly procrastinating, once again, as they kept on asking details and proof of documents, which we already supplied before.
Friday morning around 9 o'clock, we asked an outcome, but she said it will be finalized by 13hoo on the day.
She failed to contact us and when we phoned, she was not available, Marinda then wanted to start the process from scratch, we were furious and not interested.Each time we communicated with them, they would ask for some document or voucher numbers, anything to delay!
As consumer, we are certain that it is some kind of a scam, because the complimentary vouchers were part of the sales pitch and if it is not honored, we would not like to continue with the transaction.
We cannot accept the misleading advertising of promotions :
-not available when you want to book
-not available for immediate online booking( agents are not online) and by the time an agent contacts you, it is after the period you planned a holiday for
-not honoring both International complimentary voucher holidays
- not honoring the complimentary local week end (during the 5 mnths which passed) and now making excuses for it being peak season
Please cancel the agreement with immediate effect and re- inburse all monies paid, within 48 hours

Dec 02, 2018
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