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OMG I never put up reveiws EVER, but this group got on my nerves so badly that i could not stop myself from writing in. I am so so so very disappointed with them i cannot even explain. I am furious with them. I placed an order for 5 items. 4 of which got delivered without the extra free gifts that they promised. No issues it was not like i cared for them anyway. They totally ruined my spirits when i finally recieved my last item in the mail. The package had wrong order. I reached out to them asking for what should be done. It has taken me atleast 10 calls, 7 online live chats, and 8 back and forth email and the issue is still not resolved. It has been 2 months since this happened. Problem with chats - they are always sorry and tell me to understand that nothing was intended and they keep making mistakes. They always take the order number put me on hold for 10 mins come back and tell me the order has been shipped. It is like explaining the same thing to them a 100 times and they still dont get it. Wonder if they have a tracking system or not. They told me they will let the concerned department know and repsond via emailin 24 hours. Multiple times it did not happen. Finally i got some agent on the chat another day whom i told i will save the chat transcript and escalate the matter even further if they did not do something about my order. A lady called me up at 9 pm and tells me to send the picture attachment for the 5th time. She confirmed while i was on the phone that the images were received. And mind you this did not happen for the first time. She asked me to send the wrong order back to them an scan email then the receipt so they can reimburse. Hell noo!! You think i would want to go through the hassle again to mail and wait for yet another reimbursement? She told me since i did not agree someone from her upper Management will call within an hour. I never got the call. Next morning i got another email from them saying "kindly mail us the images ( this was for the 6th time). I gave up. I requested my husband to pitch in and help me with the frustration. We are right now waiting for another call promised by them and I hope it ends soon. The order i had placed for diwali, it is well past the date and it was a present for my MIL. It is soo sad to have done business with Utsav fashion as they do not care enough about the customers. They have some ruthless folks working there.

Jan 04, 2013
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  • Ka
      Jan 11, 2014

    I am a resident of Canada. I bought 2 sarees from on-line store Price: USD171.25 on December 17, 2013 and they did deliver the product on December 31, 2013.

    During the delevery of the package the courier company did charge me as C.O.D. CAD111.83. Canadian custom imposed duty and sales tax on the value (quoted by the vendor) CAD323.25

    I brought the issue to the vendor's attention and they did supply me a revised shipping bill for value of USD171.25. With the new shipping bill yesterday I did contact the courier company (UPS Canada) and they agreed to reassess the charges. UPS Canada also notified me that they would charge me CAD15.00 in order to reassess the case.

    Yesterday I did convey the message to Utsav Fashion and they notified me an e-mail that as a special case they would only take the responsibility of 50% of the reassessment cost.

    Please let me know, why I have to take the burden of the reassessment fees while the mistake initiated by them and what kind of customer service is this?

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