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Another disappointed customer.
I had two separately contracted drivers who bagged on me the last minute for a vehicle transfer. The last called me early evening on the day before he was supposed to pickup early the next morning with some lame excuse about how since he was a day late on pickup (Actually 2 days late), his uship contract wasn't valid, so he was canceling!! Very clearly, he got a better paying deal at the last minute, and figured there was no consequence in just canceling my trip, after delaying my transport a week.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Austin, COI spent significant time on the phone with a uship agent (Oh, and good luck finding that number in any of your communication from them) who was apologetic and confirmed I would receive a 100% refund of the shipping fee I paid. But next day, when I got the cancellation confirmation from uship, they had "retained" 10% of my fee to use for a "future shipment".. That certainly will never happen.
Finally, as another reviewer stated, I guess just like uber, anyone with a pickup and trailer can call themselves a transporter, as was the case with the guy I got.. I doubt he even has commercial insurance or any sort of dot filing.
I naturally wanted to leave negative feedback for this driver, so others don't get duped into the same situation, but uship makes sure you are not able to do this. Their entire system is designed to protect incompetent/dishonest drivers from negative feedback.

May 19, 2017

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