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Usfastcash / took money out of tmy account, I did not even have a loan through them

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Usfastcash has been taking money out of my account, even after I told them i don't have a loan with them. They told me that they had all me information and they had been sending me emails to let me know. I told them I have not had one email sent to my account from them, and I check my email everyday. I tried tallking to a manager and he was so sarcastic, i got no where with him. I called my bank and i let them know what happened. On a $300 dollar loan that I supposly took out, they had taken a totall of $500 dollars. My bank reimbursed my money back and put a freeze on my account so they could not take out anymore money. I filed a police report against the company. well, two weeks later usfastcash takes out $825 from my account. I am still trying to get resolution. I have been trying to let this company know, to take there $300 dollars back that I never ask for, nor signed any paper work, nor did they call my job to do a verification. Please help, this is turning into a night mare. they will not stop debting my account and I did a web search and there are alot of people complaining about the same problem i have. They keep taking money and will not stop.


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  3rd of Apr, 2009
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took money out of my account without my permission
  3rd of Apr, 2009
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You need to turn this company in to your State Attorney Generals Office. Ther has been a scam going on with forigen speaking people saying they are Criminal Montoring Division and they say you owe a payday loan you don't actually owe. They are crooks. The numbers they use are 714-400-0539 plus many others.
  3rd of Apr, 2009
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Report them to your State Attorny Generals office because there is a big scam going on with some forigen people saying they are with a company named Criminal Montoring Service out of Orange County California. The number I have for this company is 714-400-0539 as they tried to scam me to!!!
  26th of Apr, 2011
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I got a payday loan for three hundred dollar and so far they have taken out five hundred dollars. what is the interest rates stop them now
  22nd of Jul, 2011
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I've taken out a few loans over the last 12 months with US Fast Cash and the interest is extremely high. The company is a payday loan company that charges crazy interest eg. $400 loan + $180 in interest and it's due in 2 weeks from the day you got the loan. I've received loans from them and paid the interest. The key thing is that if you don't notify them, via the email they send to you (which always end up in my junkbox and I have to put it in my inbox), that you want to pay off your loan in full then they do what they call an extension. This means they will only take out an amount that is equal to the interest. It's an "extension fee" to extend the loan another two weeks. Just before the two weeks comes up you will get another email asking if you want to extend the loan or pay it off in full which would be the $400 + $180. You must respond saying you want to pay it off or they will keep doing an extension. It's in the small print in your loan documents when you get approved. In the first writers comments the first writer may have had someone use their identity to take out a loan. US Fastcash would have needed your name, social and bank account info...could someone you know have gotten that info? Also, I first hear of US Fastcash through Moneymutual.com...a site advertised by Montel Williams the former talk show host. I applied there. Moneymutual is just a company that searches for other loan companies for you. They don't actually take out the loan. I had maybe 10 to 20 companies contact me. They all asked me to go on-line and reconfirm my info. I did this with a few companies including US Fastcash. In the end it tTurns out that one of the companies was a fake company set up by scammers that sound indian/pakistani. I think the company was EasyMoney or somethng like that. They were the only website that I tried and I repeatedly entered my info and kept getting error messages. Those folks were indian sounding. The legit companies were American Sounding. A few days after I put my info on Moneymutual and gave my details out to that website...the calls started coming saying that I owe money. They've never stopped calling over the past 12 months and even have gone as far as having me paged at work several times a day threatening to arrest me etc. These people are not USFastCash and don't claim to be. They say the name is "John Smith" or something similar and they are calling from the FBI or "The Law Firm"...I caught on to their game rather quickly and just hang up on them. Legally they can't just take money out of your account (these scammers) unless you give them info. They will ask permission to debit the money out of your account so just hang up. There's nothing the authorities can do about it. Yes the calls are annoying the heck out of me as they've called me as late at 2AM. When they know they are annoying you they call more often. Since I've started throwing racist slurs etc. at them about their culture (which I know is morally wrong) they call now about once every 3 weeks. I also just hang up on them mid-sentence. When I used to get upset and curse at them and not laugh at them they would repeatedly call my direct line at work and then have me paged when I hung up. Luckily my office had been hit the year before so I didn't get into trouble for it. Sorry for the book...I figured this would give you some insight.

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