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USBI / USBI uses deceptive sales practices

1 United States

USBI uses deceptive sales practices. I am wondering if anyone else is having a problem with them. They are a long distance phone carrier that call people out of the blue and not give them ALL information needed to make an logical decision. They prey on elderly people, I believe. So, who in their right mind would authorize a new long distance carrier THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR, when you already HAVE a long distance phone company with unlimited calling, IF all the information needed was spelled out to you. Their phone call didn’t start off with sir, do you have a long distance phone provider? That wasn’t the question. They never told me it was going to cost extra. I dealt with an antagonistic person this morning, rude, and actually said why don’t you hang up then? I did, because she got me so hot, making me feel like an imbecile. Then a few minutes later another person called me and offered me a credit for $8.00. This is what I would call a bait and switch company. Am I the only person that was duped by this company? They ought to be investigated fully, and perhaps I wasn’t “on my game that day”, but still the needed information was NOT given to me. IF THEY ASKED IF ALREADY HAD A LONG DISTANCE CARRIER, I WOULD HAVE SAID YES, AND THAT WOULD BE THE END OF THE PHONE CALL, AND THE AGGRAVATION THEY PUT ME THROUGH. On top of that, this began in June 2012 and has finally ended as of 09/22/2012, I was away on vacation for most of June and July and they still billed me for calls that were made from two partial calls. All this time I was ignorant of the fact that I was being charged for these calls. It wasn’t until I checked my mail when I got home in late July, that I realized something was amiss. My phone company uses automatic draft, so I had no need to physically write a check for these bills.

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