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Claim # [protected]-90C-002
My wife's wedding ring had the center stone fallout and was lost. After entering a claim for repair and supplying quotes as we were directed to do so, you decided to have your own internal gemologist provide the actual replacement and repair cost that was only 1/3 of a reputable jeweler. They did not use the one we provided and we had no choice. They wanted us to mail the wedding in ring so they could repair it. We did not do this because if it gets lost in the mail, you cannot replace the sentimental value. The manager Ken Shaffer was not open to options but only his (USAA) option. This is poor customer satisfaction.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Middletown, OH I pay over $3, 800 annually for homeowners and auto insurance and they want to cheat us out of a repair that would be another $1600. Plus I just had commercial insurance quoted through USAA last week and was going to move forward which was another $1500 /yr. You will see this in our policy/file I am sure.

Not a good way to treat a veteran and you state how important were are to you.

We will now be moving all our insurance needs to another provider, as I have to come up with the additional cost to have it repair to OUR satisfaction, not yours!
What a way to do business and make the customer happy as you so advertise. Again, the commercials are paid to state that.

I am not providing all the associated document as requested on the form as you already have it all. I have spent time doing it already and getting quotes and it meant nothing.

Feb 03, 2017

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