US Cellular / one phone had to pay for it twice??

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We have had us cellular for a little over a yr we have two accounts with them both in my husband's name. One is ours one is my parent. Well January my phone broke and i couldn't use it at all so we went ahead took some reward points from my parents account and used on ours for me to upgrade early. My husband tried having the price of the phone charged to our account well they couldn't because we had been turned off once so the lady on the phone told my husband, my father, and the worker at the store it could be charged to our second account (my parents) okay that was fine either way it was getting paid. Come February we paid for it and since then have lost our receipt went to pay my bill on our account yesterday and it was $293 its never been over $151 after an hour on the phone they finally told me it was cuz i owed the $142 for my phone that already got paid for in Feb. They called me a liar pretty much said there isn't anything they can do cuz it was never billed to the other account supposedly (yet we paid for it) and said i had to pay it or we would lose phone service. Now I'm stuck paying for my phone a second time because they don't even know what they are doing or is going on. They don't care and won't remotely check into it further!! When my contract is up i will NEVER use us cellular again they will be losing both our accounts! They are crooks!!

Mar 13, 2013
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  • Ma
      Apr 28, 2013

    Customer reps lie and scam for the sake of their job position! Obviously we pay their rent or morgage! They protect
    there employment reputation. It takes 1o complaints together with perfect files with billing history to make a voice. A consumer advocate thru utilities commission in your state. send a form (10) a petition form is neccesarry.

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