Us Cash Advance / Unethical behavior

[protected] phone# [protected] Wow don't know where to start!!! Very Very upset! Filled out a cash advance application online.Big mistake! After talking it over with my husband and decided not to go through with it since they wanted my social security number and bank account number. this was 2 days ago. the last 2 mornings this so called company called us at 6am and continuously all day long. they left numerous messages so I decided to answer and asked the man if he knew what time it was? he responded 6am and then started laughing and I told him it was not funny and I hung up. so I called back and was going to ask to talk to someone in charge .I got an answering machine that certainly was not a business it was more like a home phone message that said this is us cash leave a message?So tonight I got a blocked call from the same number and how I know is because I got a blocked call last night didn't answer but they left this number to call I answered and the woman says who is this and I said who is this?She hung up! She called back and before she could say anything I said do not call this number again please and I hung up.She called right back 12 timesand finally I answered the 13th time and she called me a really bad swear word and hung up.I called back and got same recording as I did when the guy called previously. Be very careful this is not a business.The people sounded Asian or mid-eastern.Thank God I did not have my personal information except my phone number.I am going to call police and better business beraue and whatever else I can.These people are scamming and vicious. How can they get away with this?Sounds like many many others have got scammed.Again phone number is blocked or from this number. [protected]

Feb 24, 2016

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