Urban Planetdo not offer refunds even if it was cashiers fault policy

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Urban planet, was one of my favorite store not until I went for a shopping today January 13, 2012 and find a crooked policy it has.I shop for some men items which it has a sale particularly this hoody sweater as for original price was 19.95 and it has a slash red on price tag.It only have two same design left in the rack where the rack has red posting $10.I took a look on other sweaters which has $19.95 and same as I saw on the sweater I'd like to purchase has red slash on.As I went to the cashier to purchase those items, the cashier find that the sweater I got doesn't have a price tag on so he page a sales lady nearby the rack to take a look of the item. In my head, I calculated 10 bucks less to the total I purchase and I pay it in cash.On my way out I took a look at my receipt and there I found out that the sweater has been priced of the original one instead of the sale they are having.I talk to the sales lady if my understanding of the sale is right and she agreed with me that I'm right so she directed me to go back to the cashier to straighten things up.I went to the same cashier who did my purchase only few minutes ago.I told to the cashier the mistake and obviously, I'd like to take it back the excessive amount I paid and right away, I got surprise of their policy of no refund, instead it will be a store credit on my next purchase.I don't want to make a scene but I find it that their policy is so wrong in such manner that I never try it on or damage any items I purchase and return it to them.It is their mistake but it feels like I 'm forced to spend again in their store just so I could have my money back or give away to them. I got home I find it as well that the cashier type my name and my surname wrong even if he even asked me to spell it for him.It is ridicoulous, what if I took a dollar more item in exchange of the refund and not paying that dollar more since it is their fault...Will they allow it?I'm sure no, intead I'l be a pick pocket or being banned to such store...but their policy to me is like robbing me face to face and making a deal that is being forced instead of just returning the money.

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  • La
      Sep 17, 2017

    Totally!! I just went today and my son always changes his mind when we get home. No refunds??? Never heard of such a policy for a large clothing store...ridiculous

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  • Li
      Mar 11, 2019

    I shop at that store the sign says 5 dollars, I even ask the employee that work around there and said it’s all 5 dollars but when I pay the price is not 5 it’s 7 dollars then not even apologize to me was very rude staff they have and demanded me to delete the photo I took, and even threatened me that they will call the cops on me, not not just they’ve been rude to me they are bunch of bullies and Harass me at the same time

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