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Contact information:, LIKE all other Alcuda Ltd sites (,, and everything Cupid plc related, as they are all the same (eg. GirlsDateForFree, Click& the hoods are one pretty big scam...these sites often peddle subscriber profiles from one dating site to another without the subscriber being aware of it, or being asked !...change peoples alleged locations (...for example go on one of these site and find a person...that very same person will be visible on many of the other sites, BUT located in a completely different place...OFTEN, whilst a person can be seen on one site, no matter how you contact them; mail, chat, wave etc etc, there is absolutely no response...and I bet you to a bottom dollar the communication that you have despatched is being blocked from reaching that person, YET on a totally different site, at the very same time, that very same person, who you were attempting to communicate with, is in fact sending you mails and chat message on the other site !!...and yet in other instances on one of these site, you can received a chat message from someone and yet if you tell that person via a comment that they ought to try and contact you through one of the other sites in this myriad of underhandedly linked sites, that persons chat message will be suddenly deleted as if it never arrived...and yet in other instances you can see chat messages or mails ariive, YET explicitly search for those person and they will not turn up in search...and YET further search is not true indication of subscribers, but the site view of what THEY WILL ALLOW YOU to goes along the lines of there wonderful, intelligent search algorithms quickly learn as to who might match you...PULL THE OTHER ONE ALCUDA/CUPID...this is a thin disguise for now we've conned you into paying a subscription, we'll seriously restrict the range of other subscribers you can see/access...yet at the same time...other deviant sites running off the same underlying profile DB's, for which you may not than have a paid subscription, all appear to have a much wider and more interesting set of subscribers...OF COURSE, ONLY until you then take out a paid subscription to that other site, whence the full range of interesting people, very quickly evaporate into the ether...and YET still further as other people moan about, these sites make it so difficult to cancel, more often than not failing to cancel a repeat billing if they consider the cancellation code has been entered too close to the expiry date...OR as many suspect, the sites SIMPLY IGNORE then cancellation...YUK, YUK, YUK...

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      21st of May, 2015

    Whoever created that site should be arrested.

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