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United Studios Of America / Fraud!

1 PO Box 637Cartersville, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 4042273696

I was shopping at my local Kroger store when I was approached by a man to have my family portrait taken. There was a $10 fee which I paid. When we arrived to take the portraits there was another $6 fee which no one advised upfront. I purchased the portraits for over $500 and was told they would arrive 6-10 weeks. That was back in October 2008. I have yet to receive my portraits or the canvas that they were suppose to be framed in. I've tried calling [protected] numerous times only to receive voicemail. I've left message after message. Finally I reached "KIM" who advised me that she would research my claim and give me a call back. I have yet to receive the call nor the portraits.

I do NOT recommend doing business with this company. If you need portraits taking cheaply go to WalMart.

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  • Cr
      18th of Oct, 2009
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    I got my family portraits taken by United Studios 2 months ago paid for them. I have left message after message and still have no pictures. What do i do? I want my pictures.

  • Jo
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    I got a self portrait taken two weeks ago.. paid up front. I have been calling the 404-277-3696 number... left messages no call back. I trusted the promotion because I trust Kroger's; maybe Kroger on Covington Hwy in Lithonia Ga. should take some responsibility here?

  • Un
      10th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I have currently worked for this company for over 5 years, and to the person who had fraudulant charges on their account I would advise you to check public records, as United Studios does employ thousands of people accross the nation and THEY DO PRESS CHARGES against employees that steal from the company and the customers. As others have mentioned, for $10 you are receiving a great price for 18 pictures. The company only makes money if you order additional pictures. This has been one of the best companies I have ever worked for. Like any company, they have had some occasional problems with the lab, thus delaying pictures being shipped at the promised time. Keep in mind the time frame you are given is an estimate, and especially with the holidays this year, we received an unexpectedly high volume of orders for plaques and canvas portraits. As far as the managers in Arizona, I will personally see to it that the VP of Operations and our owner is made aware of your of your concerns. We have been in business for over 20 years and although it is hard to get back to everyone in a timely manner when we get thousands of calls a day from people wanting to place additional orders, ect. if you have a complaint or need immediate attention I suggest visiting our website and contacting us via email through our website. We are a company that stands behind our word and we guarantee satisfaction to ALL of our customers. Although we do not generally issue refunds (which is stated on your certificates at the time of purchase) we do offer to re-shoot any and all portraits that customers are unhappy with. We set up appointments for you when you pay the $10.00 and although we do expect our photographers to call all the appointments, that doesnt always happen, which is why we write the date and time of your appointment on your certificate. If you do not use your certificate for the appointment scheduled, you are not out your money, we will still honor your certificate (no matter how long ago you bought it). Also if you were to go to JCPenneys Sears, Lifetouch, Picture People, ect they charge you a sitting fee per person, and we do not, so you are saving a significant amount of money on sitting fees alone. Also our additional pictures are not always high priced, there are times that we run specials of $5.00 per sheet. Also our sales reps are trained to tell EVERY customer to call or email us if they can not make their original appointment and we will honor their certificate at another location. As far as the back drop used for our pictures, we use a green screen, so it doesnt matter what it looks like to the naked eye, we digitally enhance the portraits with the background selected by the customer. You are not gonna find a company that cares more about customers than we do. Please email us with your concerns and someone will get back with you in a timely manner! Our corporate # is not a Georgia #, we are located in Massilon Ohio. Can you please provide me with the name of the person whose # is posted above? Our Corporate # is 330-832-1660. We will pursue legal matters against the individuals using our name illegally. Please contact us immediately regarding your concerns. Thank you.

  • Pi
      6th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I DON’T CARE IF YOU WORKED FOR THEM YOU DON’T WORK FOR THEM ANYMORE, MAYBE IF YOU DID PEOPLE WOULD NOT BE COMPLAINING. I WILL NEVER BUY PICTURES FROM UNITED STUDIOS OF AMERICA AGAIN, OR ANY COMPANY THAT IS IN KROGER TRYING TO SELL PICTURES!!! I do understand that things do happen during the process of things. First off I paid up front just like everyone else. $10.00 for the package of pictures & $6.00 sitting fee which I was glad to pay. If this company is hiring people that they are not sure of then they should not have these people representing there company in the first place, THEY NEED TO DO MORE RESEARCH ON WHOM THERE HIRING! People should not have to pursue legal actions due to stupidity. I went to pick up my pictures on my lunch break during the time they had scheduled for me to pick them up. I knew it would take a little longer than an hour, due to the extra pictures that were taken, which I knew they would be trying to sell me additional pictures which I did plan to purchase extra. When I arrived at my Kroger on Hwy 78 in Stone Mountain, there was a lady ahead of me. When I asked the guy how long it was going to be he rudely told me I DON'T KNOW! I was very upset because he did not give me a good answer. I asked the lady that was ahead of me how long she has been waiting she told me 11:00am need I remind you my appointment was at 1:00pm which I was on time for. Don't set up scheduled appointments if you are not going to keep them. Then the ###er had the nerve to tell me to sit down...Excuse me I am a grown ### woman not a ###ing child, after that I said the hell with that and went back to work. My damn job is way more important than those pictures. There was no way in hell I was going to wait that damn long for some pictures I have paid for. I tried calling that 404-277-3696 number and got the damn voicemail too. Next time I want to do a family picture I will pay a TRUE PROFESSIONAL & PAY THE PROFESSIONAL PRICE. I feel like the guy was very unprofessional and rude as hell. If the company needs $16.00 that ###ing bad they can keep it, because it is not hurting my wallet at all!!!

  • Ge
      3rd of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    God, what an idiot! And a liar!

  • Ge
      3rd of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    This company services many thousands of customers per year, they are sure to run into a few unbalanced people.

  • Ya
      9th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    i didnt have a great experience, but i didnt have a all bad experience with them either. they charge us for a reservation and a charge fee for sitting(what ever that was). when we took the pictures we didnt get to see the pictures after each shoot. 3 weeks laters we went back to the place where we took the pictures, our appointment was for 1215, noone saw us till 1. the guy who show use the pictures was bad, he mumbled in a low voice the whole time, if the picture werent good i would have just left because of him. the end results were very nice. the customer service was bad, but the product was good, very expensive but good.

  • Ni
      20th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I totally agree with tis comment. I went tokroger in Macon, Ga. Piad $10 for my family portrait to be taken. However, the day I was scheduled to take my family pictures I had an family emergency. There was no way I could be at Kroger to smile for a picture and I had recieved aphone call that my grandmother was being admitted into the ICU, due to her having a stroke. I contacted the customer service number in Cartersville, Ga. and the lady that answered the phone and told me that I could not recieve a refund and that she would not be in Macon again for 6 mnths. Keep in mind this lady was very rude she told me that she was the boss and that she didn't have asupervisor. I wouldn't reccommend this company to anyone. I feel if that $10 is that inpmortant they can keep it. Hopefully my story will keep someone from going through what I went through. They'll loose more in the end!

  • An
      11th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I took my pictures in January, picked them up in February. When I picked up my pictures I also viewed my additional pictures which were absolutely PRECIOUS!!! I paid to get a canvas which I was informed that it would take 6-8 weeks to be shipped. I received my pictures in 4 weeks and I LOVE IT!!! I am very pleased and I cant wait to have another canvas of my second child made :) THANK YOU portraits usa

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