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Clayton nelson hanover pa

Posted: [protected] by jay thomas (User banned)
Total and complete fraud
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Clayton nelson
122 e chestnut st
Hanover, pennsylvania
United states

Again. . Ladies and gents make no mistake this guy is 100 pct a fraud a fake.

100 pct
100 pct

Hmmm. . .

[censored] troll. Tracy gray, florida.

  • Si
    sittingpretty Aug 07, 2012

    OK...psu87, aka Tracy Gray, nyu92, Jay Thomas,
    If this is not Tracy, then you must be just another loser, trying alittle too hard to make your pointless point.
    The time to speak up was when this all started!
    Lord knows Tracy can't stfu!

    There are now 17! Complaints against the same Person!
    Talk about a waste of bandwidth!

    You say you were contacted a few months ago "by this man", but you don't say why you were contacted...

    Clayton Nelson said Tracy's Daughter sucked at sucking, maybe YOUR DAUGHTER can do better!!!

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  • Si
    sittingpretty Aug 08, 2012

    Of course the only psycho path crack head who would write a piece of ### and garbage like that is none other than TRACY GRAY, FLORIDA.
    Too ugly to marry, too ugly to pimp out, too ugly to live... no one's "heart' goes out for you.
    You are waste of skin and air...just like your daddy predicted you ugly worthless whore.

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  • Si
    sittingpretty Aug 20, 2012

    Dude! clayton nelson, this is obviously a JOKE complaint!
    I just commented and look what happened.
    the complaint was by PSU87, who says they have talked to you before.
    an ANGRY person, for sure.

    Sr.must have liked mine better.

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  • De
    Deb1eyeScott Apr 27, 2013

    You have to check out his recent FB BS ...The legend from NY - Milan is down to about 3 "followers" ...STILL USING THE SAME RAP ...YOURE A JOKE ...

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  • No
    NoThankQ [user banned] Aug 13, 2014

    Judging by the explosive rage contained within the four private messages you sent me, including your suggestion for me to become anally romantic with vegetables, I'd say My ID is correct. Board, meet Tracey Gray of Five Star Productions. Hmm...who's screwed now?

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  • No
    NoThankQ [user banned] Aug 13, 2014

    Tracey Gray of Five Star Productions. Yeah, I thought my sleuthing was spot on.

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  • No
    NoThankQ [user banned] Aug 13, 2014

    Yeah, that's a good analogy, it was easy to ferret out a crazy elephant with crappy teeth. Enjoy your public humiliation, Tracey.

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  • De
    Denise G34 Jan 26, 2016

    Are we talking about FFG's Clayton Nielson?? How is he a fraud?

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Clayton nelson con artist

So one of the people that clayton nelson introduced me to, bill, was actually a very intelligent, and successful male model in the 80's. I had remembered this model from the 80's and new he was very successful back then. I new nothing really else about him other than he spoke iwth a kind tone to his voice and that he was a black belt in the martial arts. After only a short time of getting to know this model (And please note that clayton has suggested i do not shoot male models but i photographed this male model three times, paid for his pilot, and invited him to stay at my home studio when he was for the most part homeless) i believed that he was a very good person, but simply in a rut because of his divorce. Bill had shared with me the awful story of how he had to go bankrupt and how he could not find work and how his now former wife was so unreasonable not allowing him to see his own children without a legal guardian in thier presence. It was truly a tear jerker if i had ever heard one. I proceeded to assist this man in getting back on his feet by putting him on a high profile assignment, only unfortunately to have him really under perform. Since i new it was no longer a fit to have bill in front of the camera, again based on clayton nelson's request and guarantee of the equipment, i sent bill several thousand dollars worth of photo equipment so he could start earning enough to pay his child support and see his kids again. The only thing i asked is that he upload photographs to our network, and right interesting stories about them. I even offered to pay him despite the fact we really were not ready with our network to launch. I told bill that he could keep the equipment if he uploaded and wrote about a few hundred paragraphs, or he could interview people down south and we would credit his account for the work. After six months not a single story was written, bill was drinking himself into a coma, and my partners wanted our equipment back as bill did not keep his end of the bargain, and as i had developed further complications with my health. . . I personally needed to start shooting again to earn some quick cash. I had heart surgery only a few months after. So with this said, my request to return the equipment was met with sob stories of how bill did not have the money to send it back, even though it could have been sent back regular mail for only about 50 bucks. Clayton who guaranteed the loan of the equipment in writing, refused to cover it, and even started to call my integrity into question when i demanded it back at the threat of a police report. A police report was the only way my insurance would cover it, if it were not going to be returned, so i was obligated by my partners, and by my first loyalty to my children to get back our assets. After this incident bill suggested that i was unreasonable, that clayton had paid for these items, and it was the moring of the police department going to be notified that the equipment was finally returned. No thanks to the scamming con artist clayton nelson. I would have sent the equipment back to bill for free when i was done with it if he had not been so petty not to return it in the first place when i had gone out of my way to help him, and he was not associated with the person i had come to know as a scheming con artist, clayton nelson. Beware any business dealings with clayton nelson, i do believe he is dangerous on top of being a very intelligent con artist.

  • raven2010 Jun 29, 2012

    The issue in this book is not the Corporation and not SOAP, but rather distributors who have a mission and a hope, a dream. Their mission is to sponsor others and their hope and dream is to build a financial empire. To many of the distributors, no price is too great to pay in order to achieve this mission and this dream. One will discover in reading through these pages that there is indeed, a price to be paid--to a "hidden" business carefully concealed behind the infrastructure of Amway's hierarchy. It is a multi-million dollar enterprise, cleverly designed and fueled by excitement and hero worship.

    Some have said that this "ghost" system of "non-Amway" produced materials has created

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  • Sc
    scratchycat Mar 23, 2013

    He is banned, so how can he send me messages!!

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  • En
    EnglanderSucks Jan 10, 2015

    From the complaint on down, I have no idea what anyone is talking about. But... SAVE THE LOFT!

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Here is another clayton nelson scam. On or about november 2010 clayton nelson approached me about shooting a...