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United Readers source/ readers source / FRAUD

1 Nashville, TN, United States Review updated:

after receiving 8 calls in a hour for their magazines, I noticed 2 unauthorized charges on my account. I had to cancel my bank account and get a new one. They hung up on me 3 times when I told them not to call me anymore and that i was on to their scam. Iguess the only way to get rid of them is to have them call blocked

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  • Mi
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    Kristi H. Did you order any magazines from them? I have the same situation, I have been called 14 times in two days. I was dumb and ordered magazines from United Readers for my kids and didn't look at any of the information they sent me until I started getting calls from Readers Source the last couple days. I have also canceled my credit card and reported them to my local law enforcement, BBB and the attorney general of my state. Have you been able to cancel your subscription?

  • Da
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    This company is terrible!!! They feed off other's confusion. If you get their call HANG UP RIGHT AWAY!!!

    They called me with a sweepstakes entry and the promise of free gifts. I asked the salesperson a number of times whether or not I would be able to cancel the subscription if I changed my mind and was told repeatedly that I would be able to cancel my subscription. I was told I would be notified of any winnings on the following 1st of the month (a months time) and a welcome package would come in 7-10 days. I was not told that the cancelation period was only THREE days after acceptance (the phone call).

    When I called the company to cancel my subscription, I was told that I could not. They record the last two minutes of there one hour sales so they can confuse you with a number of questions regarding terms and then record you agreeing to their cancelation policy so they can hit you with it when you contest. Subscriptions are paid for in double every month for the first year (?). I now received over 10 mags a month which I toss into a recycle bin. I will have, by the end of it all, 142 magazines which will have cost me $500 total.

    Consumers need to be warned about United Readers Service Ltd in Lakewood, OH, as they have poor sales practices.

  • An
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    This company is a total rip off. I was told I had ten days to cancel and after I called to cancel the lady told me it had been canceled. I received a statement from them and called again to confirm the cancellation and they said I could not cancel and had to pay the entire balance. I have not received any of the weekly magazines (the one's that you agree to pay for) but that does not stop them from trying to charge me. I am trying to fight the charges they are making against me right now. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and I would advise that you all do the same. Maybe if they get enough complaints they will investigate this company more closely. You can file a complaint on their website or by calling them.

  • Ce
      6th of Dec, 2008
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    Hi kept getting calls from a phone number that I don't have on my cell so I decided to call them today to find out who it was (I'm a curious person). It was from the "United Reader's Service" the person I talked to said that they were calling me because I was one of the finalists for the sweepstakes they were sponsoring for the major credit card companies. She said they were given a list of names of the finalists so they could call them on behalf of the credit card companies and my name was one of them. She went on and on about the prizes but I kept questioning her... I asked her what benefit they got out of this, she said that they work with the credit card companies and for this case they were helping them contact the finalist and at the same time she was given they right to offer an amazing magazine promotion to the finalists... She was having a hard time convincing me so she said to me that by taking this "amazing magazine promotion" they were sending me within a week a diamond watch... I said WOW you guys have so much money that you don't know what to do with it and you are just going crazy giving all these nice gifts away... I said I want to work there (of course I was being sarcastic)... I told her I will think about it... then I called my credit card companies to ask them about this and they told me they are not running any type of sweepstakes and have not contacted at all this company. I called them back and I requested to talk to the same person I had talked to and asked her to remove my name and phone number from their database. I told her that they were just scamming people... She kept saying they were BBB accredited... I told her they are several complaints about the company. She even had the guts to try to convince me. I told her if she didn't remove my name and phone number from the list and I f I got call from them again they'll be in big trouble.

    Be careful everyone because once you accept the magazine offer you are obligated to a 4 year commitment!!... they don't tell you this right away but she was stupid enough to tell me that one of the reasons why people get so upset is because they want to cancel after a month, a week, or so but they can't because when they accept the promotion one of the requirements is a 4 year commitment (I’m not sure if this requirement is very clear to people or if its buried somewhere in small font). I think I gave her a headache... If you ever have a problem with them don't think twice and go to the better business bureau website and file a complaint ( The phone # they kept calling me from is (866)802-7034. Good Luck!!

  • Mr
      12th of Dec, 2008
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    i was duped into their magazine scam. they called me in the morning after i was drinking and i agreed. the verbal agreement isn't valid. i made the initial payment of 30 something dollars and only got 2 magazines. then they wanted the next payment so then i was like no way. i called my bank and disputed the charge and got my 30 something dollars back. united readers calls me acting all rude and wants me to pay. but im not paying. i made the initial payment with my credit card and i check the statement daily to see if they try to charge me again. but if u gave your debit card number (no no) you need to put all of it into a new account asap. i hope these people die slowly. i hope this helps someone. good luck

  • Sh
      8th of Jan, 2009
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    I have been harased for the past 3 nights with about 15 phone calls, some with caller ID numbers and some with none. i have been told bye the first caller not to talk to to anyone else if they call. i have been forced to give my credit card number and information again because someone has hacked into their system and is calling there customers and on one will call me again from them. I have been threatened to be turned over to a collection agency. i haven't even received 1 magazine yet. i have been told that they don't have a supervisor or any form of manager that i can talk to, or i own this business, or some other rediculous answer. last night they had me so upset that i was crying because i didn't know who i was talking to, just a voice one other end of the phone and tried to tell them them this and refused to tell them anything more about me for fear of fraud. i would be glad to pay for the cheap watch they sent and wanted to cancel my order.and then i got hung up on. this happened on 2 other phone calls. i have read the other complaints and i will also report these people. maybe even call chanel fox 5, if this does not stop.

  • Ch
      19th of Jan, 2009
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    I have become a victim in the scam from Visa and United Readers Service LTD. They called me soliciting a sweepstakes and said it was on behalf of my credit card company...little did I understand it was not through the company but Visa themselves. I have tried to cancel my membership but they refused. Getting very defensive and combative on the phone I was told that it was clearly explained what I agreed to. I also found out they do not record the inital call but only the part where you agree to the terms and conditions. I threatened to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and was advised they are in good standings with them, I am filing any way. I have also filed a dispute and complaint with the Federal Trade Commision. I am disputing this contract due to the fact I was under a different impression (not denying I agreed) of the agreement, they make the subscription sound amazing and make you feel that this is a great bargain when it is not...I am losing a lot of money off this subscription and feel that their business practices are deceitful and confusing, also to mention that they called me even though I was registered with the do not call register list. I am usually not one to fall for scams like this, but unfortunately did..they are very good at causing confusion and being very convincing. I also feel that Visa should be held accountable placing me on a list with a telemarketing company where I am binded to a contract. I feel this is very poor business practice and everyone should know that Visa is selling out their customers. I have great credit, and now I am stuck in this contract...hopefully the FTC will help me out with this...please be very careful on any phone calls, register every phone number you have (it's easy) in the do not call registry. Unfortunately society cannot trust major companies anymore. To add I have to pay $39.90 a month to this company for 4 the it worth it?

  • Ca
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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    Same thing happened to me.
    I looked on BBB and their name did not come up. Does anyone know how they are listed?
    I called and initiated a dispute with my credit card company. They don't believe a verbal contract is enforceable. I'll stop th eauto payment and then they'll have to bill me. I'll send the bills back postage due!

  • Ih
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    same thing happened to me, first the magazines, than the calls, than the unauthorized charge.. take these mofos down government!!!

  • Sp
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    Unbelievable but true... I got 3 magazine subscriptions for $2 each per year, for completing an online survey after making a Christmas purchase. February 22, 2009 I noticed a few calls from "Readers Source". They were very persistant in making those calls. When I finally answered and spoke to them, I was asked if I was enjoying the magazines and they wanted me to commit to renewals at $2.99 a week per mag. I thought I was hearing things when she said "per week". Fast to do the math, I asked if she was f'n kidding me, over $450 for 3 magazine subscriptions?!? I told her to cancel my subscriptions... she told me I would be removed from their database, and then hung up on me. I tried to call the number on my caller ID, but the call "could not be completed as dialed". I called the number from my credit card statement which showed the original $2 charge, and they confirmed I had a subscription for 1 year for each of the magazines for completing the survey. I dont know where Readers Source came into the picture, but apparently they were involved in the survey! No charges have posted to my credit card account. BEWARE!!!

  • Th
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    Same thing happened to me, but after thinking about only one night - I called to cancel. Wisconsin has a consumer protection law that lets you out of these types of scams with in 3 business days. Now I will be watching my statement to make sure they put the money back into my account. I talked to a lady named Tracey and she gave me a confirmation cancelation number, so we will see what happens. I will be keeping the number in a safe place after reading all these experiences.

  • Se
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    Nice to know I'm not alone. I've told these idiots 5 TIMES that I no longer want their service. I paid out the nose for the &*%$ service and I was told it was paid off. At first I got lots of mags but, the last year to 18 months I got 2-3. I could have gotten a better deal at the newsstand. So, today 2-25-09 I got a letter saying I was paid in full but, for $9.95 a month I could extend the service. Once again I had to call them and tell them "NO" I don't want the &%$#*%@ service. I hope they got it this time. I really don't want to call the California BBB.

  • St
      10th of Mar, 2009
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    I was called today by a confusing telemarketer. She said that I was picked out of 500 people (that a bank or credit card company had submitted me for for being a 'good' customer). She said I had the chance to win some type of car, $2, 500 and other prizes. She said that I had already won 48 mos. worth of like 6 or 7 magazines and also some diamond watch (small diamond on it). I kept asking her for a web link to check into this contest but she said that that would come in the mail and that I didn't have to accept any magazines if I didn't like them. She referenced was talking fast and I asked her "NOW I WON'T BE CHARGED FOR ANYTHING AND I'M NOT GOING TO BE ON SOME CONTINUATION LIST AM I?" she said "no". I said ok I'll wait for the information of this 'sweepstakes. Now after I googled them, I'm worried...eventhough I asked her if any of this would be charged to me and she said no...could they still charge me? (they have my address but not my billing info, unless Visa just gives it to them?)...I tried calling back the number that called me and got a busy signal. I wrote down their united readers cust. service number and intend to call and cancel my 'prize' I'll tell you how it goes.

  • So
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    If you email them on the website that you want to refuse the service they should send you out a cancellation. However they still want a lot of money to cance.

  • Sp
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    I just called to cancel the service after they got me for 59.90 for two months. this company is such a rip off, they told me I was obligated to pay the second billing cycle for their crappy magazines for 30 months. I have contacted my bank and they told me to cancel it and get a letter in writing and they will go after them for anymore money they take from me. I paid for two years and fulfilled my obligations to them, received letters that my service would be extended unless i called and cancelled, I did call and cancel it.. twice. So they recently called and confused me into thinking that for some reason I may owe them more money but after further investigation I do not and hopefully I am done with them. Do not be fooled by them as I was. This company is a rip off Readers Source, Mission, KS 66222 (800) 725-1729 / Treasure Coast Enterprises of Fort Myers, FL is on the confirm letter they sent. please post a comment if you know any more about them.

  • Me
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    I received a call on my mobile phone while at work about 2 years ago. I was completely caught off guard. I was told by the girl (caller) that she was new to the company, so I fell for it and listened to her pitch. I was told that I was entered into a sweepstakes and that my prize was a subscription for 5 magazines. The girl talked very fast and made me believe that I was agreeing to a prize. When the call ended, I received a "quality control" call from another representative that wanted to make sure that the first caller was courteous when she called me. Apparently this was when I verified that I agreed to the terms of the contract.

    A few months ago, I called to change a couple of magazines so that my husband would have something to read. We figured that if we were paying $40 dollars a month for this, we might as well get the magazines that we wanted. From this call I was once again tricked into renewing my subscriptions with this company for another 4 years! When the second quality call came through 5 minutes later (like the first time) I mentioned that I would like to cancel because my husband and I did not want to receive the magazines from them. I was told that I was unable to cancel because I was a preferred customer so they already sent my order to the publishers for the discounted amount. I checked the website and it shows that orders can be canceled within 72 hours. My husband was ready for the first account to end and now we have another account with them. I wrote an email to them explaining that I wanted to cancel and they just sent me a letter in the mail explaining that I agreed to the contract and that they have a recording of the agreement.

    This company is very deceiving and they somehow trick you into agreeing to their magazines. I now receive 8-10 calls a day on my cell phone from this company. The number shows up as an "unknown caller", but each time that I have answered, it is a representative from United Readers. I also sent them an email explaining to them that I would like to change my number from my cell to my house number because they continue to call me during class and while at work. I still receive the calls on my cell phone. They did not even respond to my email. I send emails to them because I am scared that they are going to somehow extend my "contract" or sell me something else that I do not know about. This has turned into a nightmare!! I am afraid to answer my cell phone or any other phone.

    Just yesterday I received a phone call at my office from someone that was taking a survey that she said she was giving to local businesses. My free prize for answering the questions was 5 magazines. The call was from the same company!! Now they are calling businesses. This should not be allowed. When I realized what was going on, I told the caller that I was angry that they were making these calls and that I was already tricked into a contract with them on my personal phone. The caller hung up on me. This needs to stop. I do not know what to do and I am tired of being harassed daily because of a bunch of stupid magazines that go straight into the trash.

    I just sent a complaint to the Federal Trade Commision. If anyone has any other advice to give me, I would very much appreciate it!!!

  • Ri
      25th of Mar, 2009
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    Rick VW :I also have this situation . Readers Sorce is deducting money from my account . I have told them to cancel but when I do they hang up on me .There was a call from them on Saturday night and the guy claimed to be a Supervisor . My wife told him to stop calling the house and hung up on him .He was very rude to her telling her she didnt know what she was talking about and she hung up on him.He called back and I answered the phone .I told him I was recently laid off and wanted the account stopped and he said he was glad to hear I was unemployed and he was going to start taking a extra 10.00 out of our account and hung up on me so now I will be getting billed 59:00 from them !

  • Sw
      6th of Apr, 2009
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  • Su
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    Some quick advice -
    If they're calling persistantly, ask to be put on their "Do Not Call" list. While this won't work initially, document the times, the number of requests, and the person you spoke to. Speak to a Supervisor and tell them that these calls are now legally considered harrassment, and that if they call even one more time, you will report them to the authorities. This worked for me.

    Also, even if you have cancelled your "membership", they can renew it. They send out a harmless looking letter about every two years, saying thqat if you do not contact them, your account will be reopened. I ignored the letter, and started getting magazines again. You have to call and ask to be put on the "Do Not Call", AND the "Do Not Mail" list. I just did this today and was assured by Melanie that my account was cancelled and that they would not be in contact again. Ever. We'll see. . .

    Their phone number is 1-800-725-1729.

  • Ab
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    They sound like Heartland. Heartland acted like I was taking a survey about my favorite magazines and all of a sudden I owed them several hundred dollars for 5 magazines for 60 months. I had to contact BBB to finally get them to stop calling me 5+ times a day because I wouldn't pay the bill I supposedly owed. I got the call from Readers source and was like... Sounds like another scam! They said that I had 5 magazines that I subscribed to from their companyand I told the guy, that impossible, I paid for the magazines that I do get up front and don't owe anyone anything for magazines. He said that he would have to check what was going on and call me back. This was 4 days ago. He hasn't called back yet.
    The number that showed up on my caller ID is 720-263-4510

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