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Decided to get insurance with United Healthcare effective 1/1/2015. I am in great health and had coverage for over 30 years when employed full-time, but figured 1.) I really should have insurance, even though I always pay my medical bills and 2.) the "wonderful" government has decided to punish us at income tax time if you aren't covered. I have "Silver Compass 250" which requires referrals to see a specialist, unlike some other UHC plans. So, I requested a referral from my primary care doctors office.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Minnetonka, MN They tried for over a week back and forth on the phone with UHC trying to submit electronic referral. . I also spoke with another physicians office and they stated that they did not know how to navigate the software either to submit an electronic referral for this plan.. Bottom line is my doctors office submitted a faxed referral for specialist visit which UHC will NOT honor, so now I have to pay out of my pocket. Take my advice - DO NOT GO TO ANY SPECIALIST unless you make sure UHC has an electronic referral.

Feb 05, 2015
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  • Fs
      Aug 05, 2009
    United Healthcare - medication discrimination
    United Healthcare
    United States

    HIV medication can only come from one pharmacy that United Healthcare owns!
    It is very discriminatory not to be able to get medicine at a normal pharmacies especially when it is available.
    United Healthcare charges itself higher medication prices to boot.

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  • Na
      Feb 03, 2010
    United Healthcare - Women's Health
    United Healthcare
    United States

    United Healthcare has denied my claim for mamogram. The contract states a yearly mamogram is part of women's health. Also denied payment for bone scan with a history of osteoporosis and spontanwous fracture..

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  • Jr
      Sep 26, 2011
    United Healthcare - AARP
    United Healthcare
    United States

    Why does United Heaalthcare NO LONGER put AARP in their advertisements? Is it because AARP no longer represents the feelings of seniors.

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  • Sa
      Oct 06, 2012

    No where on UHC sites can you find information about how to file a claim. These sites are all about grouging money from patients.

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  • Da
      Apr 21, 2014

    My insurance is: AARP-UHC, Complete Choice Plan 2. There are too few highly rated surgeons that accept this plan. My wife needs knee surgery and none of the local AARP-UHC Doctors have a Good-to-Excellent Patient Evaluation. A highly preferred local orthopedic surgeon that was 'IN NETWORK' last year is 'Out-Of-Network' this year.
    I would like to find out how I can get out of our Annual obligation to your Medicare supplement plan. The reason is too few Doctors. It must be noted that your plan worked GREAT until we moved to the Melbourne, FL area.

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  • Uh
      Sep 12, 2014

    they are all about making money off the backs of patients/members and don't care if your medicine is stolen from your doorstep as long as they get their money for the prescription first.

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  • Th
      Apr 07, 2015

    I have the identical issue. I also have a more ridiculous one.

    In addition to having the same problem they are also charging me the full amount for visiting my own in network primary care physician. I'm in North Carolina and I'll be requesting an external review of my declined appeals to these issues here soon:

    Who knows, maybe if more people act something will happen.

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  • Ca
      May 26, 2015

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