United Healthcare Insuranceplans

i signed up for the $400/month bronze plan with prescription savings plan..Once i signed up for that plan, i then found out it doesn't cover mail order prescriptions, or most prescriptions in general.

I called for assistance and basically was told, "sorry we cant do anything..." i basically was lied to or tricked prior to signing up for this plan, and now each time i call its basically "too bad for you" also, while applying it asked for my pcp, so i pur their name in. Have been seeing this specialist for years now. They put some random doctor as my pcp. Never heard of him.

Was told i cannot change it to a specialist, has to be pcp. So now i guess i have to go see some random doctor i dont know to get prior authorization for some of my medications. Which makes no sense, because in the end the health insurance is basically paying for a random doctor when i have my own.

I cant wait til next open enrollment so i can cancel!

i am in the health care field, and i make sure i tell everyone about my problems with united health.

Mar 26, 2016

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