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On November 15, 2017, I scheduled an appointment with my pain management doctor, Darell Shows at the Rush Pain Center located at 1314 19th Avenue, Meridian, MS, 39301. After explaining why I was there, Dr. Shows explains to me that I had failed my drug test for the second time because there was an inconsistency, but he would work with me because I explained to him that I had been breaking my pills in half to take them. He told me that I was supposed to take the medicine as written, and that was to take one pill every twelve hours. After discussing why this was important to follow, we came to a mutual understanding and he would give me one last try. He then proceeded out of the room where the nurse stopped him to show him that another prescription had been filled on November 08, 2017 and was written by one, Roger Clapp. He came back into the room and said it was time to get a little rude because an agreement had been signed that I would only get pain medicine from the clinic, as I tried to explain the fact that I had just had surgery on November 07, 2017, he stopped me and was telling me that it's not like I am 18 or 19 and just learning the world, and why I did not call and get an okay for the pills. I truly was not thinking about that at that moment knowing I was about to have surgery. So, once again we came to a mutual understanding and I informed him that I had not taken any of the pills. Then he just told me I had to bring those pills back, so I let him know that I had the pills downstairs and would bring them back.
Once I made it downstairs, I got the pills and took them back up to his office. The nurse, Mrs. Joy, told me to allow the previous patients to come out of the room and then I go in. Once in the room, the nurse came in and got the pills and counted them. Once counted, she emptied them into the needle (or the waste) dispenser on the wall. I asked her what was I supposed to do since my insurance had just paid for that bottle of pills to be filled and I would have to wait until a certain time frame before they would pay for some more. She was telling me that I had to wait thirty days from the date of the last prescription that Dr. Shows had given me to get the prescription filled. I was trying to get her to understand that I only had three pills left I could not fill the prescription until the prescription she had just thrown away should have been taken up. She kept trying to explain to me when I could get it filled, and I was trying to explain why that would not be possible. She said something and left out the door. Two to three minutes later Dr. Shows comes in saying "You can take your rudeness and disrespectful somewhere else. You can get out my clinic." I tried to tell him that I was not being rude and he says, "You still being smart, don't worry about it, you terminated from my services." I kept trying to explain that I was not being rude and to ask the nurse, but the nurses would not say a word. He then stated "Where is my prescription at, give it back." I told him they were downstairs, and he said, "Well I can have the security guards to escort you out of here and get my prescription." He would not listen to anything that I had to say. He just kept saying that I was terminated and he wanted his prescription. All I was trying to get them to see is that the pills they poured out had already been covered by my insurance and I wanted to know what I needed to do, but he was not hearing anything that I had to say.
My friend, Kimberly Christy was in the room with me when this occurred because she walked back up stairs with me. I was already in pain and Dr. Shows had informed me that he was going to send up a request for an MRI to be done, but know I do not know which way to go. The whole thing about it is, every day is not the same. I have some good and bad days with the fact that I have multiple injuries from a car accident. The Rush Pain Clinic was the first clinic that seemed to be able to get anything done, but after this day, I will never step foot on their premises due to the way I was treated.
I will thank Dr. Leland Lou for the great services that he provided, but his counterpart truly hurt my soul today. I have never been rude to any healthcare worker that I have encountered. I have never felt as low as I did today, and without justification. I was merely trying to get the nurse to see what issues I was going to have with the fact that the pills from Dr. Clapp had just been filled. All thirty pills were accounted for. All that could have been said was, "If there is a problem at the pharmacy, just have them to call and we will clear up the misunderstanding." No, that did not happen. Everything went left and without a just cause.

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