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On 2/28/2017, I ordered dental insurance. Representative told me I would receive a form to sign agreeing I wanted it to send back, I never received it. I was given my dentist name who took your insurance, I called my dentist who said they no longer took united health due to your company denying numerous claims, too many problems. So I was given another dentist in avon, ny, I called that dentist who also said they no longer would be accepting your claims due to the same problems as the pavilion dentist. So at that point, I became frustrated and was told I would be sent out a list of dentists in my area. I decided to cancel on 3/10/2017 dental as too many problems with your company. I called today to say why a bill when I advised you, I couldn't use. I had coverage for 12 days so I am not paying ths bill. I talked with kendra who said it wasn't cancelled, then I asked for supervisor who gave me jennifer who said I had to pay the bill 72.00 and kendra told me 36.00. Jennifer said it was cancelled. Client #[protected]. I want this bill wiped out as I was never able to use it. You can call my dentist pavilion dental to verify that we talked. Also the dentist in avon who told me the same thing. This is fraud when one hand doesn't know what the other one is doing!Jennifer said she would send me a cancellation letter but I am not holding my breathe as I got nothing in the pass. I believe when I talked with someone, they had an address of 5429 not 6429 which may be why I never received anything!Please resolve this asap!

Mar 17, 2017

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