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In April 2015, I submitted a claim for services that occurred February 16-March 19, 2015 (within 30 days of service). For a year and a half, I fought with UHC to get reimbursed for the benefits I paid out of pocket (over $18, 000) and to which I was entitled under my plan. I was repeatedly lied to by UHC, given incorrect information throughout the process, but I was finally informed I would be paid back after filing an Appeal.

In September of this year, I was told I would get paid. UHC incorrectly issued two checks in a row--yes, two checks--to the provider instead of to me. Each time, I had to wait 30 days from the issued check before UHC would stop the payment and reissue it. Allegedly, a check was issued to me on October 24th, but I have still not received it. I have multiple times confirmed the correct address with UHC. It's a little strange that this check (now the third check issued for this claim) did not make it to me.

Now, I'm being told I need to wait ANOTHER 30 days before UHC will stop payment and issue another check. UHC's inefficiencies are unbelievable. Each time, I'm told this issue will be escalated and I will get a call from a manager. I get a call back about half the time.

I am at the mercy of UHC and nobody seems to care that I have still not been paid. I should not have to keep waiting because of your inefficient 30-day waiting policies. Obviously, your procedures do not work well if this is continuing to occur, so how am I to believe that waiting another 30 days, for the fourth check to be issued, will be any different.

This needs to be resolved immediately.

Nov 18, 2016
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  • Bh
      Dec 14, 2016

    I am experiencing since similar issue, totally agree with you the most irresponsible organization will never recommend anyone.

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