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United Collection Bureau / Can:t get Letter that account is paid off

1 Columbus, OH, United States

First, I pull my credit record and found a charge on it that I thought had be paid off.To which, I went ahead and paid. I asked for a letter to be faxed to me, so I could prove that this had been paid. At first this was not a proble, but I was switched to about 3 different people and at last was told, that they had to have the money in their hot little hands first. So since it was the holiday, I said fine and said that they could go ahead and fax it.
By Tues, there was no fax So I called again, and was told this time that I had to write a statement to have it faxed which was not told to me on Fri) I faxed a statement to them and bythe next day, there still was not a fax.
I called again, and was told that the fax hadn't come in. So I refaxed it and was put on hold for 20 min's, for them to find this fax. They came back and said that the fax wasn't there and that they had had enough of me and that they were sending out the letter. I told her I needed that letter today and she told me to bad. Then she said."What you people what to do is yell at me (which I did, because she wouldn't let me get a worcd in) when you need this letter but, you won't pay your bills on time and then you want me to bend over backwards to help you. Then she hung up on me.
I think this company needs to be looked into and you might find out, that everything is outsourced. That is why they can't found anything.

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