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Unisa / mylife email account impossible to access

United States Review updated:
I cannot access my MyLife email account. The system indicates that I have already 'claimed' my email account but I have never done so. I do not know the password or the secret answer.

I have contacted the Microsoft LIve helpdesk to send me a new password. This password can only be emailed to the MyLife address which I cannot access.

Microsoft has advised that I be in contact with the Unisa Mylife helpdesk to send me a password. I have emailed the Unisa MyLife helpdesk twice already but no response has been forthcoming.

I urgently need this matter resolved. At present there is no way of communicating with the University. They phones are unanswered and Unisa Parow couldn't assist either, after I sat in the Information queue for over an hour.


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  27th of Feb, 2011
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It not easy to create the mylife account I have been trying for the past 40 days
  4th of Jun, 2011
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I cannot access my Mylife emal account.The system indicates that I have already claimed my email account.I do not know the password or the secret answer.
  6th of May, 2012
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i lost mylife password, please help me to get it
  20th of Jun, 2012
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i want to log on to my life, my password is no longer working this system of email is messing me around because its not easy to get a lost password and when u call or email help desk no answer, now all my results is outstanding.unisa sucks big time.
  30th of Jul, 2012
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icannot access my acount, i forgot my password and never used unisa on line for any of my correspondence, the system says i must start afresh to join mylife, but when i start it says the acount for the student number has already been claimed but not activated, ihave tried several times in vain, icannot access my study materials and the assignment dates are due.anna.32236786
  6th of Aug, 2012
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i also forgot mylife password...please help
  2nd of Sep, 2012
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I lost mylife account password the student number is 51555441
  21st of Jan, 2013
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I have the same problem...student no 42403359 PLEASE HELP
  21st of May, 2014
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Hello, My name is Francis O. Owino. My student number is 39439305. I have been trying to access mylife email account without any success. I have used my password with no breakthrough. Kindly assist.
  30th of Jul, 2014
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Hii my name is Josephine Nokane, My student number is
43310028. I cant access my life email account, kindly assit me.
  1st of Feb, 2015
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Hello am Comfort Seroka, my student number is 57281246 and am failling to sett up my life student account... please assist me aswell !!!
  5th of Feb, 2015
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  10th of Feb, 2015
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my student number is 39550370 I cant access my life account and its a pity cause 1st bpt assignment is due this week
  7th of Jan, 2016
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I am quite sure that myLife unisa email was created to simplify things for us, but oh no it's doing the exact opposite. I've been trying to log in since last year, requested new passwords and I still can't login. this is so bad please help I need to get started already
  1st of Mar, 2016
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May you please assist. I applied for PGCE in November last year to study in first semester 2016. My application status is still saying "Application pending decision". I submitted all the necessary documents but up to now no response.The registration due date is 4 March 2016.
  2nd of Mar, 2016
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Yesterday (1March) I received an email offer to study from UNISA but cannot access my student portal account as I am failing to login to accept the offer. I even got a response saying my student number 59131381 does not exist. I have sent several emails to several UNISA address but no one has responded. What do I do now because registration ends this Friday 4th of March
  22nd of Mar, 2016
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Hi my name is Harold Phetoe and student no is 37956191, i tried to access my life email account, and the other thing i receive a message stating that an email of confirmation letter has been sent for teaching practice placement, but never got the email, please kindly assist me.
  13th of Jan, 2017
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i registered for UNISA a week ago. I tried to sign in with the MyLife email I received, but Office 365 is telling me that it doesn't recognise my user ID or password. I signed in once, and now I can't.
  17th of Jan, 2017
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I have registered with Unisa two days ago and I have been trying to login without luck. This is frustrating .
  20th of Feb, 2017
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Dear sir/madam My name is Fathima Noormahomed and my student number is 45938644 I have tried to access the myunisa website in order to register for the first semester 2017 from the day registration opened 3rd January 2017, but to no avail, it would not allow me access. I then went to the Unisa campus in Durban and tried to follow the never ending queue, which went round the building, block and down the street in the hot scorching sun, early morning till late afternoon until the unisa officials would come out and tell us that they had reached their count for the day and come back the next day .All the other students had the same complaint.The site refused to allow me access until the 28th of January 2017 I tried on my nieces computer not mine and it allowed me to register, but only had an option for the second semester. After failing to have an answer to numerous emails and phone calls I decided to register instead of missing the registration closing date and try to go in again to the Unisa campus and try to change the semester, but incurred the same problem. I had done my payment before the closing date.Getting into the Unisa campus was impossible.The students were having loud huge demonstrations and protests out of frustration . They were threatening to burn down the Unisa building.This matter was reported in the local newspapers, and we were informed that the Unisa officials were on a slow go wage increase protest .I'm so disappointed to say that after making so much of an effort, I am not registered and have missed out on a whole semester.I have registered for tuition for my modules, paid for them, attending them and am not registered for the modules and exam. After sending numerous emails to people begging for help, receiving no response, I receive a welcome message from some professor, who is in no way sympathetic to plight and actually insults my intelligence to state that i could not register myself and made someone else do it for me.I feel so cheated and unjust because this is so unfair. The bad part is that i am not the only student to have suffered this fate and no one seems to care

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