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South Africa

I am a first time applicant at unisa. I applied for admission for Bsc Hons in computer science in September.

I still have not yet received the status of my application. I sent numerous emails and phoned many numbers but could not get through to anyone.

After my final attempt being a failed effort I visited the campus on Friday.
I waited for more than 8 hours in the queue in the rain. When I finally manage to get inside the campus, they said they were not attending to post grad students. This is just not fair.

I contacted someone in applications department who said my application is not yet finalized and I should go back to unisa to query. I cannot do this as I am back at work now and will not be allowed time off to sort this out. I do not know what to do as registration is already open and I cant do anything without knowing the status of my application.

This is absolutely ridiculous, first they said all applicants would receive their status by the 27th of November, then it was moved to the 20th of December, then to the 3rd of January. This is really frustrating as no one is willing to assist.Since when has it been so difficult to get a postgraduate education in south Africa.

Jan 9, 2017

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