Union Pacific / blocked intersection

Elmo, Texas, United States

Location is:
CR 352
M.P 176.02
DOT 794-760H
On Saturday, October 21, 2017 at approximately 7:45pm there were two trains at the CR 305 in Elmo, Texas. One was coming as another was on the move. The second train then began to slow down. I waited about 15 minutes before I called it in to the police station as a stopped train. First call at 7:59pm to 911. Call dropped and they call me back from [protected] where they gave me Union Pacific(UP) [protected] #1. I then called UP at 8:03 and reported the train. I was told they would give the train management a call. At 8:32pm I called back to Union Pacific where I was told they called, but no one answered. When I questioned them about what would then happen she told me, "I called, that is all I can do. They haven't returned my phone call." I told her it was ridiculous because what if there was an emergency. I am not from here I live in Dallas, TX and according to my GPS there are no alternate routes. The older lady waiting behind me told me this happens all the time. I have only experienced it one other time since I only visited 3 other times. My mom moved there about 9 months ago. She told me that was the only way in or out. I then called back 911 since your company representative in the critical emergency division apparently couldn't help. At 8:35pm when I contacted 911, they told me it wasn't reported which I knew was a lie because I talked to them and they returned my call from a [protected] phone number. How else would I have that number. I then waited about 20 minuted more then a firefighter in a civilian car asked me could he get in front on me because there was a fire and he also reported the train because he couldn't get to the other side for work. He also stated that this is very common and it happens like 3-4 times a week where the train just stalls on the tracks. He has waited as long as 2 1/2 hours he stated. I didn't have good service to look up google maps to see of an alternative route. The older woman behind me didn't say anything about it. I wondered why the people didn't move. My first question is why? There are 2 intersections there literally next to each other. If that spot is where they need to be why don't they only block the one and let the other one be open? Do you not have a way to track your trains? If so, do you not see that it is sitting? Stuck or not. That is not a place to take a break. Finally since the fireman also called it in as an emergency another train was sent to move the sitting train which also took about an extra 10-15 minutes to get the new train there and move the sitting one. I sat at that intersection about 1 hour and 15 minutes waiting for the train to move. I wasted about 45 minutes worth of gas just sitting there. It was completely dark other than the flashing red lights which was dangerous for my safety. It was also cool which I kept my car on to keep myself warm. So who is going to pay for my inconvenience? Who is going to pay if someone died in that fire due to the officers not being able to get to work. That is a very small city and they did not leave until he got there. I happened to be going his way. My moms address is 10622 County Rd 376, Terrell, TX 75161. The operators told me my call was coming from Elmo, TX so I am not sure about the specifics.
Photos attached are from Google maps. One I labeled to show that I was at intersection #1 so that you can see why I stated the intersections are close and that one can be left open. Please contact me back by email or by phone at [protected] or [protected]. Something about this needs to be resolved. I don't know what the outcome of the fire was. I hope you take this seriously and I will also be making a complaint with the police department about there part.

Union Pacific
Union Pacific

Oct 23, 2017

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