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E Nov 22, 2017

I booked a makeup appointment two - three days before my husbands military ball. I didn't feel like doing my own makeup, but I wish I had. First I was a little early to my appointment which was scheduled at 11:30am, I showed up at 11:05am. I walked in and had never been to Ulta before so I look to an employee and say "Good Morning, I have a makeup appointment, where do I need to go?" She looks right at me, and keeps walking. I instantly got upset, how rude can one be! Finally I walk to the back of the store where I see a sign that says book appointments/salon etc. they tell me I'm early, and the person who I'm scheduled with isn't ready yet; I completely understand, I go to the Starbucks to get a drink while I wait. I sat there until my almost appointed time, and headed back in, where I waited another 35 minutes before my makeup got started. My WHOLE appointment, employees were walking up telling the individual doing my makeup, she has another appointment booked DURING my appointment, and she has this... following my appointment; dragging her all around the store. She had to leave me 3-4 times during my appointment, rushed through my makeup, and didn't even feel confident in the services she was providing for me. So how am I suppose to be comfortable with her doing my makeup, A. if she's rushing, B. Keeps saying she's sorry, this is prob the worst face of makeup she's ever done, C. Doing other services for people during my appointment. I asked to see a manager when I finished after 4 hours! I did not leave the store until 3pm, my appointment was at 11:30am. So, I wait for a manager at the register, when she gets there she automatically had an attitude. "What's the problem" I explain to her that I do not like my makeup and I've been here well over my appointed time, I do not feel comfortable paying for these services. She passes me off to a "salon manager" and asks me to go back to the salon. So I do. I get back there and I stand there for about 20 minutes before I finally realize the time, I don't have time to wait, our ball is an hour and 20 minutes away from home and I still hadn't gotten dressed, or done my hair. I go back to the front and explain to her I don't have time to wait, this was the manager by the way, and she says ok? I just pay for the services and leave pissed off. I will never go to this Ulta again in my life. My makeup was not worth the money I spent or my time. I'm so disappointed

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