Two Small Men With Big Hearts - Winnipeg & SurreyLiars, thiefs, never returned calls,


Located in Winnipeg Manitoba. I moved to BC August 2008, my belongings were with Two Small Men with Big Hearts in Winnipeg, they were to transport within 7 days, it took 1 month. Before I left I went to the lot to add a couple of items that the movers said were too much work for them to take and I should leave them behind, I said no they come with me, they left them and drove off. A table hockey game and laundry baskets! Well, as small as the lot was they couldn't find my stuff -why? It was moved into a storage trailer on site!!! Always excuses. Oh yes and I had to follow the movers everywhere through my house because as they moved items anything with cords attached or a remote, instead of wrapping them up with the unit they just pulled them out and dropped them on the ground whereever they were at the moment, indoors/outdoors where ever. They told me what to take and what I should leave behind - behind for who? All of my furniture was dismantled into the smallest of pieces, and arrived that way to BC -when it finally got here. I was told by the movers delivering my items that they personally didn't dismantle things so were not going to put anything back together. No one even kew what went where or looked like it was a piece to what item. Wpg office said it should not have been done when I finally got one of them on the phone. One of the movers commented when carrying in one of my couches they it was so comfortable and asked me if I was willing to sell it to him cheap for his brother? WHAT! He is supposed to be carrying my stuff on checking out if it is comfy and a possible purchase for himself. It still had tags from the store on them, and they marked it on th paper as worn!!! Immediately I noticed my blue leather ottoman for my living room set gone, I called the movers directly they said yip it was in the truck under blankets and would bring it on the way back from Vancouver, I never saw either again. Well I tried myself, but besides missing most of the screws, bolts, springs and some of the pieces, it was a lost cause. Surrey (head office) said that I signed that everything arrived so to bad, I didn't have a claim -to get a life and move on, yelled, screamed, insulted me and told me to call the RCMP and complain to them. (what was I supposed to do, i was alone with these 2 guys in my new kitchen and they said they weren;t leaving till I signed that items arrived. I was horrified. I called Wpg back, now this is going on months already, the secretay apologized -as the guys were always away from the office, Finally I got ne of them when i called private umber asking about a moving estimate -funny he was there for that! He gave me a personal e-mail address to send pictures of missing items, like my blue leather ottoman (from my living room set) -and how was I supposed to do that it was missing. Tried the e-mail address and it bounced back undeliverable. Many boxes did not arrive, and many had 2 stickers on them instead of one. Wpg did nothing but ignore my calls "out of the office sorry". The bikes were dismantled, tires flat and frames bent, picture frames broken, stand up lamps broken and scratched, and they still won't pick up this bag of clothes that came to me in a black garbage bag that belongs to someone else. They lied about everything starting from the original delivery date, so we slept on air mattresses and sat on 2 chairs that I bought at Walmart for 3 weeks! I made calls, sent multiple e-mails (which I was finally told were found in their junk mail), -guess that is where customers e-mails go after they sig on with them, junk. I and family members had contacted Surrey which was totally a dead end with that loser from claims yelling and screaming at me. I will tell you that this company is a sham and that any comments you may hear complimenting them were probably made by them!!!
I will never ever ever recommend these guys to anyone.
Oh yes, it is great that they lost most of the legs to my blue leather couches too, so I had phone s under them to level them, they said that they were in a box with the screws and cords-well guess what -that was one of the boxes that didn;t show up!!! And since one of my kids desks had the legs pulled out instead of the crews removed -the whole wood was destroyed and my child now does homework at the table!
Do NOT, EVER use this company!!!

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