Tumblrnew policy

You are aware that many people use tumblr to support or link NSFW posts to accounts or patrons. You are literally disadvantaging thousands of individuals who may utilise their artworks as a source of income. I never thought such a developed website would be so bigoted and close minded. How dare you completely delete people passions and artworks. Arworks that inspire thousands of people to go and create and support artists. How difficult would it be to make NSFW blogs and artworks harder to achieve or find. Rather than completely erase many peoples beautiful creations. Hope your happy losing millions of people who believe that your new policies are stupid. Which they clearly are. Let tumblr forever be known as the stupid app that lost all its participants because they stupidly tried to create a "safe" website and completely destroyed thousands of artworks for their own bigoted reasons. Bye tumblr, I can guarantee you'll only be remembered as the stupid app that destroyed many artists beautiful lifestyles and works.

Dec 11, 2018

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