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trademark infringement

I designed a shoe for a trademarked brand which happens to be photographed by a paticular boutique. This site is allowing these fake sites to link my design to these fake links and sell fake/copied product. It should not be so easy for them to set this up on your site. This is taking away from our sales. I hope you will take down these sites immediately. The boutique that photographed these images is also sending out Cease and Desist letters to vaious people using her photograhs.

trademark infringement
trademark infringement
trademark infringement

missing accounts and logging in

I have two Pinterst accounts, one for personal, one for business. I logged out of one to log into the other one. Once I logged out of the first one (A) and then proceeded to log into the other one (B) I was told I had to reset my password because there was some unusually action on my account, which is fine. I re set my password for account B, then it proceeded to have an automatic log in for account A. Account B was no where to be seen. I searched Pinterst on different devises to see if I could find account B but I couldn't. I then tried to log into account A and when ever I put the password in (the same old one as this account did not want to change password) and click log in, it just refreshes the log in page with no explanation to why I can not log into account A.

nomadic fanatic

Nomad Fanatic's Disney videos should be hit with copyright infringement. He does not have permission to put out his videos with any Disney content. YouTube has demonetized all his Disney videos.

Further more Pinterest allows Nomadic Fanatic to put out all of his videos. He is a 6 time felon. There fore you are promoting these criminals on your platform.

Yet when people try to post information about his past or the scams you suspend their accounts. I am discussed that Pinterest promotes con artists like Eric Jacobs/Nomadic Fanatic. It brings down the class of your platform. You should take down ALL his videos as he literally begs for money.

adverts selling clothes from china

I went on a website on Pinterest advertising lovely clothes. I bought something but when it arrived it was absolute rubbish. Counterfeit. I cannot contact the company but have read lots of complaints about them. Interest should be protecting it's customers from fraudsters. What are you going to do about this?
These companies are trading under various names. This one was Daibo.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Anne Hindmarsh

adverts selling clothes from china


Pinterest suddenly switched all their pin orders to random. I count on the pins on my boards to be in a certain order. I'm really angry about this, and frustrated. Pinterest often makes changes without polling or warning its users ahead of time, and none of the times that they have done this have the changes been for the better! Their customer service department is non-existent--they don't even list a phone number to call them at! When I submit something to their help desk, all I get is a form saying was I satisfied with their customer service when they didn't even answer any complaint I had. What a joke! If it weren't a free service, I'd have quit them long ago. What, do the Pinterest head honchos think they are above their users, that they need not associate with us peasants?

nomadic fanatic - eric jacobs

I am highly offended that you have Nomadic Fanatic videos on Pinterest. You may not be aware that Eric is a 5 time felon, 2 times misdemeanors, including abuse of 2 different woman.

Eric also promotes marijuana and smokes it every night. He also drinks alcohol on a daily business in his videos. Which means he drives impaired and is a liability on the road. He also ebeggs his viewers for money. He does fundraisers for personal gain.

I don't think this is the kind of person you want to promote on Pinterest. Therefore, I am asking that you remove all Nomadic Fanatic videos.

sending me a contact request for a "sex-hookup" site in pretense

I received a "contact request" from Pinterest about joining a board about "around the house". It ended up being a link to sites to sign up for hooking up online for sexual partners and displayed open nudity.

Wow. Then I tried to contact Pinterest and got a monkey wrench reply that means nothing.

So I looked up this site. I hope it helps to further information about the horrible spread of idocy and by a site I have thought had some principles.

I am not letting this settle into the dust. I am not happy. I am not someone who denies other folks the right to do whatever they wish as long as they keep it to themselves.

When Pinterest allows degenerates to officially contact me through their Official emails to me their client, that means Pinterest supports the people who contacted me.

Shame on Pinterest.

customer service

My Pinterest account was suspended with no warning. I have no idea why it was deleted so I didn't have a chance to fix the supposed term violation. I've had my account for years and have been pinning the same thing, so I'm not sure why my account was suspended now. I don't believe any of my boards were a violation. I've emailed Pinterest the day I found out, waited a week with no response so I emailed them again and still no response. I decided to email the automated message I got saying Pinterest will help in a few hours- no response. There's no other way to contact them either! I've also seen that this has happened to many other people and they never got help which is very stressful to me as I have a few boards with important information that I needed.

customer service


I ordered the above dress and my money was taken they never texted me with the tracking number and i can not find my order my name is Jean Ilch and or lanzilotta my phone number is [protected] want to no where it is it is my wedding dress and i am very very concerned !!! I watch the news and no that pinterest is having problems and i only saw this until after i ordered FTC !!!

deactivation of my account

account deleted on 12-19-2018 for unusual activity and spamming. What does that mean? I have saved house ideas for my daughter whose house is being torn down due to hurricane Harvey and a few recipes. is that suspicious? I am 73 and wouldn't know how to spam if my life depended on it. I have lost months and hundreds of hours of time spent trying to help with good ideas for a limited budget house. I feel sad and like I was convicted without a trial...I don't even understand the charge. are they seriously thinking of an IPO?

videos of animal abuse

I LOVED ideas, recipes, info on Pinterest but the recent videos of animal abuse, killings of defenseless animals has sickened me... if you are posting a video then you have the means to report this to authorities...this has no place on Pinterest...or, if it does, in a separate section. Shame on everyone involved for subjecting people to heart wrenching videos. The latest was a substandard human beating a greyhound to death for losing a race. Is this what Pinterest was/ is based on? You can develop a section for those that want to see this. I, an animal lover, cannot do this. I am contacting all animal welfare organizations to see this is dealt with.

they suspended my account

This so-called social network is a total piece of crap.
They blocked me without providing any reason why.
I think I've contacted them a million times, told them I was ready to do anything to get my account back, they refused and only said that noticed a suspicious activity going from my side. Ok, maybe I was hacked, but it's easy to fix, I will just change my password and email.
Don't think I am crazy about this website, I just had needed pins and would like to have an opportunity to see them again. I have no reason to sign up again and create a new account. I have been having my previous one for 3 years and it's full of nice things. Feeling terrible about it.

  • I agree. Pinterest suspended my account to support a Hezbollah terrorist psyop called Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo and all I did is post Screenshots of her tweets proving she's a Hezbollah terrorist. Instagram did Not delete my account although same pics as pinterest. Pinterest are terrorist supporters and violate US laws.

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email unsubscribe

Hi I've sent around 20 unsubscribe emails to you and still you email my account I've ticked every box on...

payment information required to download pinterest app on ipad

Why is this necessary? Its not required for my smartphone or desktop computer, but it is for the apple store.??? If pinterest is interested in ipad users downloading their app, then remove this silly requirement. It doesnt even make sense since im not purchasing anything on pinterest.

I carry my ipad with me most days but will not use pinterest if this is the way you wish to do business.

Can't log on

This website is no longer what it used to be. I was great with fewer technical errors and more decent...

Tons of spam

Since I signed up for Pinterest I started to receive tons of spam and I hate that. My mail is full of spam and I hate wasting my time trying to delete everything.
I contacted Pinterest and asked them to stop sending me spam but they did not reply and nothing has changed.
I even deleted my Pinterest account but I still keep getting spam mail. I want to know how can I stop that and I want Pinterest to contact me as soon as possible.

Spam ads (ex: Just Natural)

It doesn't matter what I'm searching for this bull pins from Just Natural keeps popping up. They tagged their pins with everything irrelevant. When I left a complaint in their comments they simply blocked me. Pinterest should block them because they are just spam and they make Pinterest go from awesome to crappy. Get rid of spammers tagging their pins/Products with unrelated tag words. It's making me not want to use Pinterest because what's the point if I'm just getting a bunch of spammers trying to advertise their bull crap product??? DO SOMETHING

No response to problems

I have seen several message on Pinterest's trouble page. The only one I really got an answer to was about nudity and cussing on the site. They explained their policy and I was done with that one. I had a question about how long my LIKE folder remains on file; no answer. Then I could not download any of my jpeg files; no answer. I was finally able to do it with a new Pinterest button...Trying to be helpful, I discovered a bunch of Spammers, whatever, they had accounts under phony sounding names and they all had 351 boards. The boards were stupid and would usually have 1 or 2 pins (that had nothing to do with the board they were in). This was way back in April and I never heard from them. I think I helped avoid a problem and it would be nice to be thanked...Pinterest was having a problem with not being able to pin...they advised using a different browser, I did it did not help. It finally started working, I don't know if they did anything or not..
One of the things I like about Pinterest is that you would get emails from them, telling us who repinned our pins, who liked them, but the 2 most important items (who started following my account, you would usually reciprocate and follow them & any comments that were made on the repins from others that you would like to respond to)
I complained on June 17, I got a really stupid answer back because of the kind of problem I had to check in a box...I wrote again on June 25 and asked why they ignore me, no answer...on the 28th, I was so frustrated I was in tears and told them I would gladly spend $20 a month for Pinterest, if only to get a response from them about my problem...I am soooooo frustrated!!!

  • Mi
    Miss E in Eastern IA Aug 16, 2012

    I too, have been experiencing problems with Pinterest. I've not been able to login for the last 2 months. I've sent numerous requests for a password reset but Pinterest does not respond. I receive a notification that they've received my request but then no further follow-up. Frustrating. I could open a second account but then wouldn't see all my 'Pins'.
    Thank you.

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  • Io
    iowascrapmouse Aug 16, 2012

    Miss E, I certainly understand your frustration!!! They still have not answered any of my issues. I do not understand them at all!!! Have they even acknowledged your problem??? They replied to me on one of my issues with some pre-"recorded" answer telling me all about something that I did not ask. I have begged them to answer me, but no reply. I know they are a big company, but come on,
    surely they can help us. especially if you can't login at all...Sorry I can't be too helpful...

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  • Re
    Reviewer32265 Nov 15, 2015

    My yellow daffodil photo has long been in a prominent position on the Google search results page, below. Over the years it has brought many visitors to my web site. Now I find that the image no longer links to my web site, but to the Pinterest page of Ann F Luckett. Somehow, she has misappropriated it to drive traffic to her page. I suspect she has paid Google to link it to her page. In my book, that is stealing. Please instruct her to restore the link to my site at: I took that photo, myself, of a daffodil growing in my yard, and posted it to my web site on May 13, 2011. You can see it there (top photo) at: The Google search results page in question can be found at:

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  • Ka
    Karen Mann Apr 14, 2016

    Using the "Pinterest App" to connect with Pinterest or using my browser to connect I continually get a "Pinterest has stopped, OK" message and then Pinterest shuts down.

    Incidents have occurred since your new format implemented. Incidents occur every time when I use my Kindle HD Fire. I experience no other problems with my Kindle.

    Please correct.

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They have zero interest in understanding and fixing bugs customers are experiencing

Pinterest is like going to a fabulous restaurant, being presented with a beautiful meal, and then getting...