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I have worked for TruGreen off and on for roughly 2 years. I want to apologize to everyone who have had a bad experience. There are a select few employees at TruGreen that honestly do care for the customers. I am one of them. I am about to put in my resignation due to the fact that my upper management will not allow me to provide the care that my customers need. I am a salesperson, and have treated the lawns as well. In the past (selling) we were given a set of a few neighborhoods to knock doors and market etc. Now upper management is providing us with specific neighborhoods that include roughly 80 homes or less to knock. We arrive at our neighborhood at approx 1200 hrs and leave the neighborhood between 8 and 8:30. It takes the average rep approx 2 hrs to knock and market an 80 house neighborhood. Do the math. They make us re knock every single house over and over again until it is time for us to come in. Their excuse for this stradegy is "properly penetrating a neighborhood". I think it is pure HARRASSMENT! When we are inside calling cancelled customers, we are given 50 sheets of calling material. If no one answers the sales call, it will take roughly 1 hour to call through it. We are to keep calling and recycling through the material over and over again until we get a "YES" or a "[censored] YOU!" I am sorry to all the customers and potential customers that I have offended in the past, I was just following orders. They make it almost impossible for me to stick to my promises. The truth is, they make us lie to customers. I refuse to lie to my customers about anything! It is wrong and I have more integrity than that. If your caught being "honest" to a customer, you will get a toungue lashing, or a write up, or worse.

Just FYI, if anyone who reads this is a TruGreen customer, or a potential customer beware. Salesman will confuse you, and feed you lies to purchase the product. Do the products work? Absolutley! Some of the best lawns I have ever seen have been TruGreen lawns. If you ever try to cancel, good luck. Even after you cancel your service, they will still treat your lawn one last time and bill you. If you are angry and decide not to pay it, they will send you to fake collections, and call you about 100 times in the first week. Then several months later, you will be bombarded with harrassing sales calls begging you back. There are no contracts in this business, in Georgia anyway. If you dont pay your bill, dont worry it will not affect your credit due to the fact that we dont have your social security number, you will just be hounded for the money for years to come. So if you cancel your service, change your #, trust me.

All in all, TruGreen does not care about your satisfaction, only the green in your wallet. Keep in mind when shopping for this kind of product, there might be a better provider for you to start a relationship with. I am leaving TruGreen this week, and I will never work for a ServiceMaster company as long as I live.

Now, on to the lawn care side. I will tell you this, your yard is an eco system, results may vary. The problem is not that the product does not work. It is the applicator. The so called lawn specialists are not really specialists at all. with the exception of few. They are given an extremely high goal to hit every day, or they will be punished to work on saturday, or their paycheck will be affected. They cannot spend the time necessary to treat your yard properly. They just hope that over time your yard will improve, then it looks like the job was done right. When a customer signs up for a full program of treatments, they are told that "TruGreen offers a 100% guarantee, and we will visit your lawn as often as necessary to make any adjustments to your yard". This is true to an extent, but a hassel. For example, one of my customers would call for a service call. I would say no problem, we will be out within 48 hours to re treat every blade of grass you have for free. I go to turn in the service call and some make it and some dont. If you have been treated, and you dont see results within14 days, you will not get a service call. On the 15 day you can, if you are lucky. If your service call is within a week of your next scheduled service, you will not get a service call. Although, most of the lawns that my territory maintains do look good, but upper managment will not help you if your yard looks like crap. Again I apologize for this. Do your RESEARCH!

I hope I have helped a few people save some money, I feel better now that I got this out there. BUYER, and SEEKING EMPLOYMENT beware.

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  • Hi
      20th of May, 2012

    I agree as well. He is right on. TruGreen does provide good products that do make most lawns look great. However, the sales expectations are terrible and due to high complaints or low sales the sales reps will say almost anything to get you into the service. I hear a rep say we will send a truck out 5 times a week if we need to; WHICH IS A FALSE PROMISE. Free service calls are true but many times they wont call. And once they have your information, good luck getting it off their calling list. People have called in saying they keep getting sales calls asking for their DECEASED spouse or loved one(sometimes over 10 years!). It makes me sick and i am leaving this company

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  • Jo
      11th of Jul, 2013

    I work for Trugreen. Customer Service is so awful, not due to the Customer Service Reps themselves, we are only allowed to empathize with the customers. Regional customer service management, for example "Erin B", has her Customer Service Reps rush customers off the phone and pass the issue on, as long as the customer service rep doesn't go over 3 minutes and 45 seconds on a call, is polite and shows empathy towards the complaining customer, then that OK with her. Each CSR is timed on everything, how long each call is, time between calls, time on hold, etc, and these accumulate to a report card. The numbers are averages and the goals that she wants her CSRs to meet are almost impossible, almost worthy of a labor board investigation. In order to actually help a customer, a CSR has to resolve the issue on the call and they only have about 4 minutes max to do it. Once that call ends, another call comes in immediately so now you have to stop working on the prior customers issue. All day, call after call for 8 hours. If Manager's like Erin B, allowed her CSRs time to resolve the customers issue then we would, but we simply cannot. If a customer has an issue and is okay working through the problem on the phone with the CSR for 10 minutes then that is perfect, the customers issue is resolved; however, if we did this, we'd be canned very quickly. So, please don't blame anything on the CSRs, they want to keep their jobs and are instructed to do the bare minimum and get the customer off the phone. The blame should be on the customer service managers, such as Erin Billion, who only care about how their employee's statistics are, the better all her subordinate's numbers are, the better she looks to her boss. This is why customer service is so awful, if we help resolve a customer's issue we jeopardize our job; by doing the bare minimum and rushing the customer off the phone after around 4 minutes, then we don't have to worry about our jobs. It sounds odd but this is actually the way it is. So, despite the extremely poor service from the techs, the harassing sales people, etc, the Customer Service Reps are not to be blamed; they are only doing what they are told. We have the ability to resolve 100% of every customer's issues and we could resolve them all on each call, but manager's like Erin B don't care about the customers, so all the customers suffer. To put it in perspective, this customer service manager has around 40 customer service reps under her, so if you're a customer calling in then you will most likely get a CSR of hers, but unfortunately they cannot help you. Do yourselves a favor and cancel you're accounts, trugreen is a scam.

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