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True Fitness / Bad service!

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The mgmt of ISJ branch is really screw up and they just cancel the Yoga class anytime they like, some of the member traveled 30-40km to attend the class to find out the class canceled due to instructor MC, this is not fair to members and the classes must be on as scheduled and instructor replacement must be there if he/she is on MC.

I hope the mgmt can seriously look into it as not all members has the time and they need to fit the free time to the schedule and it is so frustrated to find out the class was canceled 3 times in a week.

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  • Jo
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    The best solution is sue the company... or see their management in court.

  • Zu
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    i am also disappointed & furious with the gym club. some machines already spoilt for many months and have not been repaired or replaced, swimming pool in PJ Jaya33 branch is dirty and classes have been frequently canceled. on their official website, there even no place to email them to tell them our dissatisfaction. i think all of us should get together and call for a meeting at their lounge. officially filed our complaints and give them 2 weeks to beef up. if not we go to court and ask them to refund our fees, and discontinued our membership.what say u.

  • Jo
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    ""Monday May 2, 2005
    Wee redefines True Fitness
    TRUE Fitness and Yoga Centre founder Patrick Wee has a passion for encouraging Malaysians to experience the value of living through a healthy and balanced lifestyle.""

    What a joke after reading this phrase... if they want people to get healthy and balanced life... please stay away from people.. that's healthy!

    Being pushy! Not tolerate! Not understanding! is their principles. Why am i saying this? Because before joining the fitness club..everything is promised by the consultants but at the end after signing up the contract then the contract is just a paper.. and the flowery words has been forgotten... When people want to quit from true fitness.. then the branch person in charged not allow by saying that can't and giving a lot of excuses. I was pissed off that day but stay calm and before they deduct my credit card i already cancel my credit card and they can't charge me. But they keep on chasing the payment. Wow!! sounds like I am owing them a living.. the 2 months have past and I have avoided their calls and emails because i know they are not understanding since i spoken to them before on the phone. I know i have signed contract, but other fitness centre do sign contract too.. but hassle free if they decided to cancel their fitness. But True Fitness is abit weird just like the "ah long" = sharkloans. Just that my case I didn't loan any money from True fitness but just signing up the 24months contact. So this so called sharkloan got license and they call for lawyer to sue the people if the people is reluctant to pay for the following month.

    I have talked to the person in charged, the person in charged reluctant to help and insist me to make full payment. I was pissed off that time and just nodded then walked out from True Fitness. From that day (Nov 2009), I never stepped inside USJ 10, True Fitness. Then nightmares(sharkloans) come! Call me... me.. non stop.. Once i have picked up the call.. I said I am not joining anymore... the sharkloan(caller) said if you are not joining you still have to pay.. because no excuse that after you sign the contract and not paying us. Then i say i wont pay then keep down the phone. The calls keep haunt me for 2-3 mths. Then Law Letter posted to my house. After i read it, I directly threw inside the rubbish bin, I know i can't ignore this letter, but i just want to talk to higher post person in charged and not those unauthorized person... cause wasting my time.


  • Sc
      26th of Sep, 2010
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    I also agree with u. The management of USJ Taipan is very awful. I wish the True Fitness HQ can set a complaint department and let the members give some feedback so that the management will more responsible.

  • Ch
      2nd of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Stumble upon this site as i am very dissatisfied with the management of TRUE FITNESS, USJ 10 TAIPAN. First, dishonest consultants not explaining and informing terms & conditions when signing up. Secondly, ridiculously bad attitude of the manager towards members. As i had to travel to overseas for 2weeks, i have spoken to them to freeze my account . According to a consultant there, all i need is to send passport copy, flight itinenary, and letter from company and minimum duration to freeze is 2months. Despite this hassle procedure, i agreed and email the documents. However, when i came back from overseas, i learnt that they did not freeze my account as they said they did not receive the email and the manager said that they cant freeze unless i am really at overseas for exxactly 2months. what kind of policy is that??? on top of that, i need 2 pay suspension fees of rm80++ to freeze my account. im now finding ways to sent a complain to any related labor organization etc. to help in this matter. as they dont allow me to stop my membership as well. saying that they will sent law order letter.

  • Be
      31st of Jan, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I Agree as well, it’s the same in Singapore with True fitness here, I moved offices where the gym was located they said they would transfer me to the one near to my new office for free when infact they moved me to one even further than before, now I find they have one down the road ask to be transferred there and that the old branch placed me in the wrong location and I have to pay $120 SGD for this transfer when all details are already in there system as I just spoke to the branch I want to move to!!! And im already paying $100 per month for the membership!!

    Trouble with Gyms the bigger they get the more stupid they get and the more powerful they thing they are, I was at a gym in the UK only small gym paying 18 quid a month I could stop it when I wanted, it was quite and all machines worked, staff friendly no problems at all….
    Mr Wee needs to sort this out!!

  • Ha
      16th of Mar, 2013
    +1 Votes

    TRUE FITNESS cons consumers! When the consultants pestered you to sign up they promised is transferable etc etc. Once you have signed up it's a different story. Now the manager tells you they are not responsible for anything verbally promised by the consultants. It is everything according to contract and no leeway even though your reasons and situations are such that any reasonable person can see that should be room for compromise. The attitude of the managers are arrogant and terrible...the owner of true fitness should look into our complaints...for interested members to be... be wary two years down the road after you have paid up do not expect sympathetic ears ...once the money is already in their pockets.!

  • An
      18th of Mar, 2013
    +1 Votes

    omg, I just realised that many people get sue by true fitness too... my case was happened in 2010, consultant also sweet talk can cancel the membership anytime if giving an reason, but when I told them I wont working in kl anymore, they wont alkow me withdraw my membership
    I have no choices, so do not bother them and come jb n sg work!
    recently I try to get loan from bank, they rejected my loan application because of I kena sue by true fitness!!@!!!@@!
    anybody settle the ridiculous sue case with true fitness already? can teach me what to do now?

  • Jb
      30th of Apr, 2013
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    Anyone want to sign a petition? I means we can gather in one group and make police report on they are scammer. I am able to found their former employee, a consultant who asked me to signed membership... I am in the mid of negotiation with him, ask him to write a letter to proof that I am a victim in the membership case.

    pls email

  • Jb
      30th of Apr, 2013
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    sorry, email is

  • Ma
      7th of May, 2013
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    just checked the comments, i just moved to USJ taipan and went to tru fitness to enquire about their membership, true enough the consultant said i need to sign for 12 months membership but can cancel it anytime as long as i am moving outside KL. This is despite signing a 12 month contract. I told him i got no local credit card, he said no problem and they will take overseas credit card details just for security and I pay monthly subscription by cash. gym looks big enough, was told there are 3 floors, first offered monthly of $175 membership fee and the consultant bragged that fitness first charge $200 plus and so does celebrity fitness. He said tru fitness have the lowest monthly fee, i told him I need to look around as I just came to Subang days ago from overseas, he then said he can give special discount and lower the membership to $150 per month, i still said no and said I have to think first before signing anything. He asked me to come later at 6pm so he can show me the gym, guess I'll give that a miss...thanks for the warning guys

  • Ne
      2nd of Aug, 2013
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    I have join this USJ taipan branch recently to work out. I was not satisfied with the service provided by the employee, which i personally wanted to get better explanation from the branch manager but was asked to wait for more than 45 minutes. Then i heard and saw with my eyes whereby the Manager (Mr Marcus) was shouting agains one of his employee which shock me off. He used all the harsh words against his employee which remains his employee being silent to it. I seriously feels that the Manager has no rights in throwing out his anger towards other employees. Further i seriously hope that higher level of the Manager would take this seriously in counselling this Psycho Manager in order to be more wise in communicating with his own employees. I strongly believe that the Manager has fail his duty in possessing Leadership attitude which lead to a poor feedback by the employee against the Manager. This will lead to a big loss towards the company by having employees which is not happy to work with him or reporting under him. I also strongly believe, He should be sacked out within 24 hours for behaving in such a way and also shouldn't be employed with any companies otherwise they might loose their regular customers. I hope the higher level management will take this into an serious matter and also an serious disciplinary action against the psycho Manager.

  • Do
      11th of Jul, 2015
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    The flagship True Fitness Club in Thailand (at Asoke & Sukhumvit) has NO SHOWERS, SINKS or BATHROOMS for the next two months. Imagine working out in Bangkok and developing a sweat, and then finding out the there are no showers, etc. And yet, even on the eve of this major change, they continued to sell memberships and press members to buy additional sessions with personal trainers without making an disclosure about hits. This goes beyond attitude or harsh attitudes. The management simply refuses to address the problems this has created and offers no concessions whatsoever. I fear that True in Thailand may go the way of California WOW, which went out of business with plenty of angry customers.

  • Th
      18th of Aug, 2015
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    I joined True Fitness Taipan on November 2014. On somewhere eend of July and early of August, I had to terminate my 12mth contract as I will be travelling abroad for 3 mths and later on will be moving to another district. When I 'repeatedly' asked the front desk customer service on the submission of my flight ticket, overseas letters and my visa copy, she repeated the same ans -'anytime before 15th'. So I submitted on the 12th August but still they deducted as later on their manager, Chitra rudely answered that it is accd the agreement and have to be submitted 7 days earlier. When questioned why did your staff gave me a false info, she simply brushed it off claiming that it is all accd to d agreement. When I reviewed my agreement apparently my payments have to be deducted every 25th so by right I have submitted it 2 weeks earlier. When questioned she was so rude and claimmed that they only could suspend my account and not terminate is all done accd to their 'goodwill'. But accd to the agreement and what was assured by the consultant was totally different i felt so cheated. She can even have the nerve to ask me to get out of her office and do whatever like going to the Tribunal. Best of all they dont seem to have a head office where we can complaint. The managers of the branch are the heads.

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