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True Fitness / cheating and no proper standards

1 Malaysia Review updated:

I'm a true fitness member since aug 2008. When i signed up with them, it was 10pm nite. Before i sign, the consultant told me that if i sign up for 24 months with cash payment (means zero interest plan for 12 months with citibank credit card ) there will give me additional 4 personal trainer session and additional 2 months. Therefore for this package i will get 8 trainer session and 26 months in total.

There only give me the agreement and terms and condition after they had charged my credit card, . when i asked the consultant on why they never put the additional 2 months and how many training session i will have, the consultant replied, "oh ! this is our standard agreement, and dont worry the additional 2 months and 8 trainer session will be updated into my memberhip card. Further clarification, is the membership is transferable to my fiancy ? she replied can.

I thought this is how their company procedure works. After i go back home, i have discuss about the membership with my dad and mum. After the conversation i decided to cancel my membership application . The next morning i rang up the consultant and tell her about my intention of cancelling the membership. She replied rudely "no cancellation is allowed" . I asked the consultant, its not even 24 hours i have signed up, why i cant cancel, she replied this is company policy.

Ok after so much of argument i said ok to carry on with the membership. First time experience entering gym. The consultant introduce the personal trainer. The personal trainer give me one more headache asking me to add another 8 lesson, so that he can thought me many things. I'm already frustrated with the membership, somemore the trainer bucking and prestring me to take up another 8 session for RM 500.00. I bank in to the trainers personal account.when i ask why i need to bank in to his personal account then he replied this is their own personal coach. After i get all the frustration, i decided not to go gym and never went for almost 4 months. When i go back to gym after 4 months, i recheck about the 8 lesson and additional 2 months, its not there in my membership. Consultant is already resigned and go back to indonesia. Nothing can be done. at that time so called mr Jo (consultant say s will inform management and will try to get some one to help me...useless ... no body call me for past 1 year. When i call Jo the answer will be, "ok i will inform them again". I never went to gym for almost 8-9 months after that.
Recently i went to true fitness to transfer my membership to my brother. Reason I'm transfering to kuantan for 6 months period. I have spoken to Ms Uma the operation department about my intention. She replied the management needs offcial letter from my company and need to wait 2 weeks for the management decision and further she claimed that memebership is not transferable. I'm very disappointed and call back Jo, who can actually solve this matter for me.He replied you come to True Fitness Pavallion, and see mr Art (operation). i drove from Pj to Pavalion to just settle this matter.

Mr Art so called the operation executive, i have asked him what is the procedure of transfering to my brother's name . He replied 1) need to provide letter from employer to proof that i'm going to kuantan ? 2) my card will be suspended 1month. I cannot used the facility for 1 month. 3) Approval takes 2 weeks.

I'm having a very though time with True fitness, after so much of argument i asked him to give me in written, he unable to do and i wasted 2 hours there. Says office closed, no body to help .End of the day no solution.

My concern :-

1) What is the regulator is doing ?
2) Is there any standard has been set up ?
3) why there is no cooling off period set for this kind of services.
4) True fitness openly cheating people with a lot of empty promises and take advantage on people.
5) is there any body can advise me what should i do now ?

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  • Fa
      7th of Apr, 2010
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    Come to my GYm ;)
    Reality Fitness

  • An
      23rd of Apr, 2011
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    I was cheated by Fitness First too the one at Menara Axis in PJ. The sales person is very friendly when signing up but after that the manager and staff are bunch of cheats. Asked me to sign up for personal training and in the end got cheated. When I wanted to change trainer they even harassed me and acted like hooligans. I will never go to any Fitness First in Malaysia !!

  • Ak
      18th of May, 2011
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    location Taipan Fitness first: i was cancelled the package in feb2011 with the branch manager. but till now they still charging me and claiming that i never give any instruction/ acknowledgement to the true finest. the branch manager only was to safe their ### and claimed that she was not received any information from me. i request for the refund but she was very rude and said it is not refundable. she not even try to solve my problem but scolding me with saying i'm wrong not them. what kind of SUCKs service that the company trained? also she will keep charging me till the package end. What is this~? a big cheating fitness company in Malaysia. anyone know where should i complain/ taking action? pls advice

  • Ak
      18th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    sorry the ###ing fitness was (TRUE FITNESS)

  • Ms
      20th of May, 2011
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    In 20/4/2011, I had walked in to the TRUE Fitness USJ TAIPAN, to ask about the membership, the sales person is introduce their plan to me, but I said I only want to seek for the plan WIHTOUT any Instalment plan or flexi plan, because I do not want to tight up with the contract basis.
    Thus, he had advise me one plan which is AUTO BILLING PLAN which just bill for every month and I can cancel the membership ANYTIME as long as I write them with the letter. I even had verified this many times from him, I feel comfortable with such a flexible plan, I decided to join. After I filled up the form, I found that the form being returned to me which stamp as" minimum 24 months commitment" I asked the sales person why have this stamp after I sign to the form? he said this is the normal procedures, and asked me do not worry.
    End of April, I realised that I am pregnant for one month, I called him about I have to cancel the membership because I am pregnant. He said need letter from Doctor to prove that I am pregnant. and he said the membership cannot be cancelled, they only can suspend my account until I come back from delivery of my baby.
    I feel myself is being cheated because he is telling me different thing when I request for cancellation. he said he just the person to do the sales job only, if ask for cancellation must go to his manager. I request him to get his manager to call me but ends up no one to call me.
    In 19/5/2011, I walked in to True Fitness USJ Taipan, and seek for his manager, she told me I cannot cancel the membership, because my plan is 2 years contract, I told her the whole circumstances about what he had consult me before I sign up. All the while, he dare not admit what am I complaints about his dishonesty. He avoid my question about the AUTO BILLING plan. In addition, she also did not solve my case, she just insist said that they only can suspend my account at the moment. She even said that I can do further action on this matter anytime, and If I terminate my credit card, once they cannot do the billing, they will issue me the legal letter. Is this the way to threaten customer to sign up the plan?
    In this whole case, I feel very dissapointed with the sales person and manager from True fitness, and I feel myself is being cheated from the first time! FYI, as per today, I still never been using the facilities at the fitness centre and never received the membership card.

  • Ku
      11th of Dec, 2011
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    well, I just sign up a package with True Fitness two years plan. I took the plan because it looks attractive. RM135 per month for two years with 4 free trainer session and additional 2months. Plus, 5months visitor pass for my wife.

    Similar thing happens to me on the first day. They asked me to add classes. Luckily, my sales talk is better than them. I told them that I got so many problems with money and I could afford it anymore. I would rather view youtube video to learn about gym and machine by myself than paying that RM500.

    Just be a bit thick face to lie about your financial status. After all, what can they do if you don't have money?

  • Fi
      24th of May, 2012
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    True Fitness in Taipan is a sucker big time. I was signed in end 2007. its 24 months commitment- auto billing using citibank credit card. Things were ok until early 2008 when my locker was broken into. Lost my wallet, credit cards, car keys and house keys. Lodged a police report at USJ8 police station. Was told by the police that that was the 7th or 8th cases that happened in that TF. Later found out, the stolen credit cards was used illegally amounting RM6K. Brought TF toTribunal Pengguna.The mediator decided while TF was negligent, the agreement signed states that valuables kept in their locker is at user own costs. Awarded 6 months extension, but nver go there again after that. As for the illegal transactions, both banks NoStdCtd and CTnever-not-sleep insisted that i need to pay. Lodged complaints at FMB (Financial Mediation Bureau) as advised by BNM, and recover the loses later, after 2 years! For all the pains and nightmares- Fxxk u TF!

  • Di
      11th of Jul, 2012
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    I've also been cheated by PJ True Fitness. The day I went to consult at True Fitness, I was with my husband, and he was the witness of all the coversation between me and the consultant David. I told him I only want to join for few month to get fit b4 my wedding and I do not want to be tied up with contract. Payment method I choose is cash. The consultant confidently told me, he will handle it and I can terminate it anytime. Besides, I told him I will be migrating to overseas after marriage with my husband as he not Malaysian and besides we were also planning for pregnancy too. The consultant told me if I'm pregnant, I just need to show up with doctor letter confirming that I'm pregnant and he can help with the termination. Or if I'm moving to overseas then I can show my air ticket and my membership can be cancel anytime. After 1mth plus after my marriage I realise I was expecting and I called David to make an arrangement for the cancellation and I also told him that my visa is in process and soon I will be leaving. But out of sudden he is telling me different stories that I cannot cancel my membership an so on. Since that I didnt bother to go to the gym, but then he was calling me coz of my outstanding balance. I told him, why shud I pay if I am not using their gym and I already call upon cancellation but he twisted the story and told me I can't cancelled it. I went to True Fitness and complaint and the guy at the counter told me there's no such thing as few months membership for true fitness, its either I sign up for 1 year or 2 years. And he said I can't cancel it till I pay my outstanding balance. So did I, I paid my outstanding balance with credit card and told them I want to cancel my membership. But he told me I need to consult with my consultant David and he will terminate it for me.

    Mid of May, I got miscarriage and my husband told me I should juz terminate my membership with true fitness. For such a long time I've been calling David, sometimes he refused to answer my call and at time when he does, he keep on giving excuses to avoid the discussion and say I can't terminate it even thou I told him my whole situation and that I had my miscarriage. I really felt so cheated and told him that I want to talk to his manager but still no one call me. Everytime I go to True fitness, they dont allow me to meet their manager with the excuses that the manager is not around and that I need to settle my outstanding balance! They keep on charging me even though I am not more going to the gym. The shocking news was, once I receive my HSBC credit card, I see all the charges been charge by fitness first to my credit card. They were even charging me with additional late payment charges. I was so frustrated and call true fitness and told then to stop charging my credit card as I didnt sign up for and auto-payment from my credit card. But they did not bother it and keep on charging my card. I went to HSBC to cancel the charges, the bank advisor told me they can't do anything. My point was, how can True fitness charge my credit card without my permission or my concern? How can they do it as auto-payment from my credit card if I didnt even sign any letter for auto payment? They are really big cheaters!

    And now I am already migrated in overseas without bothering true fitness. I've cancel my HSBC credit card and were forced to pay all the outstanding balance of my credit card resulting from the true fitness charges. Surprisingly, recently after 1 year, I receive email from True Fitness informing me with my outstanding balance since they can't charge my credit card anymore. I am truly disappointed and planning to talk about this to my lawyer friend to stop this violence! I am even not sure if my membership is still active or if they have terminated it. Besides, my brother had work once in true fitness as part time, and he even told me there are so many such cases where customer are been cheated by true fitness and they juz leave true fitness without paying them a single cent. Yes for sure they will send legal letter as all other company were doing. But thats the only thing they can do to threaten customer. After all I am definitely not gonna pay a single cent to true fitness as I've been cheated so much that I have nothing else left for them!

  • Vi
      18th of Jul, 2012
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    True Fitness Fails to Uphold True Values
    Fitness centres have been mushrooming around the block of late. A number of franchises have made their mark in the Subang USJ district. Concerned with my own physique I had the unfortunate experience of signing up with TRUE FITNESS USJ, Subang Jaya. A lot of people out there do not know the problems faced by some fitness club members.
    First of all, I would warn would be clients/ customers to be aware of the contract given to them. There are so many statements that may confuse you and you will not realize that it will cause lots of problems when you decide to leave the centre. They are also pretty smart and make you sign the contract without highlighting these important statements to you. I have been a True Fitness member for 4 years. Due to my work load and company official trips I was unable to commit myself to the fitness club. Therefore, I decided to cancel my membership at True Fitness. Apparently, there is a clause saying that you are not allowed to bridge the two years contract. However, you may produce a company letter stating the conditions of your work as proof. Even after doing so, they were unable to process the termination of my membership that was requested.
    So, instead of going through all the hassle (as I have more important work to settle) I thought I would just settle it after I completed my contract period (in which I continued paying for 20 months although I was not using the facilities-a waste of money!). Apparently, when your contract ends or is nearing to an end, you (the customer and member of the Fitness club) will have to inform them whether you are continuing with the contract or not. Therefore, I called the office and informed them that I do not wish to continue with my membership at True Fitness and they said they have noted my intension and will make the necessary arrangements.
    After 2 months, I realized that they had been still charging my credit card for the monthly fee. I went to see the HR department at the Subang USJ outlet itself but they told me that there wasn’t any record about my cancellation. So, I met the so-called manager and explained everything but she told me, “Sorry sir, there will be no refund!” very rudely. Firstly, I was very disappointed with their HR skills because it was very unprofessional for such a big company like them and secondly, I am definitely not happy with the way I was treated and spoken to by the manager of the centre. I am wondering how they do their recruitments at True Fitness. Is this how they are supposed to treat their customers? Or is this how they have been taught during their trainings?

    I thought True Fitness was supposed to be “Friendly” and “True”. I don’t think there is any “Truth” in your “Friendliness”. Aren’t they supposed to:
    • Highlight and explain the important prints in the contract before allowing a customer to sign it?
    • Explain what are their termination policies/ system is?
    • You are telling me there isn’t a record. What happened to your call recordings? That is why they record calls, for you to trace issues like this?
    • What about refunds? You are cheating people’s money by just simply saying “SORRY, NO REFUND!”
    • You have this policy where your customer service calls to ask if they would like to come for a 7 day trial pass and so on so why don’t you call your customers when their contracts are nearly ending and ask if they would like to continue or not? By right you should be taking care of your existing customers and sustain your members.
    • What kind of HR department do you have when they are unable to solve problems? Are they even qualified?
    • How do you recruit managers? Are they qualified? Do you see their values? Do you as a company have any values in the first place?

    I noticed there are so many complaints on the internet and complain boards about the same issues since March 2010. So, it is obvious that True Fitness is ignoring the complaints and not taking any action to improve their service. This is happening because people are still signing up with them. True Fitness certainly looks good from the outside, but once you sign up with them you will see their “True” service!

  • Sh
      16th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    i am having the similar issue.
    they dont allow me to cancel my one year membership (until 6/13) until i settle the outstanding.
    i am really stuck and dont know how to deal with it.
    Any good samaritan willing to lend an helping hand? thanks

  • Ra
      25th of Mar, 2014
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    i joined True Fitness USJ Taipan in Jan 2014 and decided to cancel the membership after 3 months as I'm out of job and will be going abroad . Unfortunately, my cancellation was not accepted and they still debit my credit card. I called the Manager and told that the promoter (Ivan) mentioned that I can cancelled the membership anytime if I subscribe for 12 months ( 1 month - RN159). She told me the promoter did not mention that and you can't canceled until Jan 2015. I demand to speak to her higher management on this, but she was rude and bushed me that she is running this center . I just hang up and call up my the bank to stop this autodebit .

    Should i make a police report again TF USJ Taipan ? Please torch some lights here.

  • Cc
      11th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    U all may log complaint to Consumer Counsel. the website is

  • Su
      11th of Nov, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Just sharing my bad Experience at True Fitness JAYA 33

    I'm a true fitness member since 2012 & ongoing...
    Brought a friend who is X member 3 years back with the 2 weeks free trial pass & been consulted by the new general manager (Mr Ajith) who came out & rudely asked " If i give you this 2 week free trial, will you join our club?"

    The whole problem will not happen if the new general manager just politely mentioned "we have new rules starting from this month that we don't allow any X members to come for free trial". Instead of rudely asking us

    "whats your purpose coming for free trial, gym is the same since last time (3 years ago)"
    "if i give you 2 weeks free trial will you sign up as for membership?"
    "Alot of people just come for 2 weeks trial and walk off"
    "Why you want to try, Whats your intention?"

    All i would like to say is, if you don't plan to give free trials then don't advertise for free trial & it would be good if you can state T&C clearly instead of just verbally.

    Lastly please talk politely & respect your client...

    P.S~ the Equipment, Classes & Facilities are fine with me...

  • Hi
      7th of Feb, 2017
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    @Suunto I think that guy is still there...the consultant who talked to me sounded just like that!

  • Jc
      8th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    Following are the dates of jaya33 branch where they delay of the swimming pool readiness due to maintenance:

    04Apr > 14July
    04Apr > 31July (1st delay)
    04Apr > 10Aug (2nd delay)
    04Apr > 23Aug (3rd delay)

    I joinin this because of pool, during the signup day, the sales person even said can be ready earlier somewhere around June and now already August. (ready my @$$)

    Today been there, I don't even see any worker working.

  • Ap
      7th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    On 4/11/2013 I have signed up a membership package with a sales person who name Johan. The package are 3 years membership package. Therefore I was went there for a couple times only due to I had moved my job to outstation. Then I called up to true fitness on 23 June to asked whether i can extend my membership as I'm in outstation. There was a person who name Ragu entertained me and saying he will process for me according to my requested as my membership was prepaid membership. I have email him the support documents which Ragu requested. Until today they even doesn't done anything for me ?? ?????? That was very ridiculous !!! How they can have this kind of irresponsible staff ???????? Their management should look into this matter !! Seriously !!

  • Ch
      12th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    Just yesterday I also saw a true fitness trainer hit a person outside taipan USJ true fitness.. Anyway the taipan Usj true fitness hot water goes off after 9.30pm and the cleaner says it's the counter's fault while the counter says it's the cleaner's fault. Really bad service.

  • Fj
      26th of Jul, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I am here to check on True Fitness Taipan because I walked in for a quick check on the membership fees. I was told I need to see the Consultant. ie the front desk KNOW NOTHING not because they do not know, just because they was told not to explain to anyone. ONLY the CONSULTANT do the talking. Well, as I am one of the gym freak, I joined gym where ever I lived (internationally). I don't see the reason why I need to leave my name & telephone no. to inquire basic information of the gym. I was there because I am interested to join. Let me have a free mind, to join or not. I left without seeing the Consultant because I was pissed off on the very first step I walked in to the gym. I know exactly what I want to do at the gym as I was a gym freak since 1997, yeah I don't need the Consultant to ### me.

  • Be
      12th of Sep, 2016
    +1 Votes

    My experience in Singapore is terrible, , I got sms for free trial of one week but when I reached there they insisted me to sign up without trying even a single trial then I pay money for one month to try but after I change job I don't have time to go there even I paid 100+++ that I tried only one time then every month keep asking money from true fitness by sms and mail. Now I saw message of $1450 that I owe to them without going there and ask me to give money and if not I have to pay 800 extra for summon, , I really get mad now.. So sad, , I pray their business failure for cheating me like this without explaining all details and forced to sign up

  • Hi
      7th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    True Fitness has TERRIBLE customer service. I went there as a walk-in customer to see their gym (Jaya33) and inquire about the membership packages but they made it compulsory to fill in a form with our full personal details before they would even start to explain anything about the membership. They want your personal information like your IC, address, contact number before you proceed further than the waiting area. Don't give your particulars to them! They will not guarantee that it is PDPA compliant because "you didn't sign anything".

    And if you do not sign up after the session with the sales consultant, BEWARE! They will pressure you and make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Now they have your number, they will call you everyday thereafter pestering you to sign up. Their sales staff are extremely pushy and desperate, they just want your commission and will bug you until you give in - but if you read the reviews online or ask around, please don't be surprised when you get ZERO after sales service! You are warned..

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