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triOS College Kitchener / Not a serious school

1 445 King Street West,Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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This "school" is not a very good choice for people looking for a proper education.

first issue I am having is that; I went to school to this school because I wanted to get an education in this field from a college that knows what they are doing and teaches me only what I need to know from a technology college. I have researched other schools and triOS had good a reputation for other courses such as their networking courses and expected the web design to be the same. This is the second year triOS offered this course and the instructor has not been hired so I could determine their qualifications. I expected that triOS would hire more knowledgeable instructors with real life experience then just reading from a book. After a short while of school we all learned that the instructor’s knowledge of web design and development is fairly weak. He would teach by copying the contents of the textbook for the course we are taking onto the board and that would be our lesson, if we ever had a problem with some of the content he was teaching we were most of the time alone to find out an answer for ourselves. We have also found the computers we were using either could not run what we needed it to, or did not have what we needed it to. For example in the gaming class they were without Maya (the 3D animation program) for weeks and the teacher had to bring in his copy just so we could use it, because the school was taking so long to supply us with it. There have been many occasions when the software was not configured properly or we would have not proper security on the systems to do things. I under stand that computers are temperamental them selves but there is no excuse when it is a constant thing.

We have brought this issue to the school in monthly campus surveys from the school and brought the issue to many of the staff including the campus director. We also sent a letter (that I have enclosed with this letter) directly to the top, with all of our complaints at the time as well as signatures of all the students. Their response was not what we were looking for, it seemed like they were just avoiding our questions and showed no will to try and correct what we have been complaining about. One of their major responses was that they are giving us these textbooks to prepare us for certifications, we wont be ready for any certifications the way they are teaching. We are learning the basics from a book meant for a professional with 3-4 years of experience, it says that right in the book. The lessons and the tests are all based on this high level book and we are all just trying to grasp the basic concepts of the subject. We are also not sure that the surveys even get read. In this private college there are 7 students in the afternoon class, and more than 7 in the morning class, I am paying roughly $18, 000 for my course and there are more than 14 students in total. That totals out to at least $252, 000, that means as a class we are paying at least a quarter of a million dollars! Why can’t they afford to help us out, have better systems/software, or better teaching? I can’t help but feel that attending this school is ripping me off; I feel like I am paying for an extremely expensive baby sitter that I have to drive 30 minutes to and from every day. All I get is a 5-hour story time and a piece of paper at the end that says that I know exactly what was read to me in class. I don’t want a baby sitter I want a teacher and a school that will teach me what I came to learn.

One of the biggest problems I have with the course is that it is called Web Design/Development, I have not been taught any web design at all. The course did not teach us what we needed to know at all, we were supposed to be taught Adobe software and we were but the teacher did not teach it at all, he gave us tutorials and we sat down and read the book. The teacher has such a poor understanding of the concept that he was assigning ActionScript 2.0 questions in our ActionScript 3.0 class; there is a large difference between the two. In our SQL class not only did we learn 2005, when 2008 was available for quite some time, but all we did was copy queries from the text book, literally only copy and paste. I would have liked to learn how to build a data table and tie it to something at least, but now I have a bunch of useless knowledge on SQL. We were supposed to be taught HTML in a very short time, and we didn’t even make a web page in that class. The introduction to C# was the only good part of the course, the only problem was it was all desktop application programming, not web. Our ASP.NET class, we were supposed to go through and build a shopping cart web page, which was good in theory, but the teacher didn’t know how to do it for himself. So we were all struggling with trying to just get things to show up on a page because we have a textbook that requires 3-4 years of experience with ASP.NET already and a teacher who doesn’t have any clue about the basics, just what is written in the book. I have never seen a single web site built by the teacher, even as we were building our we page he didn’t, how can we be taught what we need to know if he can’t even create a web page himself.

I was also told that I will get a job at the end of this course, when ever they ask why we are coming here we will answer, to get a job. They are so confident that we will all get jobs, in this course I was expecting to have professional help, knowledge, and facilities to build up a portfolio that I could be hired with. Without a portfolio how would we get hired? I don’t think that any employer will hire a web developer without seeing some of their work first, no different than any other design profession.

I don’t think it is fair at all to call your self a school and charge money for this, if this is what private colleges are really like, why do we have them? Whether they are here on OSAP or self funded or funded by work, it is a complete waste of money and time for everyone. I regret wasting so much time and money on this school, and extremely disappointed that they can get away with not even considering our concerns.

All around this is a complete disappointment, and none of us in the class think this is a positive experience.

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  • Sc
      23rd of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Thanks for letting me know, I was considering this college before reading your complaint, and now I will have to look elsewhere.

  • Dr
      7th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've had the same experience with triOS in Hamilton, taking web design, courses were not taugh that were supposed to, and at times we were without a teacher.

  • Ga
      25th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree I am currently in a TriOS Campus in Network Engineering and had 3 weeks to learn A+ OS and on top of that they require 4 hours of study time at night. Every day is a quiz which just sucks taking 12 quizes and then a final exam. To top it off the teachers are hired every 3 weeks or however long the section of the course takes usually 3-5 weeks.
    I learned to study but as for retaining what I study you have to format your Hard Drive everyday it's ridiculous. (AKA Brain) The teachers even promote just retaining minimal to pass and foreget it as you have the books to look back in if you need to at a job.
    I took the course for the black berry portion and from being through the course this far find it exhausting. Especially being a mom in a family with 2 young kids 5 & 7.
    Personally don't waste your money go the Fanshawe route you learn more and get more for your money.

  • Ki
      22nd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thank you for your reviews. I was thinking about going there for Police Foundation and now I'm just going to go ahead and sign up for Police Training. Thank you for saving me the time, MONEY and headache of finding out the bad way.

  • Su
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I completed a so called Law course and found the instructors incompetant and the staff liars, I was told my program would be accepted in the Legal field and I have yet to get a job working in this field, after
    $ 14, 000 later.
    I am preparing my case with a lawyer if any student is seriously interested in joining me in a possible class action lawsuit please contact me at, many of the students in my own class and many, many posts on the internet clearly demonstrate what a scam this school is.

  • Pi
      8th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Now I feel happy I didn't get to go there. Thank you for ur comment...I thought I'm the only one...Now I feel happy for myself...I guess I have to look for different college.

  • Ka
      11th of Feb, 2010
    +2 Votes

    The Oshawa Campus at Trios is also very disorganized. I have taken an Medical Office Course I have had countless teachers for one section of my course, we would have a teacher for a week and then gone another for 2 weeks and then gone .. Please anyone thinking of attending this so called college, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make the first smart move and don't attend this college.. Not one operson in my class, is happy we all feel that we have been ripped offf by this school. Please BEWARE

  • Ma
      4th of Mar, 2010
    -2 Votes

    This wont help employers hire TriOS students...

    Non the less I went there and I loved it, learned a lot more then my friends in community college.
    I have an amazing portfolio and I always get compliments on how good it looks!
    My teacher was a genius, and had over 15 years of experience under his belt.
    I learned Maya really well and use it everyday including all my adobe software.
    I've gotten work through the school and found opportunity on my own.

    Please Don't be discouraged to hire us, some of us learned a lot and did well in the courses.

  • Ac
      6th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am presently attending triOS and find the quality of the instructors very good. As far as that is concerned I would never complain. Also, you have to be self directed. If you can't go ahead and research and investigate to increase your skill level then perhaps you should not be in this type of setting. My concerns are that triOS has a very aggressive campus director and that can be problematic. The course I am taking is also not accredited through the professional association that would do so and when I made inquiries of the association I was told that they were still waiting for triOs to submit their paperwork. So, all in all I think they are doing a passable job. Had I my options again I would have chosen an accredited facility.

  • Bi
      9th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Whether the training is good or not is to each his own. But employers usually hire from accredited institutions. That meaning a degree or diploma from an accredited college or university is universally accepted and recognized by employers and other universities and colleges and means the school you went to had to adhere to a certain standard of teaching and training. Accredited colleges and universities are not only recognized in Canada but also internationally.

    Trios College is not an accredited institution therefore many employers will not recognize the diploma or degree one may obtain from them which in turn really means it is worth nothing unless somebody accepts it. Just because they put the word "College" behind their name doesn't mean they are actually a real college. Buyer beware comes to mind.

    The site below lists all the accredited institutions (colleges/universities) in Canada.

  • Be
      13th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Half way through Net Eng... about a third of the class comes prepared, and the other two-thirds are lazy, unionized mouth-breathers, who will ### and complain that they can't get a job. GIGO!
    Net Eng is like drinking thru a fire house, and I hope that the certs will get me thru the door, b/c the diploma is meaningless--- class average is over 80 for all courses, no one fails.

  • Fi
      25th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    "I agree I am currently in a TriOS Campus in Network Engineering and had 3 weeks to learn A+ OS and on top of that they require 4 hours of study time at night. Every day is a quiz which just sucks taking 12 quizes and then a final exam. To top it off the teachers are hired every 3 weeks or however long the section of the course takes usually 3-5 weeks.
    I learned to study but as for retaining what I study you have to format your Hard Drive everyday it's ridiculous. (AKA Brain) The teachers even promote just retaining minimal to pass and foreget it as you have the books to look back in if you need to at a job.
    I took the course for the black berry portion and from being through the course this far find it exhausting. Especially being a mom in a family with 2 young kids 5 & 7.
    Personally don't waste your money go the Fanshawe route you learn more and get more for your money. by gargle123"

    Daily quizzes are a good thing. If you talk to people on any university staff/academic councilors they recommend you study like 4 hours or more in some cases. I know this might not sound realistic for everyone and not to many people do this. Those are not knocks against triOS. Sorry gargle.

    Any where you go to school, you are going to have to do much work and study on your own if you want to learn. I will say this, triOS was a pretty big waste of my time and money. I paid 20 000 to get what I could of gotten all for simply the cost of the book. All we did was read and do steps in brainless lab books. If there was a typo in lab book which there were many, we got hardly any help from instructor who wasn't even in the class 95% of the time to help us. Most days we never even got a lecture. For teacher to copy lesson out of book and go over it with whole class using the projector would have been a blessing. When we did get a lesson, it was very brief on the topic on hand and usually turned into some totally off topic discussion .

    I got attracted by the fast pace so that you could get into a job, but I was expecting they would at least prepare us for a job, but instead the only preparation we really got was preparation from reading a book. In A+ we had no hands on activities at all, so my experience involves stuff I did on my own before even going to school. Net+ we did 2 activities, one of which we constantly reminded instructor to set some time aside to do, but both activities I did and got more in depth instruction simply taking a part time night course at a community college.

    I only wish I had the money and the time now to go to University for CS degree, but the year I lost and the 20 000 I put out with little return on investment is a humongous setback, that 20 000 would of paid much of university tuition. I try to save time and thought it justified spending a bit more money, but instead I lost time, and ill probably end up putting out another huge sum of money eventually to attend a real program.

  • Tr
      13th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I did not study in this college but I went their to write my certification exam, my exam was suppose to start at 1:30 I got there at 1:14. I was told to take a seat, so I sat down and both receptionist are busy talking to someone else they are going on and on about how to fill out an application. It was 1:25, someone came to me and asked me if I had an appointment I was like no I have to write an exam then the recpetionist looked and said oh the other recptionist will assist you after she is done with her call. Guess what it was 1:35 when she was done with her call and I am just standing there waiting to be served. This is the mississauga branch of trIOS.

    On the other hand my hubby took a course with them and was promised to get a job right after he gets out of school, he never did its been 2 years and he has not even gotten a interview call. Noone wants to hire a triOS student, it would rather be better if you goto community college, at least its well-known and you might take a long time to learn stuff but you will get a job. trIOS promises you several things but are not capeable of even keeping on of their promise, they are literally a scam. All they want your money, they don't care if you have instructor in class or not. I am very disappointed with this so called college and I would not reffer anyone to it, never!

  • Be
      13th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    The Kitchener 'campus' is moving from a used car lot into the white elephant downtown formerly known as the Eaton's Centre. $55 a month for parking, how do you like those apples, unemployed people?

    First instructor was fired after three weeks, most recent quit after 5 months.

    If you believe the certs will get you a computer job, then do this: buy the MS textbook, buy a tutor (like the cbt nuggets) and pay to write the cert. If you have discipline and about 100 hours to prepare, this will cost you $400 per cert.

    Unless the govt is paying 100% of your tuition, give this place a wide miss for technology.

  • Ra
      4th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am taking a health care course at trios college right now in Kitchener. I was so excited to go back to school and was 100% sure I chose the right school. I am now having second thoughts. It feels like I am paying $5000 to be read to for 6 hours a night. My class took a teacher evaluation last week. Alot of us complained about the same things, for instance; the instructor reads straight from the text book for the entire class time. We get no hand outs or extra reading material. I could be learning this course for free at home and giving myself quizes. We do not have enough equipment to work with so alot of the students do not get a chance to try the equipment out and also most of the time the equipment is not in working condition. This is deffently not a proffessional career college. I am now stuck in this course and have to finish it. Luckily alot of the material involves common knowledge. My advise for anyone looking to go back to school and get a quick certifacte or diploma, make sure you do your research and choose wisely. Deciding to continue your education is a big deal and is something that should be taken seriously. And for everyone else that has already chosen this school, try and stay postive and good luck in your futures. You may not be aware of this, but you did make a good choice for yourselves and that was deciding to continue your education. Crap school or not, you have already succeeded!

  • Su
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I'm in a legal program in Windsor and unfortunately I too would not recommend this program at this campus. All it is is a over-priced correspondence course. The instructor just reads the notes provided by the textbood supplier. We know just as much after we read the required materials. The instructor is boring, has only been a teacher for a year now and it definitely shows.

    And definitely nothing positive about their internship programs, another $2000 to you and most still don't have one lined up their last day of school. One student even lined up his own and brought the papers in to be signed by the school, I hope he got the $2000 back.

  • Ka
      21st of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am a current student at the hamilton campus and tho i like the corse im taking and the teacher i have, i strongly agree that it is very over priced! Im depending on a job that i may not even recieve upon graduation to pay back thousands of dollars? That doesnt make sence! they need to make some serious changes with their programs and prices! I doubt my books realy cost $3000!! but the problem is that they refuse to listen and are to concerned with there pay checks... if only the y could take the time to read these comments!

  • Ag
      21st of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Yet another scam private career college, TriOS is just as bad as Westervelt, but at least you guys didn't have a teacher that lied and bullied you around like I did at my school. But regardless, PCC's are bad news all around. I remember when I went to the London 'campus' of TriOS (it's in an old industrial park type of a building) to get information on their programs, they swindled me into signing up before I even knew was going on. Very very sneaky, their salesmen would make great minions of Satan some day, that is, if they aren't already.

  • Je
      14th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had a very positive experience at Medix School ( North York Campus) graduating with honours in 2006 from the Medical Office Assistant Program and took up an additional Phlebotomy/ECG course. I would recommend Medix School.

  • Re
      10th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I'm an honors graduate from the Kitchener Campus who has taken the Network Engineer Program and think you all need to learn to "suck it up buttercups". If you think you are going to get a better education at a community college than a private college, you are mistaken. I've experienced both environments and know that I received intensified training from professional and subject knowledgable instructors. I got out of my education what I put into it. If you are too lazy to do the homework required to get the education and know your subject material thoroughly, perhaps the intensified pace of a private college over the slower pace at a community college isn't for you. So make that choice before you plunk down your cash. Is everything perfect? No, but I wouldn't expect it to be perfect either - I'm a realist. Is it better than a community college? Most definitely when I compare it to my experience at Conestoga College. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose triOS again, Hands Down!

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