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Trend Times Toys / Scam

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Trend Times Toys
Trend Time Toys http:--trendtimes.com- advertises all over the Internet for
remote control toys. Unfortunately I did not check them out, I relied on
the good name of Yahoo Stores and Google. Had I checked I would have seen
the numerous complaints against this company for what can only be viewed
as fraud.

I ordered a remote control helicopter from this company after doing an
extensive Internet search on the toy. They looked very professional,
guaranteed delivery before December 22nd, and that the RC Helicopter for
$99.95 would be first rate quality. I began trying to contact the company
when it did not arrive by the 22nd of December as promised, I continued to
try and contact them daily via email as instructed, no response.The
helicopter finally arrived on December 27th (too late for Christmas) and
it is a complete rip-off, it not only does not work, the parts do not go
together. They are not returning phone calls or emails despite the message
on their phone stating to email them. After searching their site more, I
discovered that they specifically state that helicopters are not
returnable as they are checked before shipment. I suppose they feel this
will let them off the hook. I have also discovered that the telephone
number they show is a Telelink in Newfoundland, this is the same number
they list with the Arizona state Business license department. They have no
physical address, only mail drops.

I found over 40 recent complaints filed against them with the Better
Business Bureau of Arizona.

I am pretty confident with the research I have uncovered this company is
conducting scam sales of products they know to be defective and once the
calls start coming in they just ignore the calls. Because of this truly
horrible experience I feel I can no longer trust companies advertised
through Google or Yahoo sponsored sites.


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N  8th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Trend Times - Worthless and rude services
Trend Times
United States

I Called Trend Times' Customer service department to return an item I wasn't pleased with. At the first call, I was told by an answering service that I could only leave a message and CS would call back within 24 hours. They did not call back. I tried again in two days and did reach a CS representative. I tried to explain my reasons for wanting to return the item but was interupted frequently and received a very hostile response--in short, they would not accept a return because item was used (I tried to contact them, initially, within hours of receiving the item).

Whether product works properly or not, most companies accept returns for any reason, as long as it is timely. This company, apparently, will not.

I am disputing this charge with my credit card company. Don't do business with this company. There are many others to buy from.
N  22nd of Jun, 2010 by 
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Trend Times - Don't order from them
Trend Times
United States

I wish I had read some reviews about Trend Time Toys before ordering $250.00 worth of Christmas presents for my sons and my nephews. My order was not correct from the beginning - I ordered 4 helicopters and was suppose to get 2 of each frequency. Well I got 3 of the same frequency and only 1 of another frequency. I contacted them right away and they kept leading me on indicating that they were going to fix the problem...well of course they did nothing. Today is June 8, 2010 and I have been trying to resolve this problem since Christmas 2009 (that's CRAP)

Just an IMPORTANT tidbit for consumers considering ordering from Trend Time Toys... it states in there Terms and Conditions that you cannot return helicopters as they are a hobby item, and it also says that returns must be made within 14 days. Well let me assure you they drag it out way beyond the 14 day period. They won't accept returns unless you contact them and get a number from them and if you try it they will refuse the package.
N  16th of Feb, 2011 by 
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Trend Times - Never Shipped Product
Trend Times
United States

I ordered a product. Was told it would be here within 7-10 days. Never got it. On the 11th day I called and someone told me it was going across the country and would be to me in 1 or 2 days.

A week later still never received it. Called and spoke to someone again and was told they were looking into it and I would be sent the tracking info. Never got the info.

Called the next day and and they told me a label was never made for my product. He said he would make one right away and get it to me in 3 days. 6 days later still never receieved the package and the ups tracking info said a label was made but ups never receieved the shipment.

21 days later and never got package. Just called to cancel order. Will never use this company again nor will I recommend it.
A  29th of Dec, 2014 by 
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DO NOT BUY FROM TREND TIMES. I ordered a remote controlled aircraft carrier from Trend Times on Dec 24th and opted for overnight shipping to try to get this to my son for Christmas. I received one email with an order number and now, 5 days later, I have still been unable to even get a status on my order - they do not answer the phone, do not respond to email, do not even provide an automatic update on order status. My credit card company will be disputing this payment. What a terrible organization to work with.
A  17th of Dec, 2015 by 
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I was another victim to false advertising and promises from this scam as a buisness! I purchased a remote controlled excavator for 400 dollars that was supposed to be a quality toy but instead got this plastic peace of crap that runs on double A's that I found on amazon for 83 dollars. Tryed to return it but the customer service is non existent. I am pissed as this was supposed to be a Christmas present for my son! ABSOLUTELY DON'T BUY FROM THE TREND TIMES!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!
N  24th of Aug, 2016 by 
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Trend Times - Stay away
Trend Times
United States

Had the worst luck ordering from these people i typed it all in earlier and hit submit and it all went away but hey every thing about this company has been screwed up in one way or another. I made an order for a RC Dinosaur that was supposed to be in stock Date: 29-Nov-2010 Ordered: 1 Shipped: 1 04-727 Remote Control (RC) Triceratops Toy Dinosaur. Plenty of time for Christmas right. week later someone calls says there out of stock new ship date is Your order is scheduled to depart on Dec 17th via UPS and will arrive to you on the 22nd. hmm i sent them an email It's the 20th and i have check the shipping status and i don't see were you have shipped it. And no email saying my grandson won't get this by christmas. I have been on hold over 16 minutes and i am giving up. Thanks for a very memorable holiday. The next one will be better im sure because you wont be in it. they sent one back on the 20th and said it will ship check tracking the next day. 24th gets here were could it be. hmmmm found out it just got delivered to the wrong address. UPS says mey be after Christmas to get the package to right location. I said F this and made a 30 minute drive and got the package myself with no help from trend times. Thanks for reading this im just pissed and looks like others are to. This is last you will ever hear about me and trend times again.
A  8th of Jan, 2018 by 
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Yes. They are a scam company. Products are not as described and they will NOT ALLOW RETURNS. I get the feeling this is a pretty small outfit as every time I call them I end up speaking to the same guy.

Just avoid them.
N  16th of Mar, 2018 by 
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I forgot to say, After I left my review, they called and told me They will not be able to send anything to my address, which is totally fine, but they also knew my address, which I did not give to them, or fill out any information at all on their website... will have to be checking my credit card statements or calling my credit card company to let them know to dispute anything unusual.

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