Travis IndustriesWorking for Travis Ind. is terrible

I have worked for these vermin for 17 years now. They have always played favorites and discriminated. But until this past year I have been treated ok. though out my history here they always told me what a great job I do. After changing jobs at their request they tried to take a week of my vacation pay away from me. They were not able to but the fact that they tried really hurt. This Co buys junk in china for pennies and then sells it for thousands(wonder why it doesn't work) They did strip away my Xmas bonus after finding out they could not take away my vacation pay. The nepotism here is sickening as well as how they treat hard working people. This place is all about crappy products and who you blow. Most of the managers would be flipping burgers if they didn't work here.

Mar 02, 2016

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