Travel Advantage Network (TAN) / Scam

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My husband and I purchased what we thought wouldt be a good vacation 'time share' with this company. We were told many times throughout the sales process that our monthly fee would never increase when in fact the charges increased to 5% each year. We were told we would never have to pay maintenance fee and they started taking out a monthly maintenance fee from our account without notifying us or us agreeing to or signing off on it. They told us that we would pay a flat fee of $9000.00 and when in fact it would cost us over $12, 000. They did a credit check with out our approval. They never informed us that Florida was constantly "in season" in order to book a vacation there it would cost another $30/a day to rent! They lied to us and scammed us 100%. I want a full refund of my monies paid or I will proceed with legal action.

Nov 30, 2016

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