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It is far to easy to get blacklisted in South Africa, all you have to do is go to the court and make an accusation against someone. Just a summons, whether you go to court or not is enough for ITC to blacklist . It is disgusting and should be stopped.

I was issued a summons by a former employer, the matter never went to court yet ITC can still list you for a default judgement even though the matter was never finalised in court. So if there is someone you do not like then simply fill out an application for default judgement and that is it, this is all you need. This should be illegal and stopped.

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  • Ca
      Aug 13, 2009
    TransUnion - Giving out Bank Account Info
    Experian, Equifax, TransUnion
    United States

    They are suppose to be companies that accurately report our credit; but they allow false things to show up on them; Equifax is the world's worse and then you never get a response from them, the other two have at least corrected some things that were not mine to start with; but WORSE of All! They give our account information out to scams who take money from our bank accounts without our permission!
    Yes, my account was falsely charged for months now; all because I applied for my FREE Annual Credit Report from them! They gave my account info to some company that calls themselves " My Identity/Security" whom stole money from my account for over two months now, ($29.95 per mth). I have had to cancel my Visa card with my bank, and wait a couple of weeks for a replacement, in order to attempt to stop them. And ofcourse fill out paperwork to report unauthorized withdrawls from my account etc... How do I know that they won't just get my new account number and pass it along to some other company(s)?

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  • Gr
      Jan 23, 2010

    I work as a recruiter and must do credit checks on candidates. It's disgusting how easy it is to blacklist someone! Even more disburbing for me is that the person being blacklisted most probably lost a previous job or jobs!

    Again I must add it is normally a cellphone company, a furniture store or some organization that use call centres without proper follow up's on clients. I heard so many stories but all in the same line.

    People can not find jobs because of this. Get real - or are you only going to wake up when you loose your job??????

    Gone are the days when people could offer a certain amount until the account is paid up. I am so fed up with this - you have no idea!!! People accept International positions because their skills and value are not compared with a credit record!

    It's disgusting!! I suggest we make a list and black list companies that black list so easy. maybe potential customers can think twice before they open an account or support such a company.

    My firt list goes to the cell phone companies!!


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  • Sm
      May 01, 2010

    Hello Grrrrrr

    I totally agree with you. I am one of those people that you have been discussing.

    I have been looking for a job for some time now, and I thought it was due to the lack of skills that I have not got job offers.
    Last week Friday, I was told by an Agency that in fact it was my ITC report. She even emailed the report to me. I thank her so much, really for bothering with me.

    So now, how am I to get a job? How do I pay my debts now? How do I feed my family? What now??? Sweep streets or stand on street corners, is this what I am resigned to?

    Nevermind that, why did no one before tell me that this was the reason?



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  • Co
      Oct 21, 2010

    To Our Law Abiding Country Heads.

    It is sad that there is a law in our country that prevents people from seeking employment in this country just because they have been listed. Sadly enough eveyone wants to know why the umployement rate is so high. Well maybe if you considered the fact that being black listed prevents people from getting jobs, hence poverty increases and crime increases. You have taken work away from innocent people turn them to a life of not knowing when they will recieve the next meal, how will tehy feed their children and support themselves. People become desperate and thats when they turn to crime to make ends meat.
    People in goernment should spend less time filling their pockets and give the ordinary people in this country a chance to live.
    How can you pay your debt and get off ITC and be free of debt if you dont have a JOB. COME NOW, A JOB MEANS EARNING MONEY, MONEY MEANS TAKING CARE OF YOUR DEBT, FREE OF DEBT MEANS PEOPLE LIVING AN HONEST LIFE.
    What is wrong with this country, give people a chance at getting a job when they are blackliste. If the people in government get second chances why cant the poeple of this country who voted for the coruupt government get a second cahnec at living.

    Help your country grow South Africa.


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  • Vi
      Dec 09, 2010

    I think this is shocking... its a catch 22 if people cant find a job because they are black listed then how are they supposed to get the money to pay the company that blacklisted them... not cleaver for companies to do this for that very reason... talke about cut off your nose to spite your face people! It is so scary how easy it is to get black listed I cant believe what I am reading. Debt is debt and it will always be due, judgement can only be passed within the first 3 years and they can still chase and send collection agencies etc I have been doing some research as I have just had a call from an collection agency for an account I dont have and they can't provide any proof that it is I that created this debt it is not a lot but it is unfair that they can black list me if I dont pay this money that they say I owe but they dont have any proof that I created the debt... very scary.. we need a black listing for companies I think... a good place to start is tell everyone about it and check there before using any company!!!

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  • El
      Aug 22, 2011

    I have a company that done a job for some one. My staff and i drove 600km to do this job, worked late knigts and lived on a shoe string budget for four days. Then two weeks later done the same trip, away from my kids and far pregnant wife. Eight months later still waiting for payment.

    So what do you all sugest i do now?
    As him and his wife each drive there 4by 4

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  • Le
      Sep 21, 2011

    It is shocking, I worked for a company that dealt with alot of government agencies and they normally paid us late every month and sometimes they wouldn't pay us for over two months. In return I was blacklisted for late payments for not paying accounts on time. The company ended up going down because they owed alot of money to their suppliers and we had to look for other jobs, I've been unemployed and looking for a job now for the past three months and I can't get one because I'm blacklisted so how am I supposed to get a job and pay those accounts if I'm blacklisted because of the same government that put law in place.

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  • Li
      Dec 16, 2011

    I have greAt skills, blAcklisted since I ws retrenced & could not pay my Accounts Anymore. I'm still unemployed. I hve given up now :(

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  • Ro
      Feb 17, 2012

    Great a web site to name and shame these companies that use the black listing companies in an irresponsible manner by the complainant. If there is good said about the companies than that should also be listed. This will great a balance view of the companies in question. As there is always two sides to a story. For example if the complainant lists a particular company on a properly designed web site with a complaint for all to see, what will also be seen is the good said.

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  • Le
      Aug 07, 2012

    My 4 year old child reported to me early this year that she was sexually abused at her chresh by an employee and she told me each and every detail.I immediatly took her to a private hospitaal for a full medical check up in which she was tested HIV as well then a police case was opened agained the chresh.the results came back negative and there was no penetration however she was put on ARV's for a window period.Child protection unit police investigator said that my child will be put under a forensic report so that they can determine any sexual event that happened in the chresh and also to arrest the men who also works for the chresh when the results are out.I then removed my child immediatly from Noars Arc Christian Nursary school in Highveld Centurion South Africa to another chresh however the chresh kept on sending me summons at my work place to come and apologize publicly from thier attornies otherwise further steps will be taken against me without me knowing.I am still waiting for child protection unit for the forensic report and the chresh keeps on sending me documents from their attornies claiming that the is no case even though the case is not yet called apon in court.Could the chresh blacklist me for be a responsible mother towards my four year old.I do not owe the chresh a single cent but they keep on harrasing me with something that i could not of have set back and let it go.

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  •   Nov 08, 2012

    I find this system of blacklisting in South Africa ridiculous. You fall behind on one payment and are punished for the rest of your life. You cannot make alternative arrangements, for amended installments of agreed amount - you need to take out a loan - this adds to your monthly expenses - then the Bank forgets to do their job properly and don't take off the first installment - and call to ask if you can pay an outstanding amount that you weren't even aware there was (do you take out another loan to keep up) - then all the additional bank charges; puts more of a strain on your budget and soon its turmoil and you holding on by a string. To throw a spanner in the works, you fall pregnant and the expenses are tremendous that you just cannot anymore... Then retrenched. Car gets repossessed because no arrangements can be made, settlement amount or they fetching it. After all of this you are not able to find work after baby is born because you have no car, you are blacklisted and now you have to adapt to a completely different lifestyle. No compassion or understanding from anyone. Then you get calls from attorneys asking for money from medical bills not paid by the medical aid - admin charges are added to this, commissions are then added over and above this. And God forbid that when you eventually find work and start to eat meat again for suppers, you get a dreaded garnish order on your salary. Its unsettling.

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  • Me
      Jan 30, 2013

    This is fantastic! Thank you for this information. My mother recently saw an advertisement for a house that was to let in Germiston, 16 Virtop Street, Sunny Ridge. It was advertised as being for immediate occupation. She went through to look at it and the owner explained that it had some hail damage but that the roof and the ceilings were all being replaced by his insurers. She handed over R8000 as a deposit and was told that she could move in at the end of that week. When she tried to contact the owner to arrange to receive the keys, he did not answer her calls or SMS messages. If she phoned from another person's phone, he would answer (he was clearly trying to avoid speaking to her). She arranged to meet him but waited over four hours outside the address and he did not turn up as agreed. She then spoke to a chap who was inside the property and he said that 6 Rastafarians lived in the servants quarters and that he and his family were renting the garage! Two months later it is clear that this man had no intention of renting out the property and was only collecting the "deposit" from anybody who showed an interest in letting it. I shall certainly now take this man to Court as he should be blacklisted and made to suffer as a result of his devious actions. He has never repaid the R8000 "deposit" he stole from my elderly mother. I feel very sorry, however, for those on here who have, through no fault of their own, been blacklisted by unscrupulous people.

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  • Ci
      Feb 03, 2013

    I would like to know what these people did to get themselves in this situation. I'm sitting with a tenant who didn't pay rent and refuses to knowledge the damage caused to my property nevermind leaving the place in a complete mess. So now I have to pay out of my pocket to fix everything!! Completely disrespectful and disgusting how I get left with this mess. So please explain what I do in a situation like this?? Apparently I can do absolutely nothing as tenants have more rights. How on earth is this even fair? All I'm saying is Karma is a [censored].

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  • Tu
      Feb 05, 2013

    I just found out that I am blacklisted. I am very care full and do pay my accounts every month. I have no idea why I am refused a loan. How do I find out who blacklisted me and for what reason

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  • Le
      Feb 14, 2013

    Am single mother of 2 boys, since last year i have been unable to get a job anywhere in the financial services sector, since my privious employer blacklisted me sayin that i own him R39443, of which i dont know anything about. He say i left without resigning of which i did. How will i pay that money if am still uneployed, this is realy affecting can anyone give advice on wat to do?

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  • Le
      Feb 14, 2013

    This is so unfair, since no one informed me about this, no phone calls or letters, next thing they default me. I am so abset and realy unhappy about this

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  • Rp
      Mar 16, 2013

    hi all,

    i have not read all the info above but have read some. Just so that you know it is really not THAT easy to blacklist someone. when you issue summons, then it gets served via the sheriff. The sheriff has to provide a return of service which is either personal service or service on a person older than 16 who knows the plaintiff. only after 10 days have passed then one can apply for default judgment (that is 10 business days, excl sat and sun and public holidays). When you get a summons and you actually read the summons you would have seen that you have a opportunity to DEFEND the actions within those 10 days. and possibly make arrangements for repayment. if you pay the installments timeously and regularly then they will still take judgment but will most likely not blacklist you. people get blacklisted because of nonpayment. if however you did not receive a summons for some reason, you also have the opportunity to do a rescission of judgement. you can also dispute blacklistings. the other thing i want to mention is that you can go under debt review if you have a problem with debts, in which case you cannot be sued for other debts as you are under administration. with regards to jobs: people who owe money are not criminals, and most employers do a credit search because other info is also provided in such search results, as in previous employment (to obtain references), addresses and criminal records. so it is not always the case that you are declined because you owe money. and the other thing is if you are sued for a debt you know nothing about, you can go to legal aid for free legal services, judy care is another. so honestly, sometimes people get blacklisted cos they ignore summons' and dont read them or even take action.


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  • Li
      May 26, 2013

    Dear RP HDM
    I do not agree with you not all circumstances work like that. I do agree with most of the writers that our processes are flawed and unjust. I did not ignore my summons, I went to the court and applied for motion to defend. The attorneys still went ahead and obtained a default. I had a further 15 or 20 days to defend the attorneys obtained a default judgment with 5days of me filling my motion to defend. The problem is that in South Africa even attorneys are not following the law...

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  • Th
      Jun 18, 2013

    I was under debt review for a short period of time then removed myself by paying all my debts but some of the places they don't take me since I was under debt review so now I'm blacklisted, the only thing I want to know when am I gonna be cleared and be clean. Thank you

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  • Fr
      Oct 23, 2013

    I rented my home to a person that obtained access by means of fraudulent documents and has for 3 months not paid rent From the start his motivation was to obtain free housing How can I blakclist him

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  • Di
      Feb 07, 2014

    Please would you mind advising me we had a customer use a credit card in our club which expired 5 months ago of which he knew about and ran up a tab of R1134.00. He has been promising to bring the cash to me and has not done so, short of going to lay charges of fraud with the police I would like to know how to Blacklist him first. Please would you mind advising me.

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  • Se
      May 05, 2014

    I employed a 23 y o student who said he was studying for his diploma in business administration.
    A few months later and after paying him R3000 per month - we decided that going the BEE route to secure Government tenders was a good option. I was forced to relinquish +45% of my company to him.
    After it was registered he sms'd me stating that he is now a director and no longer needs to work. He reminded me that he would sit at home while I work for him. Should i object he would report me to the CCMA for racism and abuse of the constitution. He demanded R15000 from me to get him to resign and walk away. He challenged me to take him to court - stating that he would win because he is black and I am a stupid white so-and-so.
    Fortunately he is a +45% shareholder of a company incurring debt, so he is legally obliged to contribute. HOW do I blacklist this guy ?

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  •   May 13, 2014

    to transunion.i paid up all my debts but still i cant aplly for anything, car or house as dealers says i am name is steven i get a feed back please thank

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  • Si
      Dec 02, 2014

    I own a fairly small company, that does well because I have protection from the ITC. In the past I had customers thinking that because I was small they could take advantage of me and not pay their invoices. I struggled to get payments in until I was so short of money that I had to take loans to pay my rent and salaries, when all the while if my clients had just paid what was owing to me I would have been fine. Now I have a ZERO tolerance, if you don’t pay in 30 days I email and warn the clients that steps will be taken to recover the money, if you haven’t paid in 60 days… I hand you over. People should forget about taking credit if you have either no budget to pay it back, or you just don’t want too…. Reap what you sow I always say. People won’t black list you unless they have a warranted reason too. So stop whining and pay your bills.

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  • Lu
      May 13, 2015

    I would like to know, why if you ar listed you can't get a job, I'm currently unemployed, I have been going for interviews upon interviews, two months ago I went for another interview, I was told I'm listed and it is to high unfortunately I won't be able to get employed .

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  • Me
      May 23, 2016


    I am blacklisted and struggling to find a job. I need a job to pay my debts because i want to pay it but companies do credit checks on you and if you blacklisted you a bad canidate. What happened to giving people a chance or maybe just find out why they are blacklisted.

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