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Trafford Publishing / Fraudulent 14 names one address all them will scam you out of your money

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author beware trafford publishing does business under 13 different names all at the same address and same president. There main goal is to scam millions of inocent authors in any way they can self publish it is the only way to do it, publish an ebook through amazon and you won't get ripped off else wise burn your book it is nothing but a hassle with this publisher if they want money up front there crooked a good book you won't have to pay for and scam artists like trafford publishing uses it to there advantage to rook you and my dad as they did to him of millions.
There names are word clay, authorhouse,, xlibris, trafford publishing inc, balboa press, westbow press, legacy keeper, palibrio, author learning center, abbott press, inspiring voices, content distributors inc, and finaly responder media . All these names can be viewed at by doing a company search.

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  • Ci
      16th of Oct, 2012

    I think I have to agree from the book ordering side...ordered through AuthorHouse and shipped by Content Distributors. Initially it was my post office which failed to deliver my books when they arrived; however, when I spoke with the post office supervisor to resolve it, he told me to have them reship the books. I've spoken with 2 females with Content Distributors who said the books would be reshipped, still no books in 2 weeks. I sent an email to [protected] for a supervisor to resolve the matter and have the books reshipped, GOT NO RESPONSE! Now I'm calling and calling and no one answers the phone. So I'm online to find company information to file a complaint and I found this web page. I must tell my husband, it's his book that was published.

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  • Ch
      17th of Oct, 2012

    I published my book with Westbow Press last year, this month is my year anniversary of my book's release, Westbow, I own my copyright. The first quarter Westbow sent me royalties in the amount for a five month first quarter of $170.00 AND THE second quarter five month $80.00 and for the third quarter if you can believe it $ 20.00 the are cheating me out of my royalties, I am working hard in promoting my own book and my sales are much higher than Westbow in reporting. They have my book on over 30 Internet book store sights. In the U.S and overseas Amazon, they are selling my book to all these online sight and sending me nothing. I feel that they are doing this to most of their self publishing authors, we need to worn all new unsuspecting authors of this dishonest company/ Do you know of any other authors with this printer that is having the same problem as I am. If so please send me info or ask them to contact you, to see if we can do a Class Action on Westbow. Cheated Author 64

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  • Ex
      2nd of Oct, 2014

    I have been scammed by these people they wrote me a check for almost two thousand dollars an it bounced HELP

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  • In
      28th of Oct, 2014

    This company contacted me under the name "Trafford c/o Content Distributors, Inc." with the same Bloomington, IN address and they sent me a check for almost $2000. They found me through a website where I was offering dog sitting services, and an "overseas" man contacted me claiming that he needed my help in rescuing his dog from the ASPCA as his family was going to be moving to the U.S. to claim their dog. The check was to be deposited in my account, and I was told to wire $1500 from my account (before this phony check would clear), and that there would be other "assignments." Luckily, I could see it was a scam. (By the way, the dog was supposedly in New York, but I was supposed to wire the money to Tennessee). Do not deal with these people! It seems like they will try anything to scam you out of your money!

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  • Li
      29th of Dec, 2014

    I am an independant consultant for Younique cosmetics and was approached thru email by a deaf mute woman who didnt have a credit card to purchase cosmetics. So she told me a check would be coming to me for the order and once I got it can I ship her the order. I received a check for $1800.00 from Trafford. She confirmed this was her check. I told her the order came out to $250.00. She told me her financial clerk sent me to much money and can I send her the remainder amount after I deduct for the order that she needs it asap because she is in a hospital and in pain and needs meds. I will be taking the check to JP morgan chase with her information to let them know what is happening. I plan on providing no personal information more than she already has in regards to my email thru the company website and my cell number which I plan on blocking.

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  • Sv
      14th of Mar, 2015

    Be weary of anything coming from that address. I had one contact me, stating he found my information through for dog services, and that he was in need of a dog walker soon. He explained to me that his family would be moving from Spain in two weeks (funny because now, over 3 weeks later he claims his family will be moving from two weeks...) and that they wanted someone to go ahead and get their dog out of the aspca before then, and the dog would go to the house that his uncle helped them get here in the states a week before he died... so he would send me a check for $1, 880.28 ... I'd cash it via ATM or by my bank, take $150 for my week payment, the rest would be used to wire to the ASPCA headquarters (he claimed they were in research online shows New York), and it would also cover the money gram fees, etc. Well, before all of this was said, when I thought it was just someone needing a dog walker, I gave my address (I wouldn't have if I knew what else was going to be said later); He sent the check, I did plenty of research and did not cash it course. Also interesting is that the check came from the bank Indiana...But the address on the envelope was New York...and the USPS tracker showed it was delivered from Alabama...Hmm... Also in his email, instead of giving a Florida address (where he claimed the aspca headquarters was), he gave me contact info for Kenya to send money via money gram. Hmm... And on top of all of this he has contacted me from two phone numbers; One traced to Cleveland, Ohio; The other a city near Chicago, Illinois (I can't remember the name at the moment). He went by the name "Erin Perez" and claims to have a three year old Border Collie here in the states.

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  • Fi
      18th of Apr, 2015

    My girlfriend just received a check from Trafford c/o Content Distributors LLC 1663 Liberty Drive Bloomington, IN 47403 for$2950 usd
    asking to deposit and email them back so they can give her instructions...YEA!!! RIGHT!!! I can see the scam from miles away. Keep your fake money. Anyone...DO NOT CASH IT!!! it will not clear.

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  • Ja
      8th of Mar, 2018

    Trafford published my book 11 years ago and I've never had any royalities from them before but I've just received a cheque from Content Distributors LLC for - get this: $1.29! What a joke - but the joke is on them because it cost them $1.15 to post this to me 😆. The irony is that it would cost me $60 for the cheque to be returned to JP Morgan Chase Bank for it to be verified because I live in Australia. As if I'm that dumb. And in case they haven't noticed, this is the Twenty-first Century - NOBODY used cheques anymore at least not in any other first world country that I'm aware of. Although, I do know that the USA has been extremely slow in embracing online banking because my son has only been able to set up a regular payment for his rent to go directly into the real estate agent's bank account in NYC in the last two years. Apparently they thought that by giving him their bank account number he would be able to withdraw from that - seriously??? In Australia all business have been using Internet banking for at least 16 years.

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  • Ge
      17th of Mar, 2018

    I used to get royalty checks for my book, RAY BRADBURY UNCENSORED, on i-Universe checks.Today I got one with the Content Distributors LLC, 1663 Liberty drive, Bloomington, IN 47403 for $12.08. So I can afford to see if it bounces or not. Like everyone else that gets sucked into these publishing methods, I paid $5, 000 up front back in 2006 to have the editor read it twice to make sure I had everything professional, knowing I would be criticized for going this direction. Back then I will say I had a great coordinator, Cecilia Cuevas, and the outstanding editor, David Bernardi. I do not underestimate their talents and valuable contributions to my efforts in producing the book. However, when the author puts up this much upfront money, and only gets about $1 or less per book on the $28.95 price for hard back or around $16 for soft cover. I spent $15, 000 just traveling to book stores in the western U.S., with an opening sales line, "I'm traveling the U.S., seeing one book store at a time, to show you my RAY BRADBURY UNCENSORED!" Most of the book store managers would say they weren't allowed to buy iUniverse books, but I would reply, "I have read your corporate rules, and managers are empowered to buy at least one copy." Most would buy one copy from me then, but corporate would yank them if they hadn't sold in a week or two when they did store inspections." I thought it would sell big in Southern California where Ray made lots of speeches to colleges in the 1960s and produced plays in L.A. and San Diego, but that's where I was froze out completely from book stores. It has had excellent exposure on the Internet worldwide to this day and I long ago gave up making money on it. My philosophy is it is available to scholars and students who have any interest in Ray Bradbury and Chapter 17's telling about CBS plagiarism of his Farenheit 451 book where Ray lost the first round in court and won in the Appeals Court in San Francisco. Truth rises to the top slowly like cream and, if this company is ripping off authors, I hope the truth will bring them down sooner rather than later. Today, if you go the digital direct route, I would tend to go more with reputable companies like

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  • Br
      14th of Mar, 2019

    I published a book with Trafford in 2012 paid a lot of money and got little results. Received a check from Content Distributors at 1663 Liberty Drive Bloomington, In 47403 for $5.40. I deposited in my bank and they just sent it back to me March 14th. My bank was unable to locate and check was dishonored.

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