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Trafford Publishing Complaints & Reviews

Trafford Publishing / unpaid royalties for my book "peculiar crimes from africa:a prosecutors adventures"

Ben Adigwe on Jun 7, 2018

i published the above book with trafford publishers in 2008.later trafford sought and got permission from me to publish an ebook copy of the book. i noticed they linked it up to and even permitted other publishers to publish it on theirplatforms.but for Donkey years now trafford...

Trafford Publishing / watermark color publishing package and hollywood coverage

Nicole Fafard on Feb 13, 2018

I took my first package in 2010 and the second one in 2013. Nothing happen from that, I did not received any loyalties and it affected my happy feeling about my first book. It has been a terrible experience with Trafford. They had called me all the time to get my money and then, nothing...

[Resolved] Trafford Publishing / customer service

XYZ_ on Jul 5, 2017

I spoke with Lawrence last week about him sending me a copy via email of my late father's contract. The name of the book is titled Diabetes Epidemic & You, Author Joseph R Kraft, MD. I also spoke to a different person about getting the cost basis for author purchased books (the quantity...

Trafford Publishing / Fraudulent theft from my bank account

Diane McGuinness on May 27, 2015

Trafford Publishing contacted me about expanding my reading program (four books) which they had published in 2008.. I agreed to pay for an e-book format for my books. From that time forward, Trafford tried very hard to sell me various marketing schemes I did not want. I did agree in some...

Trafford Publishing / Con artists

Lowe2014 on Dec 22, 2014

Back in may 2014 after dealing with an illness i published my first book with trafford publishing. They took over £800 off me for it and that was half the original price of £1600. However, they published my book (Which was the first in a trilogy) with mistakes in it. The mistakes were not...

Trafford Publishing / It's a ruthless money-making business

Vivienne Jamieson on Aug 26, 2014

I have published a (flimsy, poor quality) children's picture book with Trafford and can now only warn others NOT to do the same. The long process was very disappointing and the overall impression is that you are dealing with young, poorly paid, uneducated or unprofessional people (not...

Trafford Publishing / ripped off my dreams so i self published on amazon

beavis789 on Aug 29, 2013

have you been ripped off by vanity or subsidy pod publishers like I have? keep your hopes and dreams, save money self publish a e-book yourself on amazon like I did mine charles manson final Letters to a mad man author charlene m ashcraft it contains his handwritten letters and is 192 pages long on YouTube at

Trafford Publishing / Broken Promise

Dahn Batchelor on May 29, 2013

When I spoke to Joseph Massey of Trafford Publishing, we talked about the Nova deal in which I could pay $649 for one book to be published and get the second book published for one dollar. I sent him the manuscript of my first book on May 28, 2013 and on May 29th, he referred to me to...

Trafford Publishing / Trafford Publishing - Charrise Atkins

veryangryauthor on May 16, 2013

I contacted via email to Trafford Publishing few months ago (Feb 2013) to enquire on publishing a book. A filipino woman called me to offer me some help and discounts if I were to publish books with Trafford. Since, she has been calling me as many as 20 times a day and sending lots of...

Trafford Publishing / Loyalties

leonard shilumbu on Mar 28, 2013

I publish a book titled Understand Human mind and Intelligence 2011 with Trafford publishing Bloomington, as an author, I am entitled to loyalties which never send for a year now, I conducted Trafford loyalties and customer services several time but they have different stories of missing...

Trafford Publishing Company / Fraud case

C_Lupus on Jan 31, 2013

I received a charge on my credit card which is linked to my checking acct. I noticed this $295.00 charge on my bank statement. It was a charge that I had not approved. I went to my bank to file a fraud case. Turned out that it was Trafford Publishing Company subscription renewal that I had no idea of.

Trafford Publishing / proofreading non existent

Frustwritten on Dec 14, 2012

I have just received my 50 ordered copies, When I was sent the first proof to approve, all seemed okay I had constantly been at them to correct and a number of issues. In this second despatch, I see that they have more errors than within the first. It looks as though I have not bothered to...

Trafford Publishing / Royalties

Gsb2012 on Nov 18, 2012

i was told by one of the marketing staff that the sales vendors around the world will not update their sales files due to me not having an ITIN. such ITIN is only acquired at the IRS. i cannot get this number from the IRS as Trafford are dragging their feet on supplying a W-7 letter to...

Trafford Publishing (Author Solutions) / Lies To Get Your Business

juslibby1 on Oct 1, 2012

These people will tell you anything to get your name on a contract to allow them to publish your book. Don't believe a word they say, especially don't believe the lie that they are going to pay you royalties even on the books you order yourself, because they ain't!!! Shop...

Trafford Publishing / Don't give a tax id to trafford don't give them nothing they will use it against you to keep publishing your book even though contract is ca

beavis789 on Sep 7, 2012

The only thing we screwed authors should give trafford publishing is a big lawsuit for stealing authors dreams and the possibility of them being prosecuted and given the electric chair for murdering authors dreams of wealth. Don't give them a tax id number after contract is cancelled...

Trafford Publishing / Alert the fcc only by all of us will invesgation be opened on trafford i did

beavis789 on Sep 7, 2012

The only way to stop trafford publishing from scamming others like us is to contact the Federal trade commission. The urgency comes as without many complaints the fdc said they would seek prosecution or investigate them that is what they told me when i wrote them with the evidence of...

Trafford Publishing Editorial / Discrimination

They was so rude. I ask for somebody in Spanish. They say they don't have it and one year ago i talk to somebody in Spanish. The first lady i was talking to she said why i want to publish in Spanish instead in English. Omggg discriminationnnn. I call again and talk with another rude...

Trafford Publishing / Unauthorized Visa Charges

RTK66 on May 10, 2012

A sales consultant put unauthorized charges in the amount of $3000 on my Visa without my consent on a staggered payment plan as I had numerous other payments. He then tried to credit it just on paper but not with Visa to make it look like a complimentary service. When I found out, the...

Trafford Publishing / Fraudulent 14 names one address all them will scam you out of your money

beavis789 on May 7, 2012

author beware trafford publishing does business under 13 different names all at the same address and same president. There main goal is to scam millions of inocent authors in any way they can self publish it is the only way to do it, publish an ebook through amazon and you won't get...

Trafford Publishing / Warning - stay away from this company

DocDreamUK on Apr 15, 2012

I placed my first book with Trafford in 2005 because their marketing material at the time stated they were a UK company. I did all the formatting, cover design etc..., they had nothing to do except take my money. I only found out they weren't based in UK when they requested an...