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Trafford Publishing complaints 36

Trafford Publishing - Book - “When You Hear The Bugle Call”

After my book, above title, by Trafford Publishing (Canada) in 2008 was published in 8.5"X11.5" size it's readability and pictures were in proper format and I was satisfied with my book.
Apparently, somewhere along the way, the company was sold to an unscrupulous entity that starting conning authors and would be authors.
Last year Trafford contacted stating they wanted to resize my book, at no cost me, so it would be a more desirable size for people to carry on airplanes, etc. I went along with it and they sent me a free authors copy which was 8.5"X5.5" and the print is barely readable and the photos are poor quality and faded. After receiving several complaints from friends and relatives who purchased the smaller size book, I contacted the company last month; stating I wanted it reformatted to it's original size. They related that I would have to resend them my original manuscript along with a an outrageous fee of five hundred dollars ($500) for them to return it to the original size. I told them they destroyed the readability for older people and those with poor eyesight and I refused to pay that outlandish fee for them to reset the format, at least to their closest size of the original. They refused.
The current book (page) margins take up half the page and the print is so ridiculously small you can barely read it without a magnifying glass! I am disgusted with the current sham of these rip off artists and demand that they return the book to its original format. They butchered it and they should correct their absurdity!

Desired outcome: Return my book to original size, quality and format.

Update by Peter S. Griffin
Nov 12, 2021

Furthermore, TraffordPublishing, i.e. book agent “Julia Marcs” tried to con me out of $600 to have the book resized. I have argued now for several weeks being led on each step of the way to resolve my complaint and situation with one blatant lie after another by her. Five (5) weeks ago she said my free “printers copy” of resized 8.5”X11” was in the mail. I have never received it and challenged them on that fact. To test them I then said I wanted to buy ten (10) copies of the resized book at author’s price. The selling agent supposedly named, “Pepper Deschell”, tried to nearly double the cost of each copy I formerly purchased. I argued and he then only raised the original author cost $1 dollar per copy. I agreed to buy the ten (10) copies at $11 each and he transferred me on the phone to their sales department. The woman there wanted my credit card number stating that I could never get back my proposed payment for any reason!Taking that statement as extremely suspicious I demanded that I did not want any copies that were not of the new size. She suddenly returned me to “Pepper” who then stated there was a problem with filling my order. I asked him what the problem was and he would not tell me and hung up!
I then contacted “Julia” telling her that I believed she never had the new size created and was lying to me for weeks and then I ordered and demanded (in writing) that Trafford Publishing refrain from selling my book in any size, shape or manner to any and all booksellers or individuals and that Trafford’s Publishing rights to print or sell my book was thereby revoked. Now, it has been a week and they are still marketing the book at their website,, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and several other outlets!
This brazen rip off company is the lowest of the low as well as are all their employees and supervisors! Steer clear of Trafford Publishing and all “Author Solutions” subsidiaries and their schemes and scams! THEY HAVE NOT HEARD THE LAST FROM ME!
Peter S. Griffin Author of “When You Hear The Bugle Call.”

Complainant’s note: On 11/28/21 at 9:30 AM I explained to Amazon representative, “Trish” (customer service) of the many underhanded tactics of Trafford Publishing and instructed Amazon to cease selling my book, “When You Hear The Bugle Call”. I also instructed their retail department to stop promoting and selling said book. Peter S. Griffin

Trafford Publishing - Book Publishing

I bought a 2 book deal in 2013 2014.
The first book was a disaster but we managed to get through it because of me. I complained and they gave me a small credit which I deserved.
Since than I gave them a full layout for the second book and nothing was followed The y totally did something else almost like they. new they had to delay it. The illustrations were so poor you could get sick looking at them. I am a reliable person and tried to be part of the solution. They simply do not care. They actually really don't care if this book gets done. They really ruin peoples dreams. I had a deadline for October. Its gone on for 6 months . I finally had to hire an illustrator and she can get it done in a week.

They blame it on cover and their illustrators are sick. They simply hire the cheapest labor and believe they are illustrators. Being new to the business the first round I got through but now I want my money back or for them to pay for the outside service. I can't launch my book; I'll have to wait another year before I can launch it because it's a book about chocolate which should be launching now.

Desired outcome: Pay for outside service

Trafford Publishing - I've had nothing but the worse experience with Trafford Publishing.

Getting someone to respond to my email and phone calls is nearly impossible. The quality of wok they do is poor .The illustrations they came with the package I purchased is horrible. I won't be using them. I will hire a freelancer to do my illustrations instead. I paid to get another company to edit my. Ook because the other 2 books I wrote was horrible edited. Take my advice don't publish with Trafford. My experience with this company is horrible. I think I will let them keep the money Ioaid to publish my new book. I might just oay another company to publish my new book instead. Even if I decide to publish be this last book with them I will never allow them to publish any of my other books In my opening this company is trash. Dump this garbage company and find someone better.

Trafford Publishing - Complaint

I published my book called mommies little helper in 2012. I have yet to see a royalty check. I am very upset and I'm hoping that I wasn't scammed out of my money. I believe I was charged 2000 to publish my book. I want to be let out of the contract or a refund of my money back. Please call me Thelisha mayfield at [protected]. Or email at [protected]

Trafford Publishing - I am complaining about book "underage drinking: risks of disease and injuries" (copy submitted to trafford on may 29, 2020, 10:16 am)

Dear Madam/Sir, I submitted a manuscript of my book, "UNDERAGE DRINKING: RISKS OF DISEASE AND INJURIES" to Trafford on May 29, 2020, 10:16 AM. I had obtained the copyright from...

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Trafford Publishing - Payment not received

I'm the author of Counting Smiley Faces and Counting Zippy Smiley Faces by Pami L. Wahl And they in these languages as well Spanish, German
I only got paid once from Tradfford Publishing and I never got the 40 free copies of each book they told me I would. And I know they are selling because you go to different sights and you will see reviews for these books.
I had friends that bought these books, and keeps saying one more book left.
I talked with them about three months ago and told them I can not get on my author account to see how I'm doing and put down my new bank card.
I just would like to get what is come to me.
my email Address [protected]

Trafford Publishing - unpaid royalties for my book "peculiar crimes from africa:a prosecutors adventures"

i published the above book with trafford publishers in 2008.later trafford sought and got permission from me to publish an ebook copy of the book. i noticed they linked it up to and even permitted other publishers to publish it on theirplatforms.but for Donkey years now trafford has not paid any royalty and i am agrieved and wants to know why. please reply to [protected]

ben ijeoma adigwe Esq

Trafford Publishing - watermark color publishing package and hollywood coverage

I took my first package in 2010 and the second one in 2013. Nothing happen from that, I did not received any loyalties and it affected my happy feeling about my first book. It has been a terrible...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Trafford Publishing - customer service

I spoke with Lawrence last week about him sending me a copy via email of my late father's contract. The name of the book is titled Diabetes Epidemic & You,
Author Joseph R Kraft, MD.
I also spoke to a different person about getting the cost basis for author purchased books (the quantity discount rates) and I did not receive that information either.
I tried calling [protected] and it does go through. The operator says I need to check the number and try again. Which I have done several times.
Please respond to [protected] with a non 800 or 888 call back number.
Mark Kraft

Trafford Publishing - Fraudulent theft from my bank account

Trafford Publishing contacted me about expanding my reading program (four books) which they had published in 2008.. I agreed to pay for an e-book format for my books. From that time forward, Trafford...

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Trafford Publishing - Con artists

Back in may 2014 after dealing with an illness i published my first book with trafford publishing. They took over £800 off me for it and that was half the original price of £1600. However, they...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Trafford Publishing - It's a ruthless money-making business

I have published a (flimsy, poor quality) children's picture book with Trafford and can now only warn others NOT to do the same. The long process was very disappointing and the overall impression i...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Trafford Publishing - ripped off my dreams so i self published on amazon

have you been ripped off by vanity or subsidy pod publishers like I have? keep your hopes and dreams, save money self publish a e-book yourself on amazon like I did mine
charles manson final Letters to a mad man
author charlene m ashcraft
it contains his handwritten letters and is 192 pages long on YouTube at

VDM and Tafford are the same rip off artist this company published 3 books for me and told me I dont make any royalities. Are there any laws that can help us to recover our royalties. They are all thieves.

in all fairness to them, my books now are almost finished. I am from Malaysia and so far so great. So far my assistant in production of books is helpful and on time. Hoping i wont experience any of these negative things. I am crossing my fingers all the time. But so far, so good. Nothing bad to say.. yet.. hopefully not ever

Trafford Publishing - Broken Promise

When I spoke to Joseph Massey of Trafford Publishing, we talked about the Nova deal in which I could pay $649 for one book to be published and get the second book published for one dollar. I sent him...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Trafford Publishing - Trafford Publishing - Charrise Atkins

I contacted via email to Trafford Publishing few months ago (Feb 2013) to enquire on publishing a book.
A filipino woman called me to offer me some help and discounts if I were to publish books with Trafford.
Since, she has been calling me as many as 20 times a day and sending lots of emails.
Her persistent attitude tells me something is fishy.
I did not publish any books with them though I had given to her my credit cards details.
I called my credit card compony and warn them of unauthorised amount from Trafford if any.
This woman called herself Charrise Atkins, sounds like an American but the truth is she is a filipino lady.
I tried to calling the main line of Trafford Publishing that is listed on their website and the lady who answered is also a Filipino woman.
I had lost hope since.
The issue now is, this woman Charisse Atkins has been making nuisance calls to my phone.
She even created an account on LinkedIn and tried to add me.
I rejected her request.
Many weeks ago, I did a google on her and no results came up.
But just a while ago, I did a google on her and guess what, she just created a FaceBook account with the name Charisse Atkins, with only 4 friends.
She is trying to convince me that she exists.
I am no fool to believe this as I am an IT specialist.
I have done many business in Philippines and we are all aware how low Filipinos could go to rob anyone out of their money.
This time by Trafford Publishing.
Such a shame Trafford is under Penguin Group.
I had just made a Police Report a while ago regarding the nuisance calls and the authority will definitely take action.
Nevermind if we cannot find Charisse Atkins as she is not real.
But we will definitely get Trafford Publishing.
So everyone please be careful if you would like to publish a book.
Do not approach Trafford Publishing.
They are a bunch of scammers!

Any complaints should be directed to the Indiana Attorney Generals Office web site and file a consumer complaint.

You are so stupid, first of all why would you say she scammed you if you did not provide your credit card to her of have published a book with Trafford in the first place? Second, a company like that will always follow DNC (Do Not Call) rule which is observed by big companies that operate with customer service or sales service through the phone so you could have just told her to stop calling and she could have stopped a long time ago, the reason why she kept calling you is because you don't tell her to stop calling instead you probably just say "I'm busy", I'm in a meeting" or what not, and why would you call your credit card "campony" if you have not given your credit card to them, who are you kidding and oh by the way what is wrong with being a Filipino you fat racist. Don't you know that big American companies used Filipinos as customer service because of the quality they can provide, ask HP, Dell, AT&T and sooooo much more. And what is this sentence "She is trying to convince me that she exists" What? of course she exist, she had been calling you hadn't she? and i google Trafford they are a bonafide company who really pleased me with there services which my book is earning sales and I'm getting royalty commission because of them. The reason why they don't use their real name is because of people like you who complain to much without proper basis, personally i think you an idiot. Why use real name if the company is real and besides if you want to file a case would you file against the sales people or would file against the company?


Hi my name is Shen Li and I am an author in Singapore. I've done my research about Trafford Publishing as well and I receive calls from different people every hour of every day. The system they are doing is getting stressful especially to authors like me who have professional jobs too. I am from Singapore and I managed to hire someone here to do an internal investigation about the company. Charisse Atkins real name is Charisse Alivio. I also receive a lot of calls from someone named Brex I forgot his surname. I changed my phone number because of this. If that helps, I can tell you more about Trafford. My email address is [email protected] I am also a member of an Author Circle.

I self published a book in Oct. 2010 with Trafford Publishers and after the book came out I used to was the book finder 4 u to calculate the sales but according to Trafford there was never any sales. I received $36. in royalties. According to Neilsen Surveys there was a considerable amount of books sold. If anyone wants to contact me go to [email protected] I cancelled in Nov.2012 and even after cancelling they still phoned. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing. My book was called A DESPERATE JOURNEY by D.H.Clark

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Trafford Publishing - Loyalties

I publish a book titled Understand Human mind and Intelligence 2011 with Trafford publishing Bloomington, as an author, I am entitled to loyalties which never send for a year now, I conducted Trafford loyalties and customer services several time but they have different stories of missing checks but they never indicate who cash them nor where they where send. Its look like Trafford is scamming its author.

I published my book with Trafford titled, "Riding on Angels Wings." I have not received a statement or royalties in over 6 years now. I cannot get a hold of anyone when I do they just try to sell me more crap or want to see if I want to publish another book. You look everywhere on the internet and there is my book. I want to know where my money that is owed to me went? Since this I have not written or attempted to write another book. The book I had published took me years to write. I feel cheated and just to think of this company makes me want to vomit. We need a Class Action law suite against them. It's NOT right at all. When I published my book, there wasn't many options for publishing. These people are scam artists. They need to pay us all that used their service.

All complaints should be sent to the Indiana Attorney Generals Office Gov web site and file a consumer complaint.

Thank-you for the warning I was contacted by them for the Nova 649 price and wanted me to sign up right away I told them I would need to my husband and he looked them up Please every one check out the people first I would not send then out a transcript until I received a confidentiality contract thanks for the heads does anyone know of a reputable publisher

Looks like you will not be getting your royalties. I have contacted few authors who had done some publishing work with Trafford and they had told me exactly same story like yourself. Beware of them. They are a bunch of scammers.

Trafford Publishing - Fraud case

I received a charge on my credit card which is linked to my checking acct. I noticed this $295.00 charge on my bank statement. It was a charge that I had not approved. I went to my bank to file a...

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Trafford Publishing - proofreading non existent

I have just received my 50 ordered copies, When I was sent the first proof to approve, all seemed okay I had constantly been at them to correct and a number of issues. In this second despatch, I see that they have more errors than within the first. It looks as though I have not bothered to address these concerns. I was in a writer's group and we self published and our editing was spot on. I always get an apology but that isn't enough any longer. I paid $3000 AU. Is there anyone who actually represents perople such as I at a fair price againstcompanies such as Trafford. I wanted these books to sell and for Christmas presents. I am totally amazed at the hard sell, false promised, sloppy editing and the fact that the phone is not serviced.

From experience, and as a publishing consultant, I can tell you there is almost NEVER a reason to go with a publish-on-demand or vanity publishing company. They either get your money up front with no way of knowing if there is any return on your investment, or they get your money in royalties with no evidence of a return on your investment. You even lose on your royalties by the time bookstores and Amazon like places pound their royalties and commissions out of you. The only people who benefit are the publishing companies and lawyers. Where there is a breach by the publisher, yes you can almost always get out of the contract by taking your complaint public and to the social networks. You are entitled to a financial accountability, the print ready file - unless you signed away your ownership rights, then you own nothing; and the distribution and listings should be yanked from all places claiming commissions and royalties under the name of the publisher.

For the unestablished, and sometimes to an established, author the world of publishing is intimidating, confusing and overwhelming. There are a multitude of different types of publishing houses and sources in which to use. Which is right for you? What happens when you go with a less than honorable vanity or print on demand publisher? What steps are involved in the writing, printing, publishing, distribution and marketing of a book? How does an author proceed safely with their dream? How does an author determine what is the best course of action for their book? As an author, writer and publishing consultant my goal is to help the author determine what their best course of action is and sometimes how to undo a bad choice and how to start over.

Trafford Publishing - Royalties

i was told by one of the marketing staff that the sales vendors around the world will not update their sales files due to me not having an ITIN. such ITIN is only acquired at the IRS. i cannot get this number from the IRS as Trafford are dragging their feet on supplying a W-7 letter to acknowledge my account with them. it seems as though it is all a scam as recently the parent company of Trafford Publishing (Author Solutions) was bought out by Pearsons Group. more problems have arisen since then. this is an ongoing scam by trading over companies to different owners so they get away with their dubious activities. who do i complain to to get things done and sorted out?

I had one book published by Trafford. I have not been able to contact them regarding my royalties that I know I have coming. I can find my book everywhere on the Web called. "Riding on Angels Wings." I would like to know why I have not received a statement from them in years. I feel like I have been ripped off. Years of dedication went into writing my book and it makes me sick that my work did not pay off. Trafford is NOT an honest company and a lawsuit should be filed against them for FRAUD. A huge waste of my money and my time; consequently, I have not written since. I use to love to write but due to this, I have lost interest and hope.

I do not know what to do, because I already published 2 books with Trafford and filled the forms (another word gave them information about my account) and now I see those comments, afraid for me is too late...

I'm A author and I have no Problem with Trafford Publisher I'm on my six books with them to get publish and all my books are selling on and other websites. And on the Kindle and Barnes and Noble they will order it for you.
And also it on The Nook as well. And ebook And lots of book store are selling my book as well!
Take a look on for Pami L. Wahl my books are all for children they are counting books.
But if you don't like don't stay with them. Go to Faith Publishing online.

DEAR FELLOW AUTHOR, BEAR IN MIND THE WORD 'BEWARE' BEFORE READING ON: You don't need to rely on Trafford to get a W-7 form, request it from the IRS direct, and ask for Explanatory Notes (a guide to fill the form). However, if you're in the UK, as I am, you will need to have the document and your passport certified by a United States Certifying Agent. A British Notary Public will not do. I paid a British Notary £60.00 and it was rejected by the IRS Department at the American Embassy, Grosvenor Square, because it needed to be done by an American, and filling the form is a lot more complicated than it looks. If you answer incorrectly, they'll throw it back at you. So I lost £60.00, the British Notary refused to refund me. Then I found a firm in Salford, UK, near Manchester, that handled ITIN applications and certifications. The Certifying Acceptance Agent certified the documents for me and I got the immense shock that the fee was £200.00. He eventually dropped it to £150.00. So far this had cost me £210.00. I sent my documents off, in the belief that, as an American Treasury-Approved-Certifying-Acceptance-Agent had certified my British Passport and my Form W-7, and thought that I was home free. Well, how wrong can one be??? After some six weeks, the IRS acknowledged receipt of my documents (including the approved certified details of my passport - the page that your photograph and name and surname are on). Unfortunately, the certification wasn't good enough for them. They now wanted my actual Passport. I had to send that via FedEx, at a cost of a further £32.00. Total by this stage: £242.00 British Pounds. It took THIRTY years to write my 728-page book, and after two years of "alleged publication" in August 2010, it has yielded me a total of US$ 19.00 in 2011, and just £2.33 - their parting insult in recent days, since I finally decided to terminate my contract with these time-and-money-wasters (Trafford Publishing). So I wasted TWO YEARS waiting for royalties that never really came and £242.00 for exemption of US taxes, that they didn't even apply to my £2.33 royalty received just days ago in November 2012. In another complaint of mine in this forum, you can see why I terminated the agreement signed as far back as November 2007, when they had offices in Oxford, UK. I said BEWARE earlier: My recommendation to you is, unless you happen to be a lucky Trafford author, who receives royalties regularly (not that I believe that they actually pay royalties), don't bother wasting your money on any tax exemption. Just change your publisher, forget you ever pay to publish, and make sure you never employ people like them ever again!!! My US tax exemption, is, knowing my luck, only applicable to my now non-existent book and this exorbitant 'make-believe' "publisher". I just knew that I would never receive royalties in sufficient amounts to even cover the tax-exemption fees to the US Treasury that I paid through the nose for. I was certainly and absolutely right on this occasion. I now have a new, REAL, publisher who doesn't charge to publish and provides *free of charge*, many of the services that Trafford charge thousands of dollars for, attaching their own mark-up at your expense. DON'T WASTE ANY MORE OF YOUR MONEY, MY FRIEND! BUT DEAL DIRECT WITH THE IRS IF YOU HAVE TO. Joe A A Silmon-Monerri, Manchester, UK. Nov. 2012.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Trafford Publishing - Lies To Get Your Business

These people will tell you anything to get your name on a contract to allow them to publish your book. Don't believe a word they say, especially don't believe the lie that they are going to pay you royalties even on the books you order yourself, because they ain't!!! Shop around, they're are too many legitimate publishers out there, DO NOT USE TRAFFORD!!! Speaking from experience, unfortunately. They say they are located in the USA, but haven't talk to anyone in the company yet, that didn't have a heavy foreign accent.

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