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Company does not deliver service

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Trafford Publishing
Bloomington, Indiana
United States
Trafford was acquired by Author Solutions on April 2009. I signed a contract with Trafford December 2008 and paid for it.
Since March they have my "PRINT READY" book with all the files for the cover and webpage. I have not received the pysical proof until today (July 6) and the communication is dead! They do not react to phone calls and messages. I can only advise:
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N  27th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Update on my complaint:
After more weeks of waiting Trafford finally sent me a physical proof of my book. Now I am waiting again for the activation of the book with no response since 10 days. Their problem is the lack of communication. They just cannot give you a simple response like:" sorry, this will take longer, just be patient." Instead of this they just keep quiet for weeks. This is not acceptable. For me these weeks of waiting (and thinking that my money was lost) were just terrible.
Hopefully the book will be nice and worth all that waiting.
So for all Trafford customers: be patient..
N  27th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I began dealing with Trafford in 2008 and by April 2009 was ready to publish my book. April 3, 2009 I sent my "Publishing Agreement" and bank check to them with the manuscript on CD. This was a print ready CD.
Within 2 weeks I received my copy of the agreement and written on the top was "35% discount, credit of $488.95. I spoke over the phone with the rep and it was decided by me to leave the money in credit in case of any production costs may arrise that I would have to pay for.
In the mean time I received an email confirming the fact that I had the credit with them.
When my eproof arrived I approved it and ordered another 25 copies on top of the 20 that were to be given to me in the purchase agreement.
This is where the problem came in. It was 3 weeks before I was able to get in touch with anyone at Trafford that could give me a reasonable answer to what happened to my order..It seems Trafford wanted me to pay for the shipping on the 20 books before they would ship them. In the agreement and everywhere else there was no mention of that. Also they couldnt find the credit I had with them and even went so far as to say they were just going to ignore it as they couldnt locate their records of the agreement.
I have sent certified to them copies of the agreement, and the email stating the credit written by on of their reps.
Im still waiting for a reply.
A  15th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I 'm an author also, an Trafford was my first choice as a self-publisher. But for some reason my instincts told me
not to go with this company, and reading from your experience, that mustv'e been it. Besides, I thought they were in Victoria, British Columbia.
A  17th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I too have been ripped off by Trafford. When I contracted with them in October of 2009, they told me my author price would be $6.27 and the retail price would be approximately $13.75. Now that I am proofing my work, that has changed completely. My new author price is $10.49 and the retail price is $14.99. The finished book is also 8 pages less than when these prices were quoted. I am trying to get out of the contract before they print because these prices are completely prohibitive for a 112 page book. There is a reason they are the only website where you can't calculate your costs. I have other issues - but these are the major ones. Please use another publisher.
N  2nd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am sorry sorry that this has happened to you Authors! Prior to the sale of Trafford the company was based in Canada. Self publishing with this company was a beautiful experience. I completed my manuscript in 2005 and received prompt curteous service. It is tragic that the move to Indiana has changed that dynamic. I have written 8 books and will re-think my desire to allow Trafford to provide publishing services for any subsequent work. I have noticed that I am unable to access my royalties page, however I initially attributed this to systematic upgrades, thanks for the warning!
A  6th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Don't touch them with a barge pole. I published with them through thier Oxford England branch in 2008 and have regretted it everyday since. My book is widely available and even in libraries in England but so far in 2010 all I have recieved is £77. I cannot trace sales, they deny all knowledge of library sales and they say they cannot track orders through Amazon, so where do I go from here. Someone has made money out of my hard work and it isn't me, I do not know where to go next. Never ever publish with these rip off merchants because you get nothing for your money, time and effort.
N  6th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
12 hrs 27 mins ago by Bookscribe 0 Votes

He/she Typed:
Don't touch them with a barge pole. I published with them through thier Oxford England branch in 2008 and have regretted it everyday since. My book is widely available and even in libraries in England but so far in 2010 all I have recieved is £77. I cannot trace sales, they deny all knowledge of library sales and they say they cannot track orders through Amazon, so where do I go from here. Someone has made money out of my hard work and it isn't me, I do not know where to go next. Never ever publish with these rip off merchants because you get nothing for your money, time and effort.

My answer to this:
You can take these ###s to court, and get your money back! They describe many in your website that you will be able to track sales, and will have total sight of your sales and where when it happened! This is now copyright like they said, and they cannot make money off of YOUR copyrighted work! I'm pretty sure any court would definately pass this, since ripp off merchants have been an act of law for a while, and thankfully many of them are being caught more and more within thier lies!

Also...they may not reply as quicly becuase they could be busy with other stuff to! Other work, publisishing and even life! So sometimes its not always to blame them, but as you all put it, it does seem like this publishing company really slacks to keep up communication!
N  6th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I failed to edit that last text sorry.. i meant to sa: they describe in many ways on their website that...
A  23rd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Trafford Canada was fantastic. Trafford U.S.A is a disaster!
I have never received a penny in three years, yet my book is being sold all over the world.
What to do? Start again with a proper Publisher and consider the scam, the cheapest advertisement you can possibly have: the more they sale the more the advertising for free and, the more you will sell with the new Publisher. That is what I am doing. Good luck.
N  10th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I published my book through Trafford in November 2008, pre-sale to Author Solution, and can't speak to experiences after that. I was pleased with the final product but there were delays on a reorder because they said they couldn't print the book the way it was designed (landscape view) even though they had already brought the first printing to fruition earlier. One large irritation was their method of assigning a "Consultant" to you to answer questions and stay with your project through production and delivery. Each week following you would be assigned another "Consultant", and passed from one to another to completion. It became apparent it was a phone bank and it was also apparent there was zero personal attention. I'm also fairly certain that the "Consultants" were based all over the planet, in front of computers and phones from Canada to Malaysia. After that delay of six weeks for a reorder everything was as expected. Please note that Trafford's mission is not to promote your book, it is to only sell their after-production services. You pay dearly to keep your book in the marketplace and on the shelf. A true publisher pays you for your book and for your promotions, not the other way around. If you consider Trafford far closer to a vanity press you'll have a better understanding. As things stand today I did sell enough to break even BUT only through my own promotion, not their paid promotions. They sold 6 books for me but who knows now, because I can't access my author's tracking site. I also only received $1.48 in royalties although the last time (early '09) I was able to obtain information there were royalties in the $20 dollar range. My largest current irritation is their calling (still) to try and sell me more of their promotion services (book fair shelf space, email campaigns, etc.) Even though I've told them I'm out of the market I still get calls, not unlike the evening phone solicitations everyone gets. Were I in the same position as two years ago I certainly wouldn't use them again.
N  1st of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
i have aquestion for you guys! what is a good publishing company we can trust? please help
A  24th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I used Trafford in 2006 to get my book published, paying them £999 plus extra for corrections. I have not received a quarterly royalties statement for two years. Therefore, I gave up on them until last year, when they tried persistently to persuade me by phone to part with more money "to find a publisher".Only last evening again (23rd Feb. 2011) a lady sales person tried again. Meanwhile, I find my book is selling on Amazon and Waterstones etc. both in paperback and as ebooks. They used a Canadian ISBN number instead of a UK one, which is out of order. I wrote to them recently by special delivery to terminate my agreement with them but got no reply. On the advice of the UK ISBN agency I have now published my book myself under a name of my choice. Do not use this firm! Get advice from your ISBN agency!
N  5th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I can only agree with these comments. The main problem was the photograph descriptions which they have to manually type into their system, rather than just copy the file. It took two years and constant re-submitting to get rid of the spelling and grammar errors they caused, and clearly no care was taken with this at all. Their call centre staff hardly speak English, so it makes for a frustrating experience to resolve. The final product however looks great, just immense patience is needed to get there. According to Trafford, in 3 years, I haven't sold 1 copy. I paid extra for them to take the book to the Los Angeles and Toronto book fair, but got no information from them as to the outcome, and suspect they never went. They are now ringing me offering packages to promote the book in Hollywood at of thousands of dollars. You pay the money, but there is no guarantee of the outcome. I am ignoring the calls. If I wrote another book, I would find a local publisher where I live, and can visit personally, even if it was more expensive to do so.
A  1st of Jun, 2011 by    +1 Votes
we need to start a class action lawsuit they took me for over 400 so far i had to call my credit card company to stop them
N  13th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I'm 16 years old and just starting out as an author, I love writing and when I was contacted by Trafford I immediately become joyous that I'd finally have a chance to publish! I called my best friend who was having dinner with his mom and told them the good news. Apparently after we'd ended the call his mother advised him to look up Trafford to make sure it was a legit company. He soon showed me this page and I was dissapointed but glad, they had told me to pay 640$ before taxes to get some kind of benifit package which included others to help me one-on-one and etc...I'm so glad I didn't pay anything yet. Thanks to everyone. If anyone knows a good true publishing company that I might be able to contact please comment, I'm writing young adult/fiction and it's my dream to be published. I don't want to be scamed. Thanks again.
N  26th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Trafford "Publishing" got approximately £6, 000 British Pounds out of me, for post-"Best-Seller"!!! package "services", between late 2007 and after their move to Bloomington, Indiana, USA, without telling us (the 'paid-up' authors), in April 2009. Since being swallowed up by Author Solutions, things just went from bad to worse. My work was 30 years in the making, a lot of the research carried out in foreign countries, and in itself costing me thousands of GBP over 3 decades. I am now 74; left penniless by Trafford and Author Solutions. I thought "when the royalties start rolling in, they'll make up for this constant drain on my meagre savings. Boy! How wrong was I, with ONE single royalty amounting to £16 (US$21) since my book THE SECRET LIFE OF THE EARL ST. MAUR (1835-1869) [+strapline] was released almost exactly ONE YEAR AGO. My book is 728 pp long, weighs 1.73 kg., and is a paperback. Trafford's retail price is $51. Like some of your readers above, after my initial publishing fees, totalling just under £1, 500, which I naively thought were the *only charges*, the move to Indiana suddenly brought what could only be the repeat of charges that I was sure I'd already paid. Charges for ISBN, LOCN, a newswire service, hardback - which I couldn't have (book too big, about A4) all eventually pumped the price up to $9, 000 (=£6, 000), were charges that I expected. But because they couldn't find the original paperwork from the Oxford UK offices, I was charged once again. E-proofs caused deterioration of my 300 full 'letter'-size graphics, every time (about 5) the PDF file passed between Trafford and myself. Apart from three newswire services - all paid for by me - and which are 'press-releases' about ISBN 978-1-4251-6197-2, there are dozens, if not hundreds of sites worldwide advertising my paperback and e-book (which Trafford/Author Solutions) published anyway, without my written permission, for sale. But some say 'not available', 'sold out', 'out of stock', 'out of print' (not possible with a POD company - they're supposed to
print ONE book, if requested). These are the companies Trafford told us would provide a platform for our books to sell worldwide!!! [who were they kidding?] I have come to realise that they have sold the copyright of my book worldwide, many times over to just anybody (pirates???), who agreed to act as distributors. That is our platform: But does it really exist? If our books are not selling at all, as Trafford claim, are these only dummy companies - if none of them are selling our books? - which we were told they would and would yield all those promised "royalties" - then neither are they distributors, nor are Trafford publishers, since they're making nothing available. Our books either don't exist, are not being produced or distributed. Isn't this a breach of our contracts? Wouldn't the American IRS be interested in this hornets nest, if this were true? Maybe they will get our money back for us, if we ask them (I am referring to Interior Revenue Service/US Trading Standards Authorities, Fraud Squad, etc.). I agree, we must try to form a UNITED FRONT as disgruntled authors and make them give us our money back!!! It is criminal, what is being done to us - authors. They get us to advertise them and their products - you and I and our work - they go on selling, but give the struggling author absolutely nothing in return. Doesn't this have all the hallmarks of a MASSIVE WORLDWIDE SCAM? Are we going to just sit here and take it??? I look forward to your comments. Sincerely, Joe A A Silmon-Monerri, Manchester, United Kingdom, August 2011
A  29th of Nov, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I've read countless of negative comments online about Trafford and I was skeptical to believe those at first, but now I see. They are shameful comments and Trafford should be ashamed. I called and talked to Eugene Hopkins one of their executives, a person that I have spoken with before and he said, "No, I've never talked to you before." He must have memory issues. Conveniently, they have selected memory. This is amazing, because after going through all the e-mails that I received from the different people working for Trafford, I found Eugene in my contact list.

I have spoken or dealt with many people working for Trafford, who should not be working for Trafford, including Mr. Hopkins, regardless of his position. Put yourself in my place and imagine that you are being robbed or have been robbed. I have added a few of the names of the people that have exchanged e-mails with me; there are more than that.

When I first contacted Trafford, Demond "Dee" Jefferson was one of the very first person that I dealt with and the person that sold me the package. He sent me an e-mail confirming my agreement based on the payment and to let me know the book was going to be sent to production to be published. Demond Jefferson offered whatever deal he offered, as their sales people do.

It is mind-boggling and hard to understand why the book would be sent to production, I received my free copies, I received a small royalty payment already and now two years later, I am told the book was never published and the production was put on hold because of an outstanding balance.

Did I get robbed? Is Demond "Dee" Jefferson a fraud and didn't work for Trafford? Is Jennifer Mitchell a fraud and doesn't work for Author Solutions?

Why would all of these people be dealing with me assuming (that it was) the publishing fee was paid and were working with me post production? I am referring to Jennifer Mitchell, who is a very good professional person, by the way. If there was an outstanding balance, she would've told me that and she never did, because I paid in full to Dee Jefferson.

Something happened. What? I got robbed. Why did Dee Jefferson offer me what he offered me and Trafford would abide by the agreement? And to know that I was about to publish with this fraudulent company again. I mean...based on my experience, Trafford is the biggest scam as a publishing company.

Stay away from Trafford.

Eugene Hopkins

Demond "Dee" Jefferson

Jennifer Mitchell

Maria Van Santen

Courtney Fleck

Matthew Hunckler
A  29th of Nov, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Hello Complaintsboard Team
In reference to the complaint by Mr Dalberti above, I too dealt with at least two of the contacts on his list; these were #3 and #6. I agree that #3 was very professional, whilst very friendly in her approach, and the most efficient person I had dealt with so far, around August 2010. She arranged for my post-production free books to be sent, and a small number of copies that I ordered, for shipment by air freight to Britain. Besides sending me the books, she also attended to the free promotional packs (post cards/bookmarks/posters showing book details and image of the cover), for which I had to pay for transport. So they weren't really free after all, as I had to pay about GBP £50 for that. The gentleman (#6) was the second PSA who dealt with the e-proofs and build-up to production. Again very professional, experienced, attentive and efficient. Unfortunately, that was the point at which things began to go wrong. The problem may have been originated at the printers', because, contrary to my instructions, the first July (released August 2010) print-run was all in B&W and all-round unsatisfactory in my estimation. That is why I rejected it. #6 also set the price of the book, and he and I working together (in our two different countries) brought it down from US$ 244.00 per copy to US$ 50.09 (which I rounded up to US$ 51.00). This was because about 310 graphic plates were in colour in my original PDF file. Eventually, in the second run, there were 5 only in colour - that I had insisted on. This was my approved version of the book, which was released on 9th September 2010, and which had brought the price per unit down drastically.
What everybody failed to do, to get my book known in the relevant markets, was to tell the leading distribution chains (Barnes & Noble, Ingram's, and some 16-18 others worldwide) - in September 2010 (over one whole year ago) that my book was published [i.e. only available on the Internet, because it is a POD book], but allegedly available for purchase - which it still isn't, except through Trafford Publishing's website, because almost all sites advertising my book show 'unavailable', 'not available', 'out-of-stock', 'out-of-print', 'publisher has no intention to re-publish', and other very discouraging messages for an author who is relying on royalties only. So are they simply inefficient?, disorganised?, forgetful?, or extremely clever - businesswise - since they already had my money and had nothing to lose by not making my book available; which meant that they saved money by not producing it? That would the criminal side of the situation - if applicable!
They have now told me that they have recently contacted the distribution chains (at long last, only a matter of days ago [date now 29th November 2011 - i.e. over a year after they should have notified them about my book's release]). This process takes effect about six weeks from implementation. If Trafford Publishing are true to their word, and the book appears in the above worldwide distribution databases, then, I shall withdraw any negative statements I have made against them and their parent company, Author Solutions. Meanwhile, all of my many negative remarks may serve to urge especially young, or new, authors to avoid any dealings with such POD companies, as they are NOT publishers as such; only printers of your PDF. I warn you, that this is the fourth year of my dealings with Trafford and I have got absolutely nowhere, and have only ONE royalty to show for my 30 years of research. I wish everybody much better luck than I have had with them. Sincerely, Joe A A Silmon-Monerri
N  14th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I interviews authors who've had trouble with the companies owned by Author Solutions on my blog Suess's Pieces. If you're interested in sharing some more details, I'd like to tell your story so that other writers will know to steer clear of these scammers.
Emily Suess
N  11th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Thank you very much for this information. I am two days away from saying yes to their offer. 1/2 price none the less from advertised packages. I'm a new writer and this would be a very bad thing to happen. I was ready to sell the farm because the woman was so nice to me. Now I have to do some more homework. Best of writing to all of you. Salute, D

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