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My son, his cousins and a girlfriend have all worked for Tradeway - some of them for a few months andothers, like my son, on only 2 or 3 occasions. All of these kids have been waiting since Julyearly August to be paid and are continually fobbed off by this lady Charmaine. She tells them stories about the internet being 'down', computers not working, people who sign cheques off ill and all sorts of other nonsense. One of the fathers called and threatened them with lawyers letters etc., and had the p hone put down on him. My son (sean Morland) wants to go and sit in their offices until he receives his money - at this point about R1600.00. Could you possibly do something ??? They are really taking advantage of these youngsters and their niaivete.

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      Nov 14, 2011

    Tradeway Promotions: This complaint was resolved.
    The reason that this particular promoter was not paid was because he still had our outfit and stock with him at the time and as stated in our terms and conditions which promoters sign when they register with us - all stock needs to be returned before payments will be made. This is the only way we can ensure that we ever get any stock back. Promoters are also given a copy of our promoter payment date schedule before they work, however in this instance the promoter did not understand the payment dates set out in this schedule.

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