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I've used the TracFone service since 2005. I do have an older model phone that works perfectly but to add airtime I have to speak with a tech and enter several codes. I had purchased a lifetime double air time card a couple of years ago. When I added new minutes to my phone they werent' doubled. The rep spoke with a supervisor that stated yes they were supposed to be doubled. I was given an interatcion # to call back the next day when that specific department was open and they would double my minutes. I called back the following morning and spoke with a rep that wasn't familiar with the process but she muddled through. I was told by her and the specific department. that I had purchased a second double minutes card, that had expired, and cancelled the lifetime card. Why on earth would I purchase a 2nd double minutes card when I had already purchased a lifetime one. They REFUSED to give me the date that I added the second card to my account. Now this was twice the lifetime card had been found on my account. For some reason when I asked to speak to a supervisor, the call was dropped. When I called back I spoke with Abagail. Went through the whole song and dance with her. This time I was told there was never a lifetime card purchased on my account. I explained that the 2 previous reps had found it. TracFone is refusing to double my minutes and I'm spreading the word. I'll also be forwarding this comment via email to all my friends and will ask them to forward it to theirs. I want to warn people about the service with TracFone.

Ruth Ann

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      Feb 24, 2009

    I had my Tracfone for a year with the DMFL and had no problem until today.I added minutes and they didn't double so I called Tracfone and got the run-a-round.They said they had NO record of me having a double minutes plan and I have been doing it for a whole year and 2 months.It is very weird that all at once they don't know anything about my DMFL.I told them to look ontheir computer and they will see that I always get double minutes and now it is gone off their computer.My phone is the one advertised on their website with free double minutes for life, LG3280.Maybe I need to send them a picture of their website so they can read it!!!

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  • Pa
      Feb 25, 2016

    I also purchased lifetime double minutes, which then failed to show up in my account on Tracfone website when I tried to buy more airtime a year later for the same phone.

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